Difficult Texts Girls Send And How To Handle Them

In this guide, we will cover and break down interactions from students/forums that were handled poorly and discuss how we could have handled these specific responses better. When dealing with difficult texts, it’s important to identify the tone of the girl’s message. It’s almost always advisable to assume that she’s trying to help rather than resist.

For example, let’s consider the statement “I only date taller men.”

The initial reaction may be to get upset when a girl challenges you. However, it’s crucial to treat what she says superficially since women’s emotions can change dramatically at any time. If you can alter the emotions she’s feeling, you’re already ahead of the competition.

We will go through a few interactions and point out where the guy went wrong and suggest improvements that could have been made.

1) The lame cow entendre


  1. Her name is “Mu”. So, he tried to make a cow joke because it “moos”. Corny jokes never land unless they are painfully obvious that you’re not trying to joke.
  2. His suggestion to her response of calling it a “horrible joke” will only lead to the girl ghosting
  3. The main mindset to keep in mind is to keep things as simple as possible when possible. The 2nd part of the opener was unnecessary and too corny for anyone’s tastes
  4. I would say something like “My bad. My cat was typing that. Gave him some catnip so he’s knocked out. Where are you from originally” here for her last response
  5. You’d have to bite the bullet and joke about the situation now because it was obviously a bad joke to begin with


2) The sushi lover



  1. This one is pretty straight forward since this is just a matter of logistics. She can’t meet the day he is free
  2. Best alternative here is to tease her a bit on how apologetic she’s being. “Lol. It’s not like we both will die if we don’t meet on Friday. How about we meet on a day where you don’t have a huge time management problem”
  3. This will get her to calm down from the frustration and self disappointment she’s showing and will help move the interaction towards the meet

3) The douche problem


  1. She negs him for looking like a tool from his pics. This is very common if you have a high SMV profile and probably have really badass pics/shirtless pics. High smv profiles get these reactions because women want to self eject from the pressure and intimidation they feel
  2. The first mistake he makes is “Come again?”. He took her text personally. So, it’s important to first brush it off like nothing. “You sure know how to compliment a man. Are you always this flattering?”
  3. She apologizes and points out that she has talked to a lotta douches on the app. By him saying “You’re good. You can make it up to me on our date”, he is actually behaving LIKE a douche.
  4. A better response would have been. “And you assume everyone else you match with is one?”
  5. Sometimes, making them question their assumption will make them feel silly and backtrack


4) The app goal concern


  1. So, this is a situation where the girl has clear relationship goals set. You’d have to wiggle yourself in if you’re looking for only casual
  2. In this particular case, it’s not good to straight up lie that you’d want a relationship and then down the line end up misleading her
  3. So, it’s important to first validate her belief and also assert your needs to come to a middle ground.
  4. The best response here would be “Yes. Connection is very important. I want to see a girl consistently and go off of what comes from there. I’m open to letting things flow but kinky sex and cuddles are a must. I hate one night stands. Getting serious will depend on the girl and the chemistry”

5) The large assumptions 


  1. A classic cold read but with some weird wording.
  2. She points out that he’s making assumptions about her. In this case, you either reinforce your frame or just ease out the tension.
  3. I would say something like “Good things come in large packages” or “Just a solid first impression. Am I wrong”
  4. Depending on her response, you can lead it towards the meet



When dealing with difficult situations, you’d have to keep your emotions completely out of it and not take what she’s saying seriously at all. There’s also situations where you just need to show empathy, like the sushi girl interaction. You just need to solve the logistical issue instead of taking the rescheduling personally.


Hope that helps,
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