Is Tinder Worth It In 2021? Complete Men’s Guide

It’s 2021, and the online dating world has changed a lot in the last 12 months. While a pandemic has resulted in Tinder and other apps becoming more mainstream than ever, they still have their pros and cons. If you have friends on Tinder, you might be hearing that they get no results on Tinder and so you shouldn’t waste your time on it because, well! According to them, it is a waste of time.

So, what is the truth about the state of Tinder and dating apps in 2021? Is it worth your time and effort to get Tinder? In this article, I’m going to answer these questions and more.

Common Misconceptions About Tinder for Men

First, let me go through some of the most common misconceptions about Tinder and online dating apps that I hear.

  1. “Girls on there are just looking for attention”: It may be true in some cases, but not mostly. Yes, some girls make an account one night to find a quick fuck and regardless of them getting the result, they just get off the app and never check again. But, a majority of them use it to find someone they can fuck, casually see, and/or consistently see. However, it’s generally also quite easy to spot the time wasters. They’re usually the ones who have minimal amounts/same type of pictures, no bio description/or just their Snapchat / Instagram handles. OR, they only reply in one word answers no matter what you text them. So, you can pretty easily screen them out and talk to another match.
  1. It only works for the really good looking guys”: This is just fake news. We have tons of guys in our community (myself included) who aren’t really hot, and still get laid consistently from Tinder. The mistake the majority of guys make is that they have really bad Tinder pictures even if they’re decent looking dudes. So, they end up being discouraged by not getting good matches because their competition has better pics. It’s pretty easy to get good Tinder pictures and present yourself as even better than you are in person by getting good fashion, grooming, and taking natural looking pictures. This alone will put you head to head against a lot of better looking guys with average pictures/profiles.
  1. Tinder and dating apps are just for hookups”: Although that is the case for some girls, it’s again a case by case basis and really depends on what you AND her want. You can definitely build fruitful relationships that could lead to something more. While there are definitely men & women on there only looking for hookups (maybe something like 20-30%), I personally know plenty of people who got into serious relationships from Tinder. Communication can resolve any possible difference in your alignments of what you’re looking for.
  1. “You need to make plans as quickly as possible”: WRONG! It looks all good and dandy in Tinder promos where a guy asks a girl out for coffee in 2 texts and she agrees to it. That’s not how it works. A girl needs to be invested, feel the emotions, be intrigued to go on a date with you. A lot of girls will require a bit of endurance from your end since you have a lot of competition to fight against. Hence, you also display your personality (Be funny, be interesting) a fair amount to reel her in

Common mistakes that guys make are that they’re too boring and message/open the girl with simple “Hey”, “How are you”, “How’s your day”. Girls really feel emotionally drained to reply to these kinds of messages. And they have the same feeling when guys have terrible mirror selfies (or all selfies) on their profiles. By following our content, you can build a solid Tinder profile from scratch.

With these common misconceptions out of the way, let’s talk about what it’s like using Tinder as a man these days.

Tinder Breakdown for Men

  1. What Tinder Is: Tinder is mainly a picture focused app. Your profile/bio are your main selling points. Girl’s can make snap decisions to swipe right/left on you to match and start a conversation.
  1. Who Tinder is For: It’s definitely a bit casual oriented. But, once the pandemic started, dating apps have definitely taken off and have been the main source of connecting people together. That being said, it all depends on what you’re looking for and if you and the girl are on the same page
  1. Tinder against other Apps: Tinder is the most used amongst all the dating apps and the premise is quite casual/hookup oriented. Bumble is a lesser hookup oriented app where the girls need to open you. The issue is that some girls just feel awkward to come up with something and choose to let the match just expire in the end. Hinge is the app where most girls are looking for something longterm/ more of a relationship oriented platform. You can comment on pictures/prompts of a girl’s profile and they can chose to match with you depending on what you send them. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are the Big 3 of the dating apps and we definitely recommend setting up a profile on all 3 of them
  1. Tinder against meeting a girl organically: Tinder can be very convenient to meeting girls in real life. It’s all a matter of setting the best profile and optimizing your text game to generate multiple leads at the same time. When you try to meet a girl at the bar, you’d need to put in a lot of time and diligent effort to get to a point where you can actually attract your type of girl. The room for error is very low when it comes to talking to a girl at a bar. Meanwhile, on Tinder you can just pick the best pictures for your profile and just fire off swiping
  1. Is it easy to get laid on Tinder?: It’s definitely quite easy, but more importantly convenient to get laid on Tinder. With the premise that Tinder is a casual platform, you can easily set up house dates or go sexual the right way and get her to beg your C

Basics of Tinder

If you’re someone who’s just deciding to sign up on Tinder and want to know what the hell to do, these are the key things to keep in mind:

  1. Good pictures: Getting good pictures is not rocket science, especially if you’re smart with your time and efforts. This could literally make or break profiles with great potential. You need to follow a specific set of rules to get good pictures for your dating profile. Good pictures don’t just mean pictures that are edited well or the . Your pictures need to look natural, have good fashion, grooming and in the end, show the best version of yourself without blending into the background of the picture. If you decide to hire a photographer, ask him if he’s had experience taking natural looking pictures or done such shoots before. Hell, send him our pictures guide and you’ll be off to a good start
  2. Good textgame: Lucky for you, if you’ve been following our YT channel and our website, you should know by now how to develop a good textgame and fundamentals to follow. Always have the goal in mind to set up meets. Some girls require the meet to happen early and some take time to warm up to the idea of a meet. When you optimize your textgame and follow the right principles, you can easily get the results you desire. Properly setting up dates, confirming, building investment and creating the right frame for the meet up, all are very important factors that can contribute to your success with texting girls
  3. Run Volume: Humans in general have a quick fix way of thinking/mindset. Online dating doesn’t work that way. There’s always many external factors that could affect your results. It could vary from
    1. She reignited things with an ex: She could have finally downloaded Tinder to see what’s out there after emotionally moving on from the previous relationship. She matched with you and things are going well over text. Next thing you know, she might have unmatched/blocked your number and never gave you a concrete answer/concern to why she doesn’t want to meet anymore.
    2. People get busy: Women, just like people overestimate the free time they have to be in the dating market. She might have got on tinder and then got busy with a new job or work has been dumped onto her all of a sudden.
    3. Forgetting to check it regularly: Since it’s an app and it sends constant push notifications on different occasions other than just messages, people get annoyed and just disable the notifications. Don’t blame your last text for this.

All/or some of this can easily contribute to a girl’s unavailability so it’s important to run volumes or work with multiple matches at the same time

  1. Persistence: If you follow our IG page, you can see myriads of interactions where I pinged the girl constantly and finally got the number. And over text, she was nothing but responsive. This is also how you can be persistent without being needy
  1. Screening: Know what to give up on. Walk away from time wasters. When a girl is a time waster, she may not check the app much but still say she wants to get to know you better before giving her number. You know to not waste time on these girls and work on other leads. When a girl is adamant on only talking over IG or snap, then avoid her since those interactions will go nowhere and it will only encourage your mindset about thinking online dating as a waste of time

So, Should I Get Tinder as a Man in 2021?

So, is it worth it to Get on Tinder and should you? ABSOLUTELY! Online dating, in general, can be a goldmine if you have the right strategy. I personally have met awesome girls through dating apps and saved a lot of time… that might have been spent trying to chat up a random drunk girl at a bar. If you’re efficient with your time and manage leads the right way, it’s quite easy to build rotations. The better your profile is, the more you’ll get swiped right on and the higher the chances of you being shown the hottest girls on Tinder (yes, even 9’s and above use these apps). Last but not least, practice good text game and remove all bad habits/misconceptions that have obviously not produced you results previously. Drop your ego, and make a change to your Dating life! Starting Now

Make sure to continue reading up/watching our content to use it efficiently and get the best results your profile/SMV can with your text game

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