Red Pill vs Blue Pill vs Black Pill – Takeaways From Each

Are you blue pill? Red pill? Or black pill?

In this article, we’re going to cover what in the hell are each of these pills and their involvement in the manosphere, what are the true preachings of each and what you can take away from each. If you aren’t familiar with the pills and if this is purely research, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re already familiar with each of these pills, well… you came to the right place anyway because this is PWF’s takes on each of the pills and how taking only ONE can hurt/help you.

How did these pills even come along? Well, if you’re from planet Earth, you’ve probably watched the Matrix and watched the iconic scene where Morpheus gives a choice between the red and the blue pill. He clearly states that by taking the Red pill, you’re basically accepting that the reality in front of you might NOT actually be the reality and that the Red pill is the ideology around accepting the real objective truth. As you continue watching the movie, taking the red pill unplugs Neo from the Matrix (the simulation world where everyone else exists being oblivious to the fact that they are in fact in a simulation).

How does this apply here?? Well, it’s best explained by giving the background for each pill. There’s more variations of these pills but we prefer sticking to the basic definitions of each. I’ll breakdown each pill into different set of rules they preach.

Red Pill

Originally created by Rollo Tomassi, which everyone else spun off of teaches the following.

  1. Level up as a man: Red pill preaches to level up as a man, focus on yourself, get your finances in order and improve your SMV (and everything that comes along with it) and women will come to you. “Chase a check. Neva chase a b**ch”
  2. Have a passion: They also teach to have a main focus of a passion that you want to truly achieve as a goal. This way, if your mind wanders around, it’s not that hard to get it back on track towards the passion
  3. Hypergamy: Women are hypergamous in nature and if she found a higher value guy, she will always trade up. They want the best genes so you always have to be on point with you being the best possible version of yourself.

PWF take on Red Pill

We agree with some aspects of the red pill. Leveling up as a man is absolutely necessary. But, just by leveling up, a girl isn’t going to get a notification on her phone that you leveled up and she’d show up at your door asking you to fuck her. That’s not how it works. You absolutely SHOULD level up but also focus on learning game. I.e, how to talk to a woman, how to seduce her. How to build tension, how to bang her eventually and working on your sex game. Because you’re leveling up as a man, she is definitely going to want to stick around to be in your life as she can’t get enough of you.

Hypergamy on the other hand, we absolutely don’t agree with. What the Red Pill fails to preach is that investment is still massively more powerful than hypergamy. She can’t just jump onto another better dick just because he is of higher value. If she is invested in you, and has connected with you on a deep level, it’s really difficult for her to even look in another direction. And on the contrary, if you constantly worry about her cheating on you, she WILL. So, focus on yourself, improve yourself but also become an absolute stud and irresistible to women

Blue Pill

1) The girl is the Prize: Blue pill is basically the Hollywood narrative of love that has been pushed down our throats for decades. You see in every love story movie, the guy “chases” the girl and “finally” gets her. First date always ends in maybe 1 kiss and no more than that.

2) Happy wife, happy life: They also say this a lot (take Will Smith for example). They recommend that keeping your wife happy helps with a happy marriage and that if she’s unhappy then everything goes to shit.

3) Be the provider and be madly in love with her: You are the money earner of the family so you have to take care of everything. Anything she asks, you give her. You are the sole breadwinner and she just takes care of the kids and chills in the house. Your love for her will always be the same no matter what she does

PWF take on Blue Pill

This is an absolute bogus of how things work in the real world. The girl is the one who loves to chase. Because she is always looking for the best possible man she can settle down with. So, if the girl chases you, that’s a much better relationship dynamic than the one Blue Pill suggests. Happy wife, happy life is again another atrocious teaching because it teaches you that you have to do everything to appease the woman. Nop. Relationships are all about compromise on both sides and supporting each other. It should never be a one way street.

The same goes with being a provider. You don’t just provide for her for her existence. She needs to bring something to the table. If there’s an unequal give or take, the woman always loses respect for you because you aren’t being fair to yourself and respecting yourself to ask for something in return

Connecting with a girl and being vulnerable to her is something Blue pill does get right. But, keep in mind, you would have to go through a lotta girls to be able to understand what kind you are compatible with and what you want from a girl. You HAVE to be picky who you want to be vulnerable with and when you do find someone like that, you know you have earned her and she has earned you

Black Pill

  1. Looks, money status are enough: If you improve your looks, money and status, you will get girls. If you miss any of these, you won’t get women.
  2. Face is most important: Having a good symmetrical face with chiseled chin and cheeks is all you need. If you don’t have a good face, then you will fail with women
  3. Game Doesn’t exist: If you’re a chad (best face), then you don’t need any game to get girls. You can basically get laid without saying anything crazy and having basic communication skills

PWF Take on Black Pill

Just like the red pill, there’s some truth to the red pill. Looks absolutely matter but looks ALONE won’t get you anywhere. If you only focus on maxing your looks, you can be the most attractive guy but if you say something even remotely dumb or don’t know how to communicate properly, you will dry up her vagina like the sahara desert. You should absolutely looks max and if you don’t have a good face, that should absolutely not stop you from practicing game, talking to women, working on your fitness, money and status

Black pillers have the tendency to discourage anyone who isn’t a chad to do anything with game. They just recommend to go travel to a different country and fuck girls there or just pay for prostitutes since you’re basically fucked. Complete BS. They love this narrative which creates a negative mindset among everyone who has learned the black pill teachings. Take me as an example. I’ve banged some really hot girls and I may be the exception to the rule… but why not aim to be the exception? The alternative is just not to connect with the opposite sex and have the most amazing experiences with them.


Each of these pills have some massive drawbacks and some takeaways that hold true. We recommend going through your own experience. Understand the basics of the red pill and completely wash yourself off of the blue pill mindset and go talk to women. Have as many reference experiences as possible so that you keep leveling up with your attraction level with women and become more charismatic, captivating

Learning game has not only helped me with women but it has also helped me take up a passion, being likable and being the center of attraction in any group setting


Hope that helps,

Indian “Take your own Pill” PE