I woke up the next morning after the Big Tit Polish Girl , realizing that I had less than 24 hours left in Poland. I had to be at the airport by 5 am to catch my flight to Bucharest, Romania. I became possessed to bang one more girl, before leaving Warsaw. I started hitting up all the girls in my pipeline, but unfortunately, most were just not able to hang out that evening. It was stacking up that all the girls were free the next day, but just not tonight  (if I had stayed one more day, I could have easily banged another two Polish cuties). However, I was absolutely determined to make it happen.

The girl I wound up hooking up with I had been messaging with ever since I got to Warsaw. She had been quite hesitant to meet up asking me numerous time “why” or “are you sure”, but after a dozen screenshots had started to warm up to me a bit. At this point, I had her on Whats App and we had been talking about meeting up at some point in the near future (she was very non-committal). I knew it was now or never, so I started responding to her with voice memos (my favorite feature ever), trying to get her to meet up. She was responding positively but was still non-committal so I decided a hail-mary and called her. Fortunately, she picked up. We talked on the phone for 25-30 minutes. After a bit of banter and flirting, she became very interested in meeting up, but just not that night.  I tried convincing her pretty hard and she finally gave me a maybe about coming over to my place for wine….saying shed let me know in a few hours

I followed up with her super thoroughly as you can see by my messages and voice memos.

I was a man on a mission. She got held up at work and it almost looked like it wasn’t going to happen. She gave me the “I don’t want sex” objection, quite directly as well as a few other things. However, around midnight she messaged me asking if I was still up. I took this as a green light and called her right away. This time we talked on the phone for 5-10 minutes. She told me she was too tired to come to me, but that maybe If I really wanted to, I could swing by her hotel. I agreed and she texted me the address.

I immediately jumped into the shower, grabbed the bottle of wine that I had on the counter, and hopped in the Uber. I was ecstatic. I get to her nice hotel and call her. She tells me to just go to the front desk and have them grant me access. I do and after calling her room, I hear the front desk guy laughing. I give him a quizzical look and he says “she’s asking if you are cute”. He lets me up to the room and I knock on the door. She answers and I am immediately impressed. She didn’t have any body pics. Even though she told me her exact weight, I was still slightly paranoid. However, she was hot. Short, skinny, dark features, big tits, and a very nice ass.

She leads me inside, I try getting the wine open, but she doesn’t have a bottle opener in the room. I offer to go to the front desk to get a bottle opener, but she tells me to not worry about it and just talk to her. She half-lays on the best and I sit next to her. For a second, I thought it was going to be a super-easy lay up, but boy was I wrong. I banter with her for a little bit and slowly start escalating. I start off with rubbing her back, then brushing my hand past her hair, however as soon as I start getting anywhere she stops me. This happens several dozen times. I play the two steps forward – one step back strategy. At one point, I am sitting on her back, deeply kissing her neck, and rubbing her tits, but as soon as I go to take her bra off, she stops me and winds up flipping the tables on me by putting her shirt back on.

I am slowly trying to build up the tension and get her horny, but there is a lot of LMR.

This goes on for about an hour an half. I finally start getting somewhere, but then she stops me out of nowhere, gets up and says she is getting a bit tired. Ok, I decide its time for a new approach. I look at her and say “can we cut the shit yet?”. She says “what are you talking about, I told you over text I am not interested in having sex”. I call her bluff and confidently say “look I know you have to say that. I understand, but we both clearly want to fuck each other, and it’s getting late, let’s do this”. I definitely caught her off-guard and she immediately blurts out “wellll do you even have a condom”. I smile and confidently respond “Of course”. She looks indecisive and says “wellll i might, but no, no I don’t need sex….but um you can spend the night here if you want”

At this point, I have two choices. Spending the night and going for morning sex (probably safest choice) was not an option due to my flight in a few hours. I can either just leave or I can agree and keep trying. Of course, I want the story and she is extremely sexy so I go with the latter option. She strips down to her night-gown and I take everything off but my boxers and we get under the covers. After a few minutes of talking, she tells me she is about to pass out. However, I know better. I can tell by her body language and offer to spend the night that she is quite horny. I call her bluff again and climb under the covers. She half-jokingly asks me what I am doing. I tell her I am searching for gold and start kissing up her legs. She half halfheartedly tells me to stop, but I can tell by her voice she doesn’t mean it. This goes on until I reach her vagina. She puts her hand on my head, but I can tell she really wants it at this point and slide her panties to the side and go to eat her out. The second my tongue touches her clit, all LMR abruptly stops.

Instead of trying to (half-hardheartedly) push my head back and jokingly telling me to stop, she collapses on the bed and starts moaning

I think it had been a while for her and all that sexual repression was coming out. I lick her perfect vagina and she moans louder and louder.  It is so fucking sexy. After a few minutes, she starts begging me to fuck her. I put a condom on and slide in. Holy fuck she is passionate. She wraps her legs around me and begs me to fuck her harder. I started pounding her and she cums after a minute really loudly. It is so sexy, that I don’t last more than another minute myself. After sex, she instantly becomes a different person. Full of energy and super sweet. She tells me about her past relationships, childhood, life-goals, etc. Very smart & interesting woman. We chat for about thirty minutes. I always say the real bonding begins after sex because that’s when everyone truly has their guard down. Then, I go to fuck her again. This time I have her go on top so I can slap her ass and watch her big tits bounce in my face. It is very intense and we both cum almost simultaneously.

In any other circumstance, I would have very likely spent the night as I was beginning to kinda like this chick, plus she was an amazing fuck. However, I looked at my cell phone and realized my flight was in less than two hours. I gave her a bitter-sweet kiss and hopped in an Uber back to the apartment to grab my stuff. I wound up pulling an all-nighter. and barely catching my flight. However, it was totally worth it. We wound up chatting for a few months after over WhatsApp, I would’ve loved to see her again, but unfortunately, our paths have yet to cross.

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