Why You Are Failing At Text Game (And How To Fix It)

The most difficult aspect of learning Text Game is actually understanding the context behind each line and exchange that occurs in an interaction. If you handed over your phone to us for a day with a bunch of matches who might be interested in hooking up and asked us to help you score, we would be able to do it effortlessly. When you look at the interaction yourself, everything seems familiar and normal, but what you miss is the context of each text and the underlying message it conveys.

The same goes for when a girl has a hidden concern. Due to our experience in addressing such concerns countless times, we know how to stay a step ahead. So, by merely memorizing our lines, you won’t be able to achieve the same results in every interaction. We’ve come across several interactions on our free Facebook group and our YouTube subscribers who use the exact same lines but in the worst possible contexts, leading to them being ghosted or called out by the girl for being corny or cheesy.

In this article, we will cover the reasons why you’re not achieving the same outcomes as us when you use the exact same lines. Visual examples can best help us explain this.

Here are five interactions where guys made glaring mistakes by using our lines in the wrong context and how they should have handled them:



This one is pretty straightforward. We’ve probably used this exact line at least a thousand times, but we used it when the girl asked us back with “what about you?” or when we led with the question. She asked what’s up, he asked her a similar thing back, and then answered the original question with our famous line “Just finished working out, getting fit for our date.” She probably thought that was weird or a copy-paste line and ended up ghosting him.



When she asked, “How’s it going?” That’s the message I would have responded to with “Incredible. Just got done with a killer workout. Looking extra handsome for our big date. You?”



1)  “Nah, I’ll be going home after work.” I think they were supposed to meet, but maybe he was trying to punish her for not showing up.

2) By doubling down and taking that tone seriously, he loses more points, and she thinks he’s an amateur.

3) He triples down and completely loses her attraction. He fails to pick up on the tonality she’s using, and she ends up calling him out for the “fake confidence.”

4) This was a huge combination of miscalibration, not understanding the tone, and doubling down. No girl will find this kind of attitude attractive, and you will always lose potential connections.




  1. He completely misread the context. A simple re-engagement here would have sufficed. When she says “woohoo scary” in response to his text being extra aggressive, she’s being ironic. 
  2. It’s important not to double down on that with something like “Not to worry. I will hold your hand and guide you through the process” or “I’m sure you’re trembling with fear.”
  3. The major mistake he made here was not understanding the tone of her texts. He thought she was testing how strong his frame was.





  1. This is taken mid conversation where they’re exchanging logical info but also some fest experience. 
  2. She says “sounds very nice” and he instantly goes for the meetup which he does in the worst way possible which leads to him getting ghosted


  1. We advice always going for the meetup but also smoothly progressing towards it. When you hit her with a compact combo of soft close, hard close, she will just think you are too eager and end up taking the path of least resistance to ghost you. 
  2. If he went with “You know what else is very nice?” and followed up with “Our romantic date”, this would have gone in a much different direction
  3. If you have intent to get a same day meet up, you must always lead with “On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you feeling?




  1. The first screenshot exchange seems normal except for the fact that he was asking someone if she was feeling spontaneous when she’s somewhat drunk. She might say yes but end up flaking anyway.
  2. He messes up the most when he sends that “Chose reward” list. In this context, it comes across as a bit corny.
  3. By sending the list out of the blue, she feels like it was rehearsed and calls him out for being cheesy, causing him to lose the connection.



  1. You should use soft closes sparingly, like magic beans. Every time you soft close without the girl jumping on it, you lose some points. 
  2. That’s a good list to use when the situation calls for it. Let’s say she said, “Oh, what kind of reward is it? How can I receive it?” He would have been in a better place if he had said something like “Indeed. 
  3. You’ll be rewarded soon.” It’s important to be subtle and take baby steps to build value and investment.




  1. This is an interaction where they had set up plans but she unfortunately has to cancel. She says it’s an unforeseen circumstance. That’s a keyword and also judging by her big paragraph, she is genuinely apologetic about it and if he just empathizes her, he can get another meet
  2. “Is it because I’m ugly or”… Is our line but when the girl has been dodging to meet and has flaked/ghosted without any explanation. He uses that here with the exact opposite context.
  3. She is nice about it and explains it again. Props to her for having the patience. And then he doubles down with “Okay you’re nervous then?” Lol. She is literally explaining her situation and he just comes across socially uncalibrated who can’t comprehend basic English
  4. “Why don’t we cut to the part where you tell me what’s up”. This makes him look super insensitive and comes across rude
  5. He keeps going on with this and ends up turning the girl off completely



In a situation like this, it’s important to have some empathy and just figure out whether it’s a legit concern/situation like. “Hey I understand. I’m curious, what unforeseen circumstance?” and then if she wasn’t going to let you know what it was, you can then offer to reschedule and see how the interest level is for that.



When you study our textgame breakdown or watch our videos, it’s important that you full understand the context behind it before you use it. The other way you can understand the context is also by using it and failing at it to learn from your mistakes. That’s how I learned it and that’s how you can learn as well. Go through the textgame breakdowns and really understand and internalize the context and undertone before listening to Alex’s breakdown of it

And if you guys are serious about learning text game, make sure you get our free tinder ebook. (Link here)

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