In this article, I’m going to give a quick foundation on how to develop a sense of humor. Specifically, in this case, how to be funny and get a girl to laugh while you’re texting her (for example, on Tinder). Of course, this is also useful when meeting a girl in person.

We all love a good joke and when you can get a woman to laugh, you’re getting her emotional and going in the right direction. Making an emotional impact when you’re conversing with a woman (May it be cold approach or online dating) is quite useful and can be the foundation of building investment

Now, I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that if you keep cracking jokes with a girl, her legs are going to open like floodgates for you. But, I am going to tell you, it will put the girl at ease, she will be more willing to open up and she feels like she can vibe well with you

Now, why is it important to build a sense of humor? It’s okay if you’re an introvert, doesn’t mean you can’t make a woman laugh. A good situational joke can engage a whole group quite easily and you subtly indicate you have some social intelligence. This gets you points with the girl.

Shit tests – This is quite a broad topic. But, the best way to pass a shit test would be is by making it a joke/exaggerating it.

When it comes to online dating, being funny and having a sense of humor takes you a long way for the following reasons:

  1. Giving her a trailer– If you’re funny and have a great vibe over text, you would not only be standing out, but you’re going to give her a picture of how it would feel for her to hang out with you, meet with you. The clearer the picture you can form in her head, the more invested she is going to be.
  2. Sexualizing – If you’re bad at sexualization, having a fun/joke-filled/flirty conversation is a great segue to sexualizing. If you can make jokes around sex, it shows you’re quite comfortable with it and you wouldn’t be a weird sex craving creep. It definitely adds an extra dimension to the interaction
  3. Soft closing/themes – This goes into creating a picture category again. You could build themes using jokes or exaggeration. Some great examples of Themes for a soft close/date close can be as follows

Humor Role Plays

Scenario 1: Rapunzel, the damsel in distress – I won’t expand too much into this but let’s say she is stuck at work

She: “I’m at work. Sorry. It’s been quite busy”

You : “Oh no. Want me to come save the damsel in distress?”

She: “Haha. Could use some saving”

You: “All that requires is a good long head of hair and I’ll climb it up like spiderman”

(This may seem goofy but it’d definitely different. Shows you have a quirky way of looking at things and that you’re not ashamed of your nerd side, This can easily go into sexualizing if you start talking about pulling her hair…you get the point!)


Scenario 2: The titanic/honeymoon theme:

*matches with a hot girl for the first time in your life*

You: “So, I guess this means we’re married now?”

She: “Haha. Yes. But we still need to have the wedding ceremony”

You: “Nah. That’s for sissies. Let’s just skip that and go on the honeymoon we’ve always talked about”

She: “Lol. What did we talk about”

You: “Oh, the usual. Us going on a big Titanic-y boat. Drawing you like one of my french girls. Lying to you that all the girls in my sketch book were my sisters. All that good stuff”

She: “The man of my dreams. Where were you all this time”

You: “I got here as fast as I could. Wish I had taken a flight instead of the Titanic-y boat”

(You can easily continue this to having kids, a dog, a big house. etc. And that you need to meet up for drinks to plan the rest of your lives out)


These are a couple of things I myself use for online dating.


Now, how can you develop this sense of humor?

  1. Stand up comedy: This is massive. Pick and choose 1 or 2 stand up comedians and observe them. Notice what style of humor they have. Is it a mockery, politics, crass (race & sex), edgy? All of the above? I learned most of my wit and my vibing abilities by watching Russel Peters. I watched him a lot. His tonality. The way he changes his facial expressions. I learned from him
  2. TV shows: I talked about this in my other article for Indians to get laid, but it’s definitely applicable as a whole since this gives you an insight of what kind of humor appeals to the major audience
  3. Day to day life: Just speaking to people at work/ a complete stranger builds a social muscle and when you get more and more comfortable, you’d be able to joke more with them
  4. Hanging out with funny people: We all have that one clown in life at any point in time. Someone who loves to make people laugh. Observe them, hang around with them. You will slowly get an idea of how they view the world and slowly incorporate that as a way of viewing life in general
  5. Stop filtering/second-guessing: If you stop hesitating and say the first thing on your mind, things will flow much smoother. At first, it might be difficult because of your inner voice of “Oop. What will that person think”, but gradually you will be more comfortable with doing this and you will naturally be good at holding a conversation
  6. Crass Humor: Edgy Politically incorrect humor is frowned upon but if you’re not afraid to be offensive/indecent, then you will communicate much more of your personality and the way you think. This makes you “unpredictable”. And we all know how women love that unpredictability and the bad boy side of things


Now, just doing all the above isn’t going to help you pick up a sense of humor. By associating things you come across or watch every day, you can think back to it and just use it as a tool to portray your own personality. Remember! You can learn all the techniques and routines in the world, but if you don’t have an authentic side of you, you can’t form a real connection or vibe with a girl.


Last but not least, when you’re in person, TONALITY!

If you can convey different emotions using different tonality but with the same verbals, it can massively improve your interactions since you would come across unpredictable. Practice this a lot. Practice conveying grief when you’re talking about happy cartoons. Practice conveying excitement when you talk about your Dead Grandma. You can easily turn around boring interactions by exaggerating the first out of the norm thing she throws at you. This will also help you tackle shit tests with more ease

Hope that was helpful,

Indian PE.

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