Examples of a good Tinder photo vs a bad Tinder photo


At PWF, we will always give you the No-BS truth. We help you maximize your odds to get great high quality matches on Tinder, no matter how difficult of a pill the information might be to swallow.

So today, I’m not going to give you any lame “secrets” to success or BS quick fixes. Instead, I’m going to go through 6 Tinder Photos that have been quite successful online and why they work. I’m not going to go into how to take good Tinder pictures — instead, I’m going to look at some real guys’ dating app photos. These are pics they’re actually using, with which they’re getting consistently great Tinder matches and Tinder dates.

Some basic principles to keep in mind when you get a  photoshoot or a profile revamp is to keep in mind all of these important areas:

a) Narrative: Have a narrative in the picture if you can. The pictures should tell a story of an activity or a situation (ideally one which may easily progress towards a meet up if the girl specifically likes that picture).

b) Style/fashion: Have good fashion and grooming in the picture. This communicates you’re a man who takes care of his appearance.

c) Different aspects: Try showing different facets of yourself in 1 profile. You might not want to have a series of pictures where you come across very serious or intense. This doesn’t paint a good picture in the girl’s head. Last thing she’d want to do is be on a date with a guy who doesn’t have a laid back side to him.

d) Look natural: If you “plan” on taking a good picture, it’s counterproductive and it comes across trying hard or you’re putting in too much effort to look good. Rather, it should look like you were not aware someone was taking a picture and it happened very spontaneously.

In this article, you’ll see the above principles in action but with a detailed breakdown of why every single one of them works. And with that, let’s get to the examples!

1. The Badass Activity Tinder Photo

First off, we have a guy from our Mastermind group who had a total revamp of his Tinder profile. He was not getting matches with his old profile. He had poor fashion and all his pictures looked posed. He was barely getting 3 matches a week even after running boosts on Tinder.

One of his 6 pictures post-revamp is this:


  • The first thought that goes through your head is “Badass”. But why? It’s clearly retouched but not to a point where it loses it’s originality. It doesn’t feel posed. Especially since he is not looking at the camera.
  • This picture creates a narrative in the girl’s head. “Omg. Is he going to take me on a bike ride on one of our date?”. Also, you notice his style actually matches someone who’s part of a bikers gang
  • It looks like he just so happened to return from his morning ride and his friend naturally popped in to take a picture
  • Everything in the picture actually belongs. If you flip through a girl’s dating app, you’ll see that in a lot of pics that girls swipe left on, the guy’s style in his picture doesn’t belong to the purpose of the picture.

2. The Musical Activity Tinder Photo


  • Same guy, different narrative. It looks like he is performing on a stage. The expression suggests that he’s actually singing a song and playing a guitar while at it. Same principle. The girl is going to think “Is he going to play a song for me? Omg”
  • In both the above pictures, the person doesn’t blend into the background and because of the “bokeh effect”, the focus is even more directed towards the person
  • Again, a natural feel to it rather than a planned pose. If it were planned, he’d have a less relaxed and natural body language to him

3. The Classic & Classy Tinder Pic


  • Classy vibe. The fit of the clothes all along the body shows that he has style. Having on point fashion in your pictures can communicate to the girl that you take care of yourself. That you respect how you come across and that you put an effort on appearance.
  • He doesn’t need to have a shirtless picture to actually convey that he’s got a good body.
  • There! The myth that looks don’t matter has been busted. Appearance and style is what catches the eye. Everything else comes second

4. The Eyes-Focused Headshot Tinder Picture


  • A headshot where you can show off your eyes. They don’t have to be hazel or blue but women just feel more comfortable when they can see your eyes in the pictures.
  • Gives them a sense of wanting to connect. With the necklace on him and a sharp looking haircut & beard, he again communicates that he cares about his appearance

5. The “Let Me Entice You With a Possible Date Scenario” Tinder Picture


  • Demonstrating High Value. The guy is showing off that he knows how to make amazing drinks for himself and others.
  • Women will think “If he is good at this then I wonder what other things is he good at?”. Again! Creating a narrative in the woman’s head of how their romantic date is going to be
  • He is dressed sharp as if he would for a date night

6. The Natural Shirtless Tinder Pic


  • When you take a look at men’s profiles on girls’ matches, you’ll see good looking dudes messing their profiles up with bad shirtless pics. A bad shirtless pic is a guaranteed way to get a left swipe from a girl.
  • This looks very natural. Another “just happened” narrative where he’s probably going for his heaviest set and wasn’t aware that his picture was being taken
  • You don’t need to have his bulk, but when you want to post a shirtless pic, ideally have it taken in an environment that at least somewhat makes sense for you to be shirtless in

Bottom Line

When it comes to trying to improve your results on Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble, having great pictures is essential. This article breaks down six different types of photos you can take to improve your matches. While you don’t have to use all of them, we recommend selecting a few that are most congruent with your lifestyle and having similar pictures taken. Obviously, the pics don’t have to be exactly the same — if you’re not a musician, but you teach a skill, you might swap the musical activity photo for one showing you talking in front of a group. If you don’t ride a motorcycle but you do mountain climb, get a great pic of yourself climbing something difficult. In short, apply the principles from the above for your own photos, rather than copying them exactly.

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