Why Learning Game Helps Your Overall Success in Life

In this guide, we’re going to go through how exactly learning “game” translates to overall success in life. It’s a common misconception that you learn game just to bang girls in your life (and maybe get a girlfriend eventually). Your initial goal may be that. But that’s not exactly how it works.

Getting a girlfriend as the end goal typically messes with your screening abilities. You’ll want to settle as soon as you find a girl who likes you back. And that’s not a good strategy for a long term relationship since you will not be able to handle all the ups and downs of it and how to handle the emotions of a girl you are involved with

First, relationships typically don’t last long. Especially if you are intentionally seeking out something serious with every girl. You have to make a very deliberate and calculated decision who you get involved with emotionally. And that comes from experience, going through a lot of girls. Sleeping with them, connecting with them, understanding their way of thinking and their values

Now, how does this translate to life? Just like with girls, any good decision you make will be from making a lot of bad decisions and learning from those mistakes. With this one analogy, I’m going to go through all aspects in life that can improve massively the more you game women and learn from your mistakes

1. Game helps you make more friends

When I started off my game journey, it wasn’t the fact that I had bad friends. They were quite loyal, easy to talk to, and did everything together. But, none of them had a desire to grow. They chose to stay in their own circle and were always weary of socializing with people in this foreign country.

Once I kept talking to more and more women, I would socialize with other guys too and have made the most incredible friends. Friends who I can learn from (not just in aspects of women, but making money, fitness, health). I have a go-to designated friend that I can always ask questions about anything in my life. I now also have friends all over the world (Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Colombia) and can always hit them up if I’m ever in their area. The contrast between what quality of friends I had before game and now is night and day.

2. Game gives you social intuition

You start to develop an immense amount of social intuition. You can pickup on the energy people give off. You see what they respond to verbally. And you are welcomed into any group with open arms. Everyone respects you a lot more and they will never think you are creepy or someone who is out there to suck the energy out of a group of people.

3. Game helps you set boundaries (and be a stronger man).

When I had no clue about Game and women, I would let people walk all over me. If I had an issue with something someone did, I would just keep it to myself, get frustrated by it and just not say anything. Overtime, the resentment would build up and would eventually lash out at them for a very negative confrontation. Meanwhile, the person had no clue that what they did bothered me and would also ask me “Why did you not communicate this to me previously?”

In contrast, now if I have a problem with something, I immediately bring it up to them and let them know that I wasn’t a fan of something they did. They get it instantly and try not to repeat it again. This is a much healthier way of asserting boundaries without having pent up anger and resentment. I learned all of this from Game. Boundaries, as a human itself are quite important. You don’t want to hate someone over time just because they have a habit of doing something to/with you unintentionally

4. Game helps your business and career.

When you learn game, you start getting completely desensitized to rejection. At first, it stings, it makes you feel pretty bitter. But gradually overtime, you start noticing that rejection is never personal. The woman doesn’t know you as a person. The only ones who know you as a person are your family and long time friends. She is rejecting your approach, or the way you spoke to her. Not you as a person.

It’s the same with your career and if you’re building a business. You’re going to go through a lot of hardships when building a business. You will have to be ready not making enough money for a 1st year when you’re developing a business. And when it comes to career, a regular 9-5 job, you will have a lot of interviews that end up in not being selected. But you will understand that you would have to objective about the approach and just change the approach. When you get this sort of objective look, you’ll isolate the feeling you get from rejection and not take it personally.

5. Game teaches you to set a non-people pleasing mentality.

Before game, I had a consistent urge of getting everyone to like me. This was counterintuitive because I wasn’t being true to myself and what I am as a person. I would change my behaviors hoping to be liked by the person in front of me. This instantly puts people on a backfoot and make them not trust you

After learning Game for years, I realized that people actually like me more and genuinely when I’m completely unashamed of who I am and what my views are. People respect me a lot more and my opinions even if they disagree with their beliefs.

Conclusion: Game Makes You a Better All-Around Man!

We feel learning game and getting good with women is an extremely important part of a man’s life. He needs to be respected by everyone else, desired by a variety of women and looked up to. Game is what truly makes a man high value. Not just going to the gym, not just making money. But being a social animal. Someone everyone wants to hang out with.

Game teaches you more about life and rewards you with things you could have never dreamt of. If I never discovered game, I would have just been married to a fat Indian lady of my parents’ choosing. With Game, I have the power of choice and the abundance to walk away

Indian “No arranged marriage” PE.