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Hot Romanian Girl, Last night in Poland – Tinder LR

I woke up the next morning after the Big Tit Polish Girl , realizing that I had less than 24 hours left in Poland. I had to be at the airport by 5 am to catch my flight to Bucharest, Romania. I became possessed to bang one more girl, before leaving Warsaw. I started hitting up all…

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Big Tit Polish Girl – Tinder LR

  This was the next day after the Hot Polish Girl and was pretty much the opposite in every way. That girl was super direct and told me to call her on the second message. This girl wouldn’t even give me her number….That girl old me to come to her place. This girl came to my place….That…

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Hot Polish Girl & 5 Hours of LMR – Tinder LR

Sexy Polish Girl

   This was definitely one of the more Epic Stories from my trip to Europe.  I was on a nice roll after the nerdy polish blonde and woke up the next morning, trying to set up my next tinder rendezvous. I had a bunch of leads going, but this one very quickly became the most promising.…

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Nerdy Polish Blonde – Tinder LR

Poland Tinder Sex

My second day in Poland, I had an extremely brief interaction on Tinder that led to the girl agreeing to come over “for wine”. It was actually so easy, that I doubted whether she was going to show up. However, sure enough, thirty minutes later, she messages me that she is outside (very low flake…

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Getting Laid First Day in Poland – Tinder LR

Tinder Poland Sex

Poland was the second stop of my three week Euro Trip.  Due to a weird flight, I got in pretty late. I went to get some food, sent a few tinder messages and passed out. The next morning I work up and saw a crapload of notifications. My Tinder was buzzing like I have never…

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Finland Overview

Finland Girls

My Guide to Traveling and Getting Laid in Finland. Here are my overall impressions of Finland as well as useful tips for gaming and getting laid with Finnish Women. Overall, I spent a week there during that time I banged four girls (three from Tinder and one from Day game), I wrote up three of…

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Finland Fail Reports & Stories

For Some Reason, Finland was the country where I had the most non-Lay Reports, due to various reasons. Here they are in chronological order… 1) Chubby Belorussian Girl – Turned Down   This was the tinder girl, I mentioned in the last post that wound up coming over the same night as the Hot Finnish…

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Curvy Finnish Lawyer – Tinder LR

Finnish Hot Blonde Lay

I was riding a huge high after the Hot Finnish Milf and even had a tinder date scheduled for later that night. Unfortunately, the girl looked worse than her pictures and I politely turned down banging her. The next few days were filled with several Non-Lay Reports (I will cover extensively in the next post).…

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Hot Finnish Milf – Day Game LR

  After the Asian Aussie Girl left, I passed out pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I once again woke up in the middle of the night after a few hours of sleep (This pattern continued for the next few days. I would sleep a few hours, be mildly functional until 5 or 6pm, and then go into…

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Getting laid first day in Finland – Tinder LR

Finland was the first stop of my three week Euro Trip. I arrived in Helsinki late Wednesday night, tired after a long flight and passed out shortly after arriving at my AirB&B. Unfortunately, I woke up a few hours later and could not fall back asleep. Must be the jet lag I heard so much…

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