5 Texting Myths Debunked

In this article, I’m going to bust the top 5 texting myths that are pretty commonly heard around the manosphere. It’s funny – I used to believe in many of these texting myths myself. Many of them are spouted by “top dating companies” like RSD. But over time and through experience, I learned they’re bullshit.

It’s essential to “try out” things when you first hear them. That’s how you learn how to discern between good and bad advice. Bad advice doesn’t work, and sound advice works. As simple as that. There are many myths about texting that you can hear/read anywhere online. We tend to follow these because we don’t know any better blindly.

With that in mind, let’s understand the texting myths – and why they’re untrue.

1. Don’t Double Text

The red pillers and certain dating companies say don’t ever double text. But we take a middle ground. Double texts can be attraction killers if you double text too soon, like sending a needy follow-up. This makes the girl question whether you are self-confident about talking to a girl.

But on the flip side, this girl has never met you (let alone fucked you). She does NOT have to prioritize you in her life to check the phone and instantly respond. Often, girls “respond in their head” and eventually forget to respond and feel awkward about responding a few days later and just ghost.

So, you absolutely can double text provided it’s done the right way. Just do a timely follow-up – being persistent but not needy. You can even do 3 follow-ups and only then assume a ghost. By sending one text 2 days after she didn’t respond, you won’t lose your balls. So, don’t have an ego about this at all. She just doesn’t know you.

2. Take as long to respond as long as the girl takes to respond

This is a half-truth. But let me also list the drawbacks of taking as long as her to respond. Sometimes, girls will check their phone on their couch while watching Netflix or something. Basically, she’s going to be super engaged on her phone during this window of time. So, during this time, if you take three hours to respond, you will miss out on getting her invested and having a good convo back and forth to set up a solid date. Or even lose a same-night lay because you took “as long as her” to respond.

Now, if it is a pattern where she takes 3-4 hours to respond every single time, then yes! Take some time to respond as well. If you are on your phone doing nothing and receive her text, go ahead and respond. But don’t sit around waiting for her response. Just go about your day after.

3. You can’t seduce her over text

This is utter nonsense. I’ve had quite a few fuck dates in my dating journey where there’s straight sex talk over text, and then the girl came over. I did the seducing over text, i..e., I set the right frames for her to be open to a hookup scenario.

Huge disclaimer, this isn’t going to apply to every single girl. You’d have to learn how to escalate in a calibrated way. See if she will be responsive to sexting even before you start sexting. These are the most fun closes because you don’t have to try to seduce the girl in person.

4. Texting should only be for logistics

This is another major fake news. When you use texting only for logistics before meeting the girl, she will think something is off “Does he usually meet girls this quickly?” “Is he going to be like this in person?” “If we end up fucking, will he just ghost after?”

These are many of the unnecessary concerns that show up in her head. And don’t forget, if you don’t at least banter a bit back and forth, she isn’t going to feel emotionally invested in wanting to meet you. She’s going to think you’re looking for a quick meet and bang. Even if she’s looking for the same, she will feel slutty by meeting up with you. I realized all this once I got a bunch of flakes when I was using texting only for logistics. The girls would ghost and not even respond to my Double text.

5. You can’t build attraction over text

This is true, but as always, there’s more nuance to this. Attraction isn’t enough to bang a girl. You’d have to get her emotionally (and sometimes sexually) invested. The more she invests in you, the more she is committing to the idea of meeting up. If you look at a girl’s match queue, there will be much higher SMV guys in her match list than you. But they keep the conversation too dull, and the girl loses interest.

Texting a girl should be viewed as you giving a trailer of how it will be when she meets up with you. If all you talk about is meeting up, she will think the sex will be the same. You’re only going to talk about sex, and the sex will disappoint.

The critical thing to remember is, DON’T blindly follow us either. Try each of these things and figure out what may or may not work for you.


When you think about it, these rules have been made to preserve the ego. It sounds like the men who made these rules got really frustrated that they weren’t getting results with what they were trying out over text and, as a result, went overboard and made these rules which actually worsened your results if you were result focused.

These rules sound great on paper but never truly help you in any way when you’re texting a girl.

Indian “Try it out” PE.