Beginner Vs Advanced Text Game: How To Level Up FAST

The aim of this guide is to give you guys a clear contrast of how Beginner vs Advanced Level Text Game looks and compare it to the same person’s advanced text game that he was able to learn after going through our product and staying in the mastermind for 6 months.

Textgame is essential to solidify the date, meet the girl – and get the lay. All of these need to be part of a delicate dance to meet your ultimate dating goal. The examples that we are going to go through now are 2 sets. First set of interactions are from when he was a beginner and the next set of interactions are actually lay reports that he was able to achieve with advanced text game.

Having a good text game framework makes all the difference between getting 0 online dating results and drowning in pussy. Without further ado, let’s crack right into the examples of say “John” having the most atrocious text game when he started off

  1. IQ test


  1. It was a pretty straightforward opening on Bumble where the girl wanted to know his native language.
  2. Sometimes, it’s completely fine to answer the question as is and not overcomplicate things.
  3. Even though it didn’t seem like a pickup line, he suggests that it was and that he’d prefer to go for drinks instead with him
  4. Girls will almost always want to feel out the person before they decide to go out with them. By suggesting drinks this early, you aren’t getting her invested enough into the idea of meeting up
  5. She even points that out and he loses the interaction because he was clearly not getting the hint that she requires a bit of flirty banter before meeting up

Better approach:

  1. He could have answered in a tongue and cheek way. “English. Unless you’re asking about my love language ;)”
  2. And then ask her the question back. Based on her answer, you can move things forward. If they both spoke different languages, he could have even soft closed with “We shall teach each other our native tongues on our date then”

B) I guess we’re dating now


  1. This interaction straight up can be termed as autistic. The intention of the opener was to exaggerate and have a bit of a flirty undertone
  2. She mirrored that tonality and asked rhetorically. “Is this how it works?”
  3. He misunderstands the tonality and backtracks by saying he wasn’t being serious. This really makes him lose banter points since he didn’t understand her clear tonality and this becomes confrontational quickly

Better approach:

  1. If the tonality of a girl’s message is unclear, assume it’s the tonality that’s going to help your interaction rather than the worse alternative.
  2. He should have said “Changing my fb relationship status as we speak”. Just exaggerate so she can also jump on the role play and move the interaction forward

C) Mixed language children

Take away:

  1. It’s an aggressive opener which can be taken seriously which she does and gives a neutral response
  2. He then switches to going for the meetup again. And when she asks what he did, he just says “long days”
  3. She isn’t intrigued by the conversation at all but he goes for the meet anyway and loses the match again

Better approach:

  1. I would have pivoted the topic rather than go for the soft close. “Good. Are you from here originally?”
  2. When she asked “what did you do?” I would have found a way to build value and intrigue. Maybe with “Closed a big project and have been celebrating since. I could use some stress relief

When you look at these 3 interactions, you will notice glaring mistakes like:

  1. No sense of direction: He straight away goes for the meet without building up the vibe of the interaction. There needs to be a bit of back and forth and a good structure in order to make
  2. Not understanding her tonality: He assumed negative tonality and got into confrontations with the girls and it was just awkward after
  3. Jumping topics: When there’s a possibility of creating a fun roleplay, he would still jump to getting the meet up instead of building the vibe

Now, let’s go through John’s interactions once he started focusing on learning textgame and actually reached a level where he could even help other guys in our mastermind with their textgame problems

  1. Fun trouble together


  1. You see there’s a night and day difference between the interactions right off the bat. Granted that improving his profile and making it more sexual definitely helped because she is compliant from the beginning.
  2. She sexualizes on him over text and wants to try out group sex one of these nights. He doesn’t go for the meet up right away and keeps it simple
  3. After some sexualizing, she’s the one who says “It’s saying we’re close. Where are you based?” which is a clear hint towards meeting up. He jumps on it and then they set up the date
  4. After that, it was just straight up logistics and her confirming with him. They meet in public and obviously bang. (based on the “That was 🔥”) text from him
  5. He keeps things simple here. Doesn’t rush the meet up and doesn’t overcomplicate things. Clear night and day difference

b) A lotta fun together


  1. Another example of really good improvement. After the opener, when she agrees, he understands the tone and just decides to change the topic to a much more logical one
  2. She asks what he’s looking for on tinder, and he hits her with the epic PWF text which addresses any potential concerns for hookups and also sexualizes it
  3. She agrees with “What a coincidence, all the things I like”
  4. A bit of logical talk because it’s necessary to build up the vibe before going for the meet. He then uses the same “Do you have a cute accent line” to go for the softclose
  5. He goes with “I bet you will seductively whisper in your accent on our date to me”
  6. She chases for the meetup and then it’s pretty straightforward and ofcourse secures the lay after meeting her


From this article, you should be able to start to gauge your current text game skills and strive towards trying to become advanced. We all start as beginners. But once you start texting a lot of girls and practice texting with the right principles in mind, you can get as good as this guy. Texting girls online needs to have a purpose and clear strategy.

If you really want to level up your skills, you can start by going through our extensive text game archives. (Or, pick up a copy of the Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0 and join our Mastermind – where I see guys improve 10x faster than they would without it.)

Hope that helps,

Indian “advance your textgame” PE.