6 Ways To Get Ahead Of 99% Of Men in 2023

In the age of strong competition, it’s extremely important to keep up. There’s more than enough average people out there and if you want to be ahead of them, you will have to keep these 6 things in mind

When you look at the statistics. It’s less than 1% who are millionaires in this world. So, it’s safe to say that success doesn’t come to all who try. And you’re not going to think overnight “I want to be a millionaire” and just become one. It takes hard work, dedication and discipline. Not just for making money, but to be really successful with women as well

1) Write down your Goals: First step is to write down the goals you are trying to achieve. They shouldn’t just be a 1 shot goal like “I want to get a girlfriend by 2024”, you have to baby step your goals. So, you must have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and stick to them. If you don’t write them down, you will very quickly forget or feel demotivated to a point that you may relapse.

So, in the particular example of wanting a girlfriend, you probably need to start off by first aiming to approach an X number of girls a day. X dates a month and so on. You start building a funnel of girls you talk to and get them on dates and so on. Over time, you learn how to attract different types of women and keep them. One of them, you will truly like a lot and eventually build a healthy relationship with.

2) Growth mindset: Always be willing and wanting to grow. When you achieve the goals you set, compare it to the goals/results you used to get, say 3 months ago, or half a year ago. Are your current results better than back then? If not, then you need to reassess your approach and change some things so that you can keep growing. The more you grow, the closer you will be to get ahead of all the other men who aren’t doing the same

Another way to look at this, is that you also do your best at pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. When you get comfortable with the discomfort you feel the first time, you can gradually increase the comfort level to feel discomfort again and so on.

3) Get in better shape: The benefits to getting in shape aren’t just your physique and aesthetic. It builds up your tolerance and resilience. Your mind starts to feel invincible. You feel better about yourself, more confident and even have a clear mind if you exercise regularly.

Your physical attraction levels will increase and more women will start to notice you and more men will start to respect you because they don’t want to get knocked out by a big dude

4) Stop jerking off: This is very key if your goal is to be very successful with women. When you jerk off, you lose motivation to want to talk to women. The lesser drive you have to want to do that, the lesser chance you will be able to achieve your goal.

You are also conditioning your brain to artificially nut so your mind is going to wander and think that it’s okay to continue doing this, meanwhile you’re missing out on building some amazing connections with women you could just have met in real life

5) Stop watching porn: The reason I separated this from jerking off is because porn creates a virtual pleasure haven for men because they get stimulated artificially and subconsciously think they have a real

One thing that’s even worse than porn is that it portrays a very wrong way of how sex looks. The girls are actors who are screaming on top of their lungs to stimulate you. But that’s not how women moan and when you do actually have real sex, it might disappoint you that the girl didn’t moan as much as you expected

6) Time Wasting Habits: A lotta people in the manosphere talk about never double texting a woman since it’s a time waste, or never to build attraction with a woman because it’s useless to do that. But, typically speaking, they do this as if they have very less time on their hands

Some of them may have less time but most of them actually spend a lot of time doing unproductive things. Unproductive to a point that it does not even help your goals you are trying to achieve. So, try to cut off time wasting/money activities that will only hurt your goals


Lastly, it’s also important to have rewards and punishments for if and when you achieve/don’t achieve your goals for the day. The punishment could be to not just watch any youtube videos, or do the daily activity you typically like to do. Or eat too many vegetables to punish yourself and so on.

If you focus on these 6 steps and follow each without fail, it will be a gradual yet very sure way to get ahead of 99% of men in 2023

Hope that helps,

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