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The Ultimate Guide to Fuckbuddies – Guest Post from John Anthony

HOW TO RETAIN A GIRL AFTER SEX (Special post by John Anthony) 1. I don’t usually do qualification but for transition to fuckbuddy frame it’s good to show them you appreciate them non-sexually. i say blanket feel-good statements like: “i have really high standards and am really picky, but you meet most of them thankfully.…

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Getting Laid in Europe Overview

My quick summary on Getting Laid In Europe I spent slightly over three weeks in four different Countries (Finland, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic). During that time, I banged 14 new girls. One from Day game. One from Night game, and twelve from Tinder. Obviously, Europe is huge and there can be A LOT…

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Hot Ukrainian Last Minute Pull – Night Game LR

This was one of the most epic Lays during my Euro trip. It was my last night in Prague and Europe. I was quite exhausted after a month of travel and debauchery. However, there was a guy from this group who I kept promising to meet up with. I rescheduled on him numerous times and…

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Rich Asian Tourist Fucked – Tinder LR

This was the third girl I banged during my 5 day visit to Prague. As with the first two, Sexy Czech Blonde and Naughty Canadian Tourist, we matched before I even Landed in Prague. We were supposed to hang out my second night, but she took too long responding and I wound up seeing the…

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Naughty Canadian Tourist – Tinder LR

Like the Sexy Czech Blonde, I started messaging this chick before I even made it to Prague. we were both tourists and the conversation got sexual quick. Here’s a full breakdown…   I started off with with my standard opener that I use when I am traveling. It has a pretty good response rate and…

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Romania Overview

As you’ve probably gathered from my last lay report, Romania was by far my least favorite Country during my Euro trip. I pretty much disliked every single thing about it. Online game is my strong suit and it sucked. Tinder/Bumble/Badoo all were dead. I tried doing a sexual profile, non-sexual profile. No matter what I…

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My Only Success in Romania- Tinder LR

Hot Romanian Girl

  I was riding a big high after leaving Poland and hooking up with the Hot Romanian Girl a few hours before my early morning flight. As we were laying in bed, she started showing me some pictures of her friends and they definitely made me very excited to get to Romania. She was going…

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Poland Overview

Getting Laid In Poland Guide

I’m going to start off by saying Poland, might be the best place for getting Laid in Europe. Not only did I do great here (banging a new girl every single day), but so has every other guy that I’ve talked to both in terms of quality & quantity. There are a few reasons for…

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Craziest Girl I Ever Met Online – Badoo FR

I couldn’t end my stories, from Poland without sharing my encounter with the batshit craziest, most paranoid, racist woman I ever met.  This took place a few hours before The Nerdy Polish Blonde and was one of the weirdest experiences I ever had. This girl was truly batshit crazy…in the worst way possible.   We matched on…

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