What to Do if a Girl Flakes on Your Date (Calling Her Out the Right Way)

A girl flaked on your date. Now what?

Some guys would tell you to move on from her. Others would get really butthurt. I’m here to tell you, both approaches are wrong.

In this guide, we’re going to go over how to call a girl out the right way when she flakes – and when it’s appropriate to do so.

What exactly is calling a girl out? Well, it’s as simple as just pointing out a behavioral pattern you don’t like in a girl without actually showing the emotion that might ruin the interaction.

If you’ve heard/watched some of the street interviews on our channel, (or anywhere else), you will notice that a lot of women want men to be more masculine in this day and age because so many have been feminized by the woke and feminist agenda. Calling out a girl for a behavior you don’t like is a very masculine trait since you’re asserting your boundaries. Women want to respect the guy they are dating.

As a simple example, a good callout would be:

“Hey. I expect to be respected in a relationship. And the way you behaved last night really made me feel disrespected. I’d appreciate it if you don’t do that again”

A bad callout would be:

“What you did yesterday was so fucking disgusting. You better not do that again”

When you read these 2 examples, the first one reads full of a grounded energy meanwhile the second one will come across so butthurt that the girl will instantly get turned off and shut off to the situation.

So, it’s extremely important to never Ever get butthurt by a girl’s behavior. She’ll lose respect, and with that attraction. Let’s go over the only 2 rules of calling out a girl:

Rule 1: The call-out must be appropriate for the situation

If it’s a very mild thing you didn’t like, and you call her out with something extreme, that will not go in your favor. For example, A girl just forgot to respond to you. The wrong way to call that out would be “Why would you give me your number if you didn’t intend to converse with me?” This is quite needy and a good recipe for ghosting and getting blocked. The correct way to handle this would be

“If you’re too shy, i’d understand” (after waiting at least 24 hours to double text)

Rule 2: Never ever get emotional (or at least show it)

Call outs should never come across as you’re being emotional. When women see a guy getting frustrated at her behavior, they’ll either feel validated that they have that kind of power over you, or just lose attraction towards you or both. So, it’s important to present yourself calmly while calling her out. And if you’re doing that over text, the undertone must be very grounded

Without further ado, let’s go over some examples to see how these 2 rules can be followed to call a girl out.

1. “Love the enthusiasm”

This is, in essence, a level 1 call out. He goes to confirm the date and she says “I guess”. The wrong way to call out here would be. “That’s disrespectful. You literally confirmed yesterday that we would meet”.

“Love the enthusiasm” is the right way to do it because it has a sarcastic undertone to her not showing confidence about meeting up. She just needed to go home to rest a bit before showing up for the date

The same here. She has a concern about meeting up at his place. And once the concern is addressed, she still gives the hesitant “Umm okay”. A wrong call out here would be “Why are you being so difficult”. “Love the enthusiasm” works perfectly here and then she proceeds to ask his address

2. “Thinking very hard I see” / “Don’t think too hard now”

They are in the banter phase and she asks him to give her a resume (playfully of course). And when he asks her back what she wants to know, she goes ghost. A wrong call out here would be “You aren’t interested in knowing anything anymore?”

“Thinking very hard I see” is again a very sarcastic but level 1 call out because it looks like she’s been thinking the whole time that she hasn’t responded. She then proceeds to apologize and ask him about the things she’s interested in knowing about him

The same here. He is trying to set up the day for the date/meet up and she doesn’t respond. A wrong way to call her out here would be “Why did you ask when I was free if you didn’t know which day you would be free?. That’s disrespectful”. “Don’t think too hard” works perfectly here because it seems like she was just checking her schedule and wanted to respond once she was sure. She also says she wants to facetime first. This was just her concern all along.

Women will sometimes do this. They ghost because they have a concern that needs to be addressed and it’s on you to solve that and move things forward

3. “Difficult to make plans with”

This is a level beyond the previous ones and should only be used if it’s a pattern that she’s been showing. Yes! This will happen and is common online dating issue because everyone is talking to a lotta people. And so should you.

He asks whether she was free the weekend to meet up. And then she ghosts. Another follow up and still no response. Now, the situation is appropriate for a more harsh call out.

“Are you always this difficult to make plans with”. She then gives him the “I’m so busy with work” line that a lotta only dating matches will give you. And the follow up text really seals the deal because it shows a lot of empathy.

The same here. It’s best used if it’s been a consistent pattern of her not responding back whenever you go for the meetup. She apologizes and then gives a free day to go for the meetup

4. “Flakey type”

This is on the same level as the one before and appropriate for when the girl has made plans and has not shown up multiple times.

They tried to set up plans a few times but every time, she ghosted or made an excuse. “I genuinely didn’t take you for the flakey type”. This is a great call out because this puts the girl in a poor frame that she wants to get out of. No one wants to be called a flakey person because that shows you’re all over the place and/or don’t respect someone else’s time. As you see she has some concerns that need to be addressed

Same here. He tries to confirm the date that was previously set up and then she ghosts. A few days later, he hits her with the flakey line and then she lets him know that she was just busy with work. This is a perfect segue to show empathy and go for the meetup at the same time. She then suggests to set up a date

Conclusion: Handling Girls Who Flake with Callouts

Call outs are quite common during the initial process of getting to know each other or meeting up. Why? Simply because you are two strangers who are talking to multiple people to find the right fit. So, do NOT feel entitled to be a priority until you’ve seen the girl already a few times. The more you feel entitled, the more difficult it is to not get emotional when a girl flakes on your or exhibits behaviors you’re not a fan of. Call outs are also a great way to show you have boundaries and you won’t just let a random internet stranger punk you around and not make plans with you. This will get the girl to respect you more and you’d be a refreshing change to the feminine men that have taken over the western culture

Hope that helps,

Indian “Call Her Out” PE.