Travel Safety Guide: Dating and Picking Up Girls in Foreign Countries

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Look, at PWF, we’re fans of traveling to meet girls. From accents to booties, we’re all about dating in foreign countries.

But traveling has its risks. And wthis guide is to help you stay safe when you’re traveling outside of the US for game and/or hooking up with women. If you don’t want to end up like the guys from the above articles, this is how you do it.

We all know that game and dating can be fun in countries outside the west because the women often just love a masculine man they can be extra feminine with. But all things in life don’t come easy, or always have some contingencies depending on them. So, it’s really important that you follow this guide thoroughly so you can stay safe in the country.

Let’s fire off with the checklist that you need to have anytime you’re traveling outside the country:

  1. Pick the safest and busiest area: When traveling to a city like Medellin (or broadly speaking, Latin America), you should keep in mind that there are dangerous areas and safe areas to live in. So, do all your research to make sure you’re picking the safest area to stay in. Whether it’s an Airbnb or a hotel. This will add a lot of weariness to people with bad intentions because they’d get caught if they tried to commit a crime.
  2. Front desk: This is the most important thing. When you get an Airbnb or a hotel, make sure there’s a 24-hour front desk for added level of security. Let’s say you sleep with a girl and she turns out to be a prostitute, and you don’t actually pay her, she might have a freak out and/or call her pimp. With the front desk being available 24 hours, they can’t enter your building and the girl can’t openly freak out and she’d have to just leave. And worse comes to worse, if they rob something, the camera will catch it and that will again add another level of hesitation for people with criminal intentions
  3. Avoid group dates: Never ever accept group dates. Even if it is with you and your friend. A lot of women will insist that they want to bring their gf or want to have a 3some with you. If they want a 3some, make sure you only see 1 of the girls first before you see them both again. Which is exactly what I did. With group dates, while you’re talking to girl, the other girl can easily spike your drink or something while you’re distracted
  4. Drink safety: Which brings me to my next point. If you’re chillin at your place with a girl you got over from Tinder, make sure you take your drink with you anytime you go into the bathroom. Simply put, if a drink leaves your sight at any time anywhere in another country, stop drinking it.
  5. Choose a location for public dates: Most women in a city like Colombia will be okay with coming over to your place for wine. But some girls will want to meet outside first. In those cases, make sure you’re picking the place and not her. If she insists on a specific place and doesn’t budge, it’s a trap. that’s a definite red flag and we suggest you move on to the next one
  6. Gutt feeling: Always listen to your gut when traveling. If something seems fishy or too easy, it’s probably too good to be true. Do NOT fall under the ego of thinking that it’s this easy because of your game or looks.
  7. Belongings in a Safe: Most Airbnb and hotels will have a safe in your place. Make sure that you put the valuables in your safe before she comes over. Especially things like laptops, cameras, wallet and so on. If not, ask the front desk if they have a safe
  8. Traveling with a friend: Your best option is to travel and stay with a friend if you can. And don’t be cheap about it. Your life is more valuable than a couple 100 bucks extra.
  9. No taxis: Absolutely do not order public taxis in most parts of the world. Only travel through Uber and drivers with good ratings. If you need to pick her up, make sure you’re the one ordering the Uber on her behalf and that she isn’t taking a taxi to you. This will give away your address and it’s an added risk
  10. No prostitutes: If you try to deal with prostitutes, then the risks of danger are more likely to happen. So, it’s better to just not deal with them. We typically put “No prostitutas” on our Tinder bios in LATAM.
  11. Ask for IG: You should also try to ask her IG before getting her over. Not every girl in 3rd world countries has an IG so, it’s not a hard no if she doesn’t have one or isn’t actively posting on it. But it’s an added bonus if she has and the risk is low.
  12. Not giving her real number: If she insists on not giving her phone number and suggests to use textapps like kik or signal, it’s definitely a red flag because phone numbers can be traced back to her but the kik/signal app accounts can’t be tracked back to her. She can easily just delete her account on them.


If you keep all these things in mind, you can avoid being a dead passport bro and can stay safe when you’re traveling. It’s definitely fun to fuck a lotta girls in other countries. So, if you do decide you want to go, make sure to follow this guide to a T

Hope that helps

Indian “passport bro” PE.