If you’re reading this article, you’re probably not getting the results you want out of Tinder. In the golden days, it wasn’t too hard to get many matches on Tinder. But as Tinder has become more mainstream, it has also become more competitive. Tinder can be your friend or your enemy when you know how to play it right.

If you’re new to Tinder, or you’re just not getting enough Tinder matches, there could be a few reasons for it. First, you may not be playing the Tinder algorithm correctly. Second, and related to the algorithm, it’s extremely important to have great Tinder pictures and a strong Tinder bio.

I encourage you to read all of these linked guides, as they give great examples of how to build a great Tinder profile for a man. But in the meantime, this article is an introductory guide to the basics of getting more matches on Tinder as a man.

In short, there are three points involved in maximizing your Tinder profile:

  1. Maximizing your looks (or as we often say here, your “Sexual Market Value” or “SMV” for short)
  2. Getting good pictures
  3. Writing a good bio

In this article, I’ll explain each of these in a bit of detail, and then I’ll also briefly discuss how the Tinder algorithm works.

First Step: Maximizing Your Looks (SMV)

The first step is maximizing your looks. It’s not worth spending a ton of money on a Tinder photo shoot, if your looks aren’t at their best (or at least, solid). Even if you’re not the most attractive person in the world, there are some actions you can take that make a huge difference in making yourself look better.

  1. Health & fitness: It’s very important that your look, natural glow and confidence show through your pictures. Hitting the gym, focusing on health before/if not parallely is what your priority needs to be. A strict diet and workout routine for a few months will definitely make you look presentable. No question that if you’re at 25% body fat, you’ll not get many matches. And with your competition being 12% body fat with lean body type profiles of men, it gets even worse



Massive difference in aesthetics when there’s muscle on your body

  1. Fashion: People dismiss this too easily. There’s nothing more attractive to a girl than guys who take care of themselves with tight fitted clothes and knows how to present himself with fashion. You may get confused on what looks good on you or what styles you should try out. Even if you’re on the heavier side, just by maintaining a good haircut and taking pictures with your best tailored outfits will give you an edge over someone with similar looks as yours. If you have some female friends you have no interest in, you can even take them out to help you pick out good outfits for you. They are the best at picking out these for you
  2. Grooming: You need to find the best barber in town to get a clean cut and a beard. The skin fade cut for beard and haircut is actually the latest trend and what most fuckbois (guys naturally good with girls) do.



Night & day difference of me with wearing baggy clothes and not doing anything about the receding hairline in comparison to me current day with well shaped faded beard and a fully shaved head to keep it clean

Second Step: Get Good Tinder Pictures

Once you’ve gotten your looks down, the next step is to get good quality pictures. On Tinder, photos (and your appearance in them specifically) matters above all else. The problem is that most guys are terrible at knowing what types of pictures are best. Here’s a quick breakdown.

  1. Rule zero: To get a good picture, you need to not look like you’re trying to get a good picture. In other words, you should not look posed. You must not seem like you were posing for the camera. It should look candid and as if a friend took your picture out of the blue. Your facial expressions need to be relaxed. Not stuck in anyway or you’re trying to make it look good.


Both the above pictures were actually taken with a simple camera/iphone camera. Getting a lot of good pictures in the photoshoot are very necessary

  1. No selfies: If you ever go through a girl’s tinder or just create a fake profile of one and swipe through profiles of others you’ll see a lot of high SMV guys actually have a ton of bad Tinder pictures or selfies. One selfie is the most you might be able to add, as long as you are sure that your other pictures are very good. A shirtless one is good too, if you are in great shape (see the first step!), but definitely don’t have all the shirtless pictures. And obviously, if you’re not in great shape (think six pack), don’t put a shirtless photo in.
  2. Adventure pictures: Adventure/activity pictures are a great addition so you can portray a different side to your personality. You can also use one of these as Hinge pictures for a girl to open you or you suggesting a date over text.

  1. Looking better in pictures: Most guys actually pick out pictures they look worse in than they do in real life. Girls judge guys by their worst picture in their profile. So, it’s very important that you look at least a point better SMV wise in your pictures. It’s like you’re putting your best foot forwar


The first picture of him looks less attractive than the second. His expression and body language is awkward in the first but much better and less posed in the second. Definitely a point or point and half above SMV in his second picture

Third Step: Write a Great Tinder Bio

You look good and you’ve got great pics. Now what? The last piece to focus on is your bio. It’s not the most important of the bunch, but it is important. Here’s why.

  1. Bios are a less focused subject. Girls read bios, period. The pictures catch their attention, the bio seals the deal.
  2. Adding a great well worded, emoji less bio can increase your matches significantly and also not be mistaken as a fake profile. If you have a solid profile and can’t juggle a lot of girls, you can even use good bio descriptions to solidify frames to get laid more often and with a lot of girls
  3. Adding a bait that you prefer girls who have a nice booty, cute accent and/or a smile will provoke girls to start the conversation after matching and increase their level of compliance since it shows you have standards.


This is our trademark pwf bio and you can see that it isn’t just sexual. Has humor, shows standards and shows value overall. A lot of girls even open you when you have this as a bio

And what about the Tinder algorithm?

Now, that we got that out of the way, I’ll explain a bit about how the Tinder algorithm works.

  1. Elo score: Think of it as your profile having a ranking just like everyone’s does. Your rank increases if you get more right swipes. It increases even more if high ranked profiles swipe right on you. So this is part of the reason why your pictures and bio matter.On the other hand, your rank decreases (though likely a lot less so) if you swipe right on lower ranked profiles (i.e., ones that more left swipes than right). So, the name of the game is being selective about who you’re swiping.If you swipe on every girl, the Tinder algorithm will very quickly rank you lower and you will only be shown lower ranked profiles. And, then you’re going to have to reset your profile since you’re not getting matches from ranked lower and not being shown to the higher elo score profiles. Again, your swiping matters less than who swipes on you. And this is why the three steps above matter so much.
  2. Volume: You need to run volume. Yes, for highest ranked profiles, they can swipe for 10 minutes a day and end up with 20-30 high quality matches, but for an average looking guy (or even above average Tinder profiles), you need to put in some more effort. This means you should set aside a bit of time everyday and put in some due diligence. Tinder gradually disqualifies profiles when you have not used the app for a while. Why? Because they want active profiles to match so the people who have more matches keep spending time on the app and messaging their matches. More texting = more revenue for them.
  3. Volume & selective swiping: A healthy combination of these both can actually increase your ELO score since Tinder only cares about the girls you’re matching with and the profiles you are swiping right on. Again, this all matters ONLY if you’ve put in the work to have a good profile yourself. The more high quality matches you get from more swipes, the more high quality girls you’ll be shown and this results in a positive feedback loop.

Conclusion: How to Get More Matches on Tinder as Man

Got it all? Great. Let’s summarize how to get more matches on Tinder as a man.

First, you need to build a good profile. What is a good Tinder profile? Well, it involves you actually looking good – both in real life, and as a result, in your photos. And, it involves you having a solid, well-written bio.

Once you build a good profile, the next thing is to remember the algorithm. You should always be selective about swiping to make sure your rank doesn’t decrease. And you should stay active on the app.

My goal isn’t to make any of this sound easy. It does take some work, especially to make yourself look your best and to get good quality pictures. But if you put in the time, the results will come. Hopefully you will keep getting more matches and continue building a harem ;). Happy texting!

Indian “Keep it simple” PE.

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