In this article, we’re going to go through how you text after you’ve slept with a girl and dictate the consequent frames. At PWF, we always try to preach that you sleep with the girl as soon as possible because once you’ve slept together, she feels more invested and also her guard is down. If you continue taking her out on dates without ever getting physical, she loses respect and will have nothing but platonic feelings towards you.

The way Alex & I like to go about these things is we want to first make sure we have sexual chemistry with the girl and then decide based on her values, beliefs, personality etc, whether there’s a more serious future ahead. So, you have to behave congruently with that. There’s 3 things you need to keep in mind after sleeping with a girl

  1. Don’t be needy : I hear a lotta complaints from girls that men tend to get super needy as soon as they sleep together. Why? Simply because most men don’t get laid often and when they find one girl who’s into them, they try to take it to the next level. This is a poor mindset to have because a girl needs to be absolutely sure that you have other options and not just her. So, try not to hangout asap. Don’t text her every single day and just casually make plans without being pushy
  2. Sexual frames: The interactions after you’ve banged the girls need to have a sexual undertone to it. The obvious key to that is you have to know how to fuck the shit out of a girl and make sure she cums everytime. The last thing you’d want is to have her lose interest because you don’t know how to fuck her properly. So, continue asserting sexual frames while you’re in the screening process
  3. Space to chase : This goes hand in hand with the first point. You need to give her space to chase rather than trying to go for the relationship as soon as possible. Women hold the gateway for sex, men hold the gateway for a relationship. So, it’s more powerful and long lasting if the woman is the one who brings up the idea of a serious relationship rather than the other way around.

With these in mind, let’s go through some examples of texting after sleeping with the girl

Key takeaways:

  1. As you can see, it’s extremely sexual. The key thing to keep in mind is there’s a great balance of sexting and also baiting the next meet up. “Next time, I’m going to fuck you slow & deep”
  2. Also, you’ll see that the texting is spaced out. You don’t want to be too unavailable but also at the same time too eager. Like I’ve said, neediness is the killer of attraction no matter how well you fuck her
  3. Having a good dick game makes girls think about how they got fucked constantly when they are going about their day.
  4. You’ll also notice that the meetups are quite spaced out. This is how it needs to be. She needs to chase a bit to get the meeting.
  5. The meeting up revolves around only fucking. She comes over, you guys fuck, and she leaves. There’s not ultra gamey things that are happening here.
  6. You also need to consider bringing new types of sex into the picture. Like say, roleplay, or toys, sexy lingerie. Everytime should be a new experience for her

Here’s another example


  1. This one is very similar but super simple. She became a sexual deviant after the sex. She was the only one chasing hard and wanted to keep seeing him
  2. The interaction seems quite short and simple. Strictly focusing on logistics and fucking nothing else.
  3. You also see that he baits for next meets sexually as well “My tongue is feeling strong. Real strong”
  4. She obviously knows that it’s about her pussy getting eaten out. And she doubles down with, “How does that dick feel”
  5. The more you keep fucking the girl, the more and more emotions she’s going to feel and the more she’s going to keep chasing to meet. You just have to play it coy and not get over eager


As you see, it can be as simple as this. Don’t be needy, fuck the shit out of her and give her space. Keep seeing her and if you like her personality other than the sex, screen her out for that. Figure out what you’re into a girl other than what she brings to the bedroom. One thing you can instantly implement is, the first time you fuck a girl, let her know that she should write up a list of fantasies that she wants to be fulfilled, and that you can cross of each one in that list one by one. This really makes a huge impact because you stand out amongst other men. Nobody does this and with each sexual experience, more and more emotions are going to stir up in her. You will be the only guy she’s want to keep coming back to even if she has options because you just give her something different than everyone else

Hope that helps,
Indian “the tongue is strong” PE.

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