6 Best Tinder Openers for 2024 Revealed

It’s 2024 and it’s time we updated our list of openers to use. With so many people meeting and hooking up from online dating, it’s only vital that you know how to go about this the right way, or you will stay in the background as part of the myriad online matches the girls have on their phone

Now, what is the point of the opener? It’s definitely not to instantly teleport the girl to your house and undress herself for you. It’s simply to get her attention. Waay too many guys text the girl with “Hi”. “How are you?”. OR something super boring along those lines

Keep in mind, pickup lines are quite cringe as well since they don’t set up a good frame. The frame needs to be that you and the girl matched, it’s natural that you’re attracted to each other, now it’s your job as the man to make things fun and get her emotionally invested. So, the premise of “pickup” is just wrong

So, the openers we’re going to give you aren’t pickup lines. They are just a fun way to get her attention. And they don’t feel robotic or bland. We even tested these out on a number of matches and we have the results. Here we go:

1) Wanna steal my comfiest hoodie?

This opener got a 40% response rate. Which is pretty high/above average. This opener is great because it assumes that you guys are going to hookup and when she’s feeling cold when you’re naked, she’s going to wear your hoodie. Starts off with a sexual frame and if she bites, we are already ahead of the curve.

With this opener, you can then just proceed to playing a roleplay of “You have to wear it and show it off to me first” and move the interaction forward

2) Hey I like your style

This is a pwf trademark opener and this got a 50% response rate. This is a perfect opener to use without over validating the girl or to use it on lesser sexually direct apps like hinge. This basically doesn’t ask much from the girl and she can just say thanks and the conversation can start off. If she returns the compliment, I sometimes go with “With our powers combined..”

3) I’m at Whole Foods. Want me to pick you up something?

This opener is filled with confusion and intrigue. The girl’s going to wonder whether he’s serious or just joking? She’d want to know now. And it also assumes that you guys are going to meet up. Whether you come over to her place with the grocery bag or she comes over to get the stuff. Also, easily sets up a marriage roleplay “Honey, they ran out of milk”. This opener got a 50% response rate

4) Hey I’m the one. You can delete this app now

This opener got 60% response rate. This shows assertiveness, confidence and assumes you’re the one she’s been looking for. Obviously, this gets the girls intrigued as you can see. One of them even straight up goes for the meet

5) Hey trouble

Our classic, trademark OK tested PWF opener. This needs no background. It’s sexual, sets up a “let’s have some fun” frame and always gets a good reaction if the girl hasn’t read it before. This got a 60% response rate. I guess this opener will never go out of date. This can again easily segue into a fun, flirty back and forth “We’ll cause so much trouble together”

6) Do you ever get mad when you go to the kitchen and realize that you’re the only snack in the house?

This one, admittedly, is a pickup line. But it’s so long-winded, it just comes across a bit ridiculous. This got the highest response rate of 70%. This can also be moved to a sexual direction if needed. Like she’d be your snack and she better be ready for dessert.


Well, there you go! You have your answers on what openers to use but you must always use your best judgment and try to picture which opener would a girl respond well to. This comes with practice, calibration and testing out different things. But, the best opener you can use on any girl is something specific to her and her profile. Maybe she has a unique smirk. Or is holding too big of a wine glass. Unique and specific comments on the girls’ pictures get the best response rate

Try these out and let us know,

Indian “Hey trouble” PE


Try these out and let us know,

Indian “Hey trouble” PE