In the past few weeks, I’ve been mostly holed up in my room working on this website and dealing with an assortment of overdue problems. The great thing about tinder though, is that by doing the work ahead of time (setting up an awesome profile) you can focus on other aspects of your life without missing out on opportunities to get laid… Similar to making money off dividends.

Exactly what happened here. She messaged me first and dropped a big hint in the second message that she was looking to hookup TONIGHT. How else does one “extend the weekend”? A few messages back and forth and I invited her over. No need to waste time on unnecessary b.s. No objections. You could tell what state of mind I was in, when I told her to “text my address”…fortunately she didn’t care.

I was slightly paranoid that she might be secretly fat (lack of body pics). Normally, I would flat-out ask what her body looks like, but decided to risk it this time..Worst case scenario, I can always politely come up with and excuse.

I shower and clean up some of the filth in my room. Before long, I get a text she’s outside. I go to let her in and am pleasantly surprised… she’s in shape… and has some curves. We make forced small talk as I lead her inside my apartment. My brain is fried and she probably feels a little awkward.

Inside, I ask her if she wants a drink and she declines. I take this as a sign that she is ready (9/10 times it is). I lead her inside my room and we sit on the floor by my bed. I grab her body and start massaging her lower back and legs. She feels warm and I can hear her pleasurably inhale. For some reason, I’m still making half-assed small talk and she is giving me distracted answers.

After rubbing her sexy body for a minute, I pull her in and kiss her. She eagerly reciprocates. We make out passionately. Clothes come off a few minutes later and we have pretty intense sex. She is one of those girls that cums every few minutes, which is a huge turn on for me. With her riding me on top, she starts kissing and sucking, no more like consuming my neck, which is at that moment felt extremely hot… and I cum faster than I would’ve liked.

We lay exhausted for a moment, until i get enough energy to fuck her a second time. A few minutes later, she puts her clothes on and takes off… With a little more life in me, I make a paleo wrap and go back to work.

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  1. Anonymous on July 21, 2019 at 6:07 PM

    So how much time she spends in your place like 40 min?

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