4 Rules to Flirting Over Text – Introducing the “We” Frame

In this article, I’m going to delve into how to properly flirt with girls over text. Using these techniques, you’re able to set up dates (public or not) with a frame that’s obviously pointed towards sex but not explicitly.

There are two ends of the spectrum I see new guys in our Mastermind on:

The one extreme is guys who just end up in super boring, platonic conversation. “What do you do for fun?” “What is your job?” “What do you study?” — those kinds of conversation. These guys quickly find all of their conversations going to nowhere, because this bores the SHIT out of girls.

The other extreme is guys who go hardcore sexual, and they typically take it way overboard. These are typically the guys who have learned you can’t just do boring, platonic conversation. At PWF, we love setting explicit frames when it comes to “straight to the house dates”, since we’d rather not waste time and get the close as soon as possible. Trust me, I love doing that as well. These guys are trying to learn to flirt, and they think that flirting = being sexual. They misuse hardcore sexualizing lines in bad context, and it hurts their chances big time.

I’m going to introduce a trick I’ve developed, that anyone can use to flirt with women over text. If you use it, you’ll avoid being boring or platonic, but without getting over the top sexual with girls. It keeps your conversations fun, playful, and flirt-y. You may have heard about the concept of the “We” frame. I’ve spent a lot of time testing and refining this to bring it to my text game. The benefit of the “We” frame in texting, versus in person, is that it’s even simpler to do so since you have all the time in the world to think of a response.

The We-frame: This is an interpretation that you and her are together and the rest doesn’t matter. Anything she does, she is doing for you, anything you do, you’re doing for her.


Girl: “Hey. I’m just about to go for a hike”. It’s an exercise for her. But, you interpret it as

You: “Ah. Keeping fit for our romantic date I see”.

Girl: “I’m just baking some cookies. What about you?”

You: “How many did you bake for me?”

For example:

I’ll go into similar examples and try my best to explain how to achieve an implicit enough date where the girl is still expecting to get banged on the first date. It’s just not visible to a 3rd person’s eyes, but it’s very clear that things are going down (bow chicka bow wow).

I can think of these following rules to follow so you don’t get too platonic either:

1) Don’t let the convo go too “interview mode”:

A lot of guys play it too safe and this will always backfire. The girl, at first, will seem very into the conversation since women love talking about themselves. But, the key missing ingredient is the investment she’s putting into the conversation for “The We-frame”

2) Attire segue:

This is another way to throw in the “We-frame”. Say the girl talks about her work. No matter what her line of work is, I will roleplay that she’s going to wear that attire for me. For example: She’s a barista at Starbucks.

Her: “I just work as a Barista at starbucks”

Me: “Now I’m just imagining coming to your work every day while you work at the cashier and I take my time to order something just so I could flirt with you”

Same goes for a corporate job

Her: “I work as an HR rep for a big corporate company”

Me: “Now, I’m imagining you wearing a pencil thin skirt and taking my interview”


3) Buzz words:

Always keep these words in mind when you’re trying to type up a text to vibe with a girl.

a)”Romance/romantic” b) “Distracting you” c) “together” d) “About me”

You can literally turn anything around and make it seem like she’s doing it for you. It may come across cocky but it solidifies that you’re in this together and there’s a potential that you guys would be meeting up.

Her: “Hey. Sorry. I’m a little busy with my friends right now”

You: “Ah. Gossiping about me I see ;)”

Her: “I was talking to my mom until now”

You: “I see things are moving fast. Telling her about us already”

Her: “I have had a stressful week. I could go for some margarita right now”

You: “I’ll add that to our romantic date’s agenda”

Her: “I’m at work right now”

You: “I hope I’m not distracting you with my handsomeness”

For example:

4) Playful misinterpretation: This is when you purposely misinterpret what she says to move the conversation in a more flirty direction.

This can go in any direction. Sexual or just flirty. Sometimes it may feel like it may come across cocky but she’ll love it when done right. For example:

She wants to Facetime to make sure he’s real and she’d like him as a person. But he interprets it as her thinking he’s too good to be true. She pushes for the meet since she likes that cocky humor

It seems extremely illogical. But, this is exactly how flirting works. It’s the least risky way to solidify a man-to-woman frame without actually spelling out the words “I think you’re cute”, “I like you”

Now let’s see these 4 principles in action:

Original LR: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/playingfiredotcom/permalink/905353799805771/)



Key takeaways:

  1. The first thing you notice is that the sexualizing is attempted multiple times. Her first rejection still doesn’t budge him and he keeps persisting. Once he realizes that she won’t be receptive to it, he switches gears
  2. “If you’re too shy, we can talk about Rick and Morty and puppies instead”. She goes “sure” and the vibe is different since he calibrated that the sexualizing isn’t going to be received well.
  3. “We’ll lay on top of a grassy hill and watch planes land together while holding hands” – Principle 1. Sounds so cheezy, yet paints a picture and shows a different “flirty” side in contrast with the hardcore sexualizing
  4. He goes easy on the remainder of the interaction and he ends up meeting at a bar before he brings her home and bangs her.
  5. “You should though for our romantic date” – Principle 3. You literally can use anything to mention a romantic date
  6. In person as well, she was never receiving “sexy” comments well. But since the initial man to woman frame was set, she was under the impression it was always going to happen

Another LR: (Original: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playingfiredotcom/permalink/1017182858622864/)



Key takeaways:

  1. Literally 0 sexualizing here. She opens him with a pickup line. So, you know! Work on building a solid profile for yourself. More importantly, he didn’t jump on it or got too eager like most of the guys on dating apps
  2. His first intent is talking about the massage. And then builds on it to soft close -> Number close – Principle 4. He is misinterpreting it as if she’s stressed and hence the massage will solve all the problems
  3. He even agrees and amplifies the “healing powers” of this massage.
  4. When she says she’s never had wine or an alcoholic beverage, simply suggest that you’d grab a virgin drink. This again shows intent that the whole idea of the date is to get to know each other and build some chemistry
  5. A little back and forth but always keep an eye on the prize. Which is the meet up. “It’s okay. I’ll see your cute self on our romantic date” – Principle 3
  6. Over text she says “Yeah hahaha I know it’s a super white name”. “Way too white. You need some brown in your life”. Another simple yet powerful way of flirting – Principle 1. Creating a we-frame even though race is a super boring topic to talk about
  7. Some logistics work followed by a couple of flakes from her and they eventually meet up in public. With little to no game, he effortlessly pulls home
  8. He browns her real good after as you can see in the screenshot

As you can see, the “We-frame” is a really powerful way to keep things fun and flirty with a girl. When the conversation gets a little too platonic or you’re not sure where to steer it next, you can snap it back in a flirty direction by using the principles and examples I share in this article.

So, give it a shot, and leave a comment below letting me know how it went!

P.S. For more information on the types of girls you will encounter on Tinder and how to optimally text them, check out this article!

Hope that helps,

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