This was one of the most epic Lays during my Euro trip.

It was my last night in Prague and Europe. I was quite exhausted after a month of travel and debauchery. However, there was a guy from this group who I kept promising to meet up with. I rescheduled on him numerous times and I felt a little bad. My flight was at 6 am, the plan was to meet him for a drink, hit on a few girls, then go back to my Airbnb to pack. I grabbed an espresso shot and headed over to where we agreed to meet. He’s with another dude and I can tell right away this is not going to be a chill night.

We walk into the first bar and they approach a group of girls right away and within a few seconds are sitting down next to them. I grab a whiskey on the rocks before joining. The girls are friendly, but not super receptive. I am in conversation with the third girl when I look over and the guys are gone, already across the bar talking to a different group of girls. This time its two girls so I don’t step in. I just chill by the bar and let them do their thing.

Of course, I am a fairly competitive person and boredom quickly sets in. I approach a random girl waiting for her drink, but she doesn’t speak English so it doesn’t go far. I go back to chilling by the bar, but soon realize that the guys are locked in with the two girls they are talking to. Fuck this shit, I decide to see what’s going on at the bar next door. It is a lot larger and has an upstairs bar area and a downstairs club area. This is a lot better. I grab another drink and head downstairs. There are a group of three girls standing by side and I start shooting the shit with them. The hot one who I am flirting with is into me but is married to the brother of one of the other girls in the group. I decide that this is unlikely to go anywhere and continue walking around

I see a hot Girl in a blue dress sitting down by herself.

Not a lot of dating advice talks about this, but women who are out by themselves are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to go home with you. They are likely a little bit lonely and horny. Also, there is no cock-blocking friends to deal with, which can make all the difference. I approach her and introduce myself and she almost instantly blows me off, with a cold “sorry I don’t speak English”. I can tell by her accent that she is from somewhere Russian speaking. I ask her “Do you speak Russian”, she tells me she does. I troll her a bit and ask her how do you say “hello” in Russian. She super coldly tells me… “privet”. I purposely mispronounce it…”pervert”. She shakes her head and says it again. I again mispronounce it. As I can tell she is about to reach her boiling point, I bust out in fluent Russian saying she is such a good instructor that I am speaking the language as if I was born there

She chuckles a little bit and says nice to meet you. Then she gets up and tells me she has to go smoke a cigarette. I confidently get up also and tell her that we will both go smoke this cigarette. As I say, that I sense the first sign of attraction in her eyes. This is because Russian/Ukrainian women are very attracted to extreme dominance. They want the guy who will pursue them and isn’t afraid to go for what he wants. We go outside and sit on a bench. The rest of our interaction is largely in Russian. We chat a little about the normal things, where the other person is from, what we are doing in Prague, etc. The whole time I am keeping very strong eye contact and she quickly starts to warm up to me.

The big stereotype about Russian/Ukrainian women being cold is true.

However, if you are confident & dominant man that can ALSO speak to them in their own language, you will see a completely different side then 99% of the male population has no idea exists. The very feminine, goofy, sweet side. She finishes her cigarette and we go back inside. Now that she is more comfortable, I slowly start physically escalating. Hand on the knee. Then on the thigh. Then on the lower back. Deeper eye contact. Standing closer. Touching her, while staring into her eyes

I don’t know how the topic came up but we start talking about BDSM and she tells me that most guys can’t keep up with her. That her boyfriend is a nice guy, blah blah, but doesn’t satisfy her sexually. I use this in my language and tell her half jokingly, half seriously that if she was my girlfriend I’d fuck her so hard every morning that she wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of the day. I can see she is starting to get a bit turned on. She also has a pretty good sense of humor so the conversation alternates between joking and flirting. We dance a bit and I am grinding up against her. She is super petite, maybe 5’2 and a 100lb so I pick her up and twirl her around quite a bit. She loves it.

She tells me she is going to the bathroom and I decide to risk it and go for the Bar bathroom sex.

I follow her inside, but once we are inside she turns around and looks at me, partially laughing, partially serious and asks why I am in the woman’s bathroom with her. I hesitate for a second and she picks up on the slight uncertainty, telling me that “she is not having sex in a bar bathroom and that I should leave because I could get in trouble”. I walk outside and wait for her. I figure that she is either going to be turned off or turned on, but I might as well find out

She comes out and tries playfully giving me shit for thinking that I was going to fuck her in the bathroom, but I fully own it. This of course only increases her attraction. We go back on the dance floor and pretty quickly start flirting again. Soon we are making out. My personal rule is not to make out for too long at bars because it kills the sexual tension so after a bit I pull back. Then out of nowhere, she sees one of her friends, some tall dude, and they rapidly start speaking Czech. I chill by the side, hoping that they’ll finish quickly, but their conversation drags on.

Fuck it, I decide to risk it again and put my arms around her hips and start rubbing her thighs, without speaking

It works and after a minute the dude gets uncomfortable and leaves. She turns around and tells me I am an asshole because that is one of her good friends (later I find out he actually was an old booty call) and now he is going to think she is a slut. I wrap my arms around her and jokingly whisper that it’s going to be ok. We chill downstairs for a bit more and then go out for another cigarette. I check my cell phone and its well after 3 am. Fuck, my flight is in a few hours. If I am going to bang this chick, we need to start heading back now.

I bring up the idea of us having wine at my house. At first, she is fairly dismissive but I continue to sell it. “Look we are going to have one glass of wine on this super romantic patio I have. What’s the big deal?” She responds by telling me she is not going to have sex with me. This, of course, is a great sign. Any time a woman tells you she is not going to have sex with you, it means she is actively thinking about fucking you. I agree and exaggerate by telling her that I actually hate sex and am a shy virgin.

Despite all this, she is still pretty lukewarm about coming home with me. She brings up a bunch of concerns: her boyfriend, me being a serial killer, us just having met, etc. I go through them one by one. Finally, she finishes her cigarette and gets up to go back inside. I gently grab her arm and ask her where she’s going. She says I’m going back to the bar. I look her in the eye and say “come on, let’s just have one drink at my place. Be adventurous”. She looks at me for a second and finally agrees.

A big part of my sales pitch was that my place was practically right around the corner.

In reality, it is a twenty-minute walk on Prague’s cobbled streets and this one is wearing heels. I make a lot of jokes to keep her logical mind distracted, but I can see her annoyance building as she stumbles and we are forced to walk slowly. All in all, the walk probably takes us close to half an hour. Finally, we get back to the place, right before going inside I check my cell phone and it is around 4 am. Fuck my flight leaves in two hours. It’s an international flight and would be quite expensive to miss. However, I also don’t want to miss out on this hot Ukranian girl I had be flirting with all night.

I pour us both a glass of wine and lead her straight to my bedroom. We sit on the bed and I turn on a little music. Feeling the pressure of the time constraint, I sloppily go for the make out. Fortunately, ms. Ukrania was just as dtf as I was. After a few minutes of token LMR the clothes come off and we bang. I get pretty into the sex and completely forget about time. She’s got that ultra-slim body with a some curves and it is fun tossing her around in different positions

The second I finish I check my cellphone and it is almost 5am. Fuck! My plane leaves in an a little over an hour. I look at the girl who is sprawled out on my bed with a smile on her face and say “hey listen so there’s something I forgot to tell you. Remember how I said I am flying back to America soon, well that flight is actually tonight”. Not fully understanding me, she says something like “Yes, thats ok, we can have fun.” I feel pretty bad. I never like to kick a girl out right after sex and this chick is pretty cool also. Plus back at the bar, when she was talking about her boyfriend not bieng able to keep up, I really sold my sexual ability.

Giving her a detailed explanation of how I’d fuck her all night.

In any other situation, that’s exactly what I would have done. Unfortunately, my plane was leaving in like an hour. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make the flight and briefly contemplated just saying fuck it and spending the night with this girl. However, my whole family was waiting for me to get back and my mom already took the day off work to pick me up from the airport. I couldn’t just fuck them over so I could have more sex. I actually wound up pulling up my plane ticket and showing it to this girl so that she knew I wasn’t just making shit up to get rid of her. She asked if she could finish her drink and I said sure as I ran around the apartment shoving everything in my suitcase. As she was on the last sip, I was already calling the uber. My body was full of adrenaline. I was going to make this flight

We hurriedly parted ways as I hopped in the uber. I adequately convinced her that the whole thing was just poor time management on my part (which it was) so she wasn’t pissed just more confused about this strange american who speaks russian and fucks her to then has to fly across the world 10 minutes later. I told the story to my uber driver and he got me to the airport in 20 minutes. Fortunately, it was fairly empty and I flew past check in. They hurried me through because my flight was taking off in a few minutes.

Going through security the old grumpy czech lady asked me to empty out my pockets. My adrenaline was wearing off and I was begining to crash, I reached in and pulled out all my shit. My right hand had my wallet and cell phone. My left hand something sticky and rubbery. It took me a few seconds to comprehend that I was holding the used condom I had worn to fuck the Ukranian chick. When it hit me, I immediately burst out laughing. The security guard had a look of pure disgust on her face, as she told me to just go. And, yes I made my flight by a few minutes.

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