Love Reports

Big tits & Text Game Persistence – Tinder LR

  Lately, I’ve been sharing most of my new LRs in our forums (which have been exploding), but I will still be sharing some of the particularly memorable ones here. I like this one because it involved great banter and at times me having to be super persistent to get the meetup. We matched on…

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Finnish Girl Travels across Europe to Lose Virginity LR

The following post was written by The Ultimate Man Project Follow them on Facebook if you enjoyed this content! Text game breakdown You’re literally glowing I went with this opener because both her pictures and her personality seemed very upbeat and happy. I knew she would respond very well to this kind of compliment. It’s a…

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Petite Latina Difficult Pull – Night Game LR

  This one was definitely a challenge. It was my second to last night in Europe. BJ and I were in Prague walking to one of my favourite bars/clubs, James Deen. The walk was about 15 minutes from our Airbnb, assuming you don’t get lost on the winding streets. Halfway to the venue, I spot…

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Hot Polish Virgin – Tinder LR

Hot Polish Virgin

This was an interesting story from my latest trip to Europe. I was in Sopot for a Speech and afterwards took the train to Warsaw to hang out for a few days. If you have never been, Poland in general is an goldmine for Tinder. For whatever reason, I get more matches there then any…

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Sexy Colombian Girl with Juicy Ass – Spanish Tinder LR

I wanted to write up a lay report from my recent trip to Colombia for any one who lives in or is thinking about going to Central or South America (which every man absolutely should). I did a full guide on How to message in Latin America here and this is a great example, but this…

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Fucking 3 Euro Couchsurfers + 2 Tag Teams (by David)

Finnish Couchsurfer Bang

This Post will be about the last 3 couchsurfers I banged. A Finnish, an Italian and a Spanish/Asian.   Blonde Fake Titty Finnish Girl: This Couchsurfer was traveling around the USA from Finland. My friend/roommate had met her in Los Angeles and drove her back with him to Vegas. She stayed for over a week…

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Hot Blonde Russian Girl – Bumble LR

This one wasn’t easy! The initial message exchange on bumble got off to a good start. Good banter and playful back and forth. She was replying almost instantly. Then when I asked her if she was from Russia (which was related to our convo), she suddenly stopped responding. I figured she probably just got distracted…

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Big Tits Blonde Model – Craigslist LR

Hot Celeb Model Fucked

In my last Craigslist lay report I mentioned how I have been using Craigslist for years to bang some of the hottest girls out there. This girl was a perfect example. Hot Blonde Model who is unhappily married and wanted to get fucked by someone other then her rich beta husband. As with the previous…

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