Flaky Bubble Butt Latina – Tinder LR (Full Text Game Breakdown)

Big Booty Latina Tinder

This lay report is going to be a little different. This girl was very flaky and difficult to meet up with, which made it a much more interesting story in the end. I am going to break down the whole interaction screenshot by screenshot from start to finish. It took me a while, but I finally was able to get her with a series of Voice Memos (which I will Attach as well). Hope you guys Enjoy the Analysis

She messages me first, referencing my bio. This is a good sign. I respond without seeming too eager. Most guys would respond with an overenthusiastic response here, like “Yes, I totally would”. This ofcourse leads to the girl losing interest. It is key to play the role of the selective buyer, not the desperate seller. Instead, I make an obvious assumption. Educated guesses about the girl are great, because everytime you get one right, it gets her more interested. Based on her first message and pictures, I have almost a 100% chance of getting this one right. I am qualifying her, in a way that I know she will qualify.

I was correct. She uses the word “dom”, which tells me she is likely well versed with the BDSM scene.  It also means she is likely a “sub”, which has a lot of overlap with being submissive, but not exactly the same. From my experience, these girls can be quite difficult. The second they sense you are not “dom enough”, they will completely dismiss you. I give her a very dominant response in a way that communicates “dont worry I’m dominant”, without making it seem like I’m qualifying myself

She responds with a meme and I match her by sending one of the most dominant gifs I can find on Tinder. Essentially it is a guy standing over a girl, playing with her neck. She likes it. I move on by asking her about her turn ons and fantasies. I want her to open up a bit and also give me some more information about what turns her on.

She responds with a few gifs and by saying she likes guys taking charge and teasing her (very common). I use this information to sext her, describing what I would do to her. The point is to show (which always better than to just tell) that I can make her deepest sexual fantasies come true. She responds by sending me her number.

I thought it was going to be smooth sailing from here, but boy was I wrong. I text her my name (since it’s been at least 12 hours) and she responds by sort of pretending to be confused. This is pretty much just a “shit-test”. She likely knows who I am. I respond with just “yes”. The translation for her text is “Oh Daddy, how sexy”. I match her level of directness/ sexuality. She asks me if I ever “tried Cuban before”. Most guys would either use this as a chance to brag “Yes, I fucked a few Cuban girls before” or “No, but I am down to try”. Instead, I give her a more vague & suggestive answer, letting her imagination fill in the blanks.

She clearly likes my response and goes back to asking me the first question she asked me on Tinder. She also starts asking about my logistics. This is a good sign

Here the conversation takes a turn in a sideways direction. One could make the argument that the right call would’ve been to go straight for her logistics and set up the meet then and there. If I had a time machine, it’s what I probably would’ve done. It might have worked or it might have not. However, I wanted to get a little more investment out of her first, (I had a feeling she was flaky). I start baiting her into opening up some more sexually. If I can get her super horny, I have a higher chance of getting the meet-up. This usually works pretty well with girls in similar situations. I set up the scene and sext her a bit. She is receptive, but not really investing like I hoped

The sexting has somewhat of a desired effect. She finally asks “when are you going to show me around”. She wants to hang out. I use this opportunity to go for the close. In most cases, it would’ve been a done deal or a reschedule for another night. However, she starts asking me dumb questions. I know what she’s doing, she’s teasing me. Part of her wants to meet and get fucked, while another gets off on just messing with guys and being a tease. I answer all her questions very bluntly, matching her level of investment.

However, after the last stupid question, she just goes radio silent. She just asked me to hang out and now she is completely unresponsive. This is common hot girl flaky behavior. I wait a few hours and send her a “take away” text. It works and she responds instantly saying that she is horny, but it is followed another one of her “shit-tests”.

I respond in a way that I thought would pass it, but then she goes radio silent again. At this point, I am seeing a lot of flaky behavior. She keeps saying that she wants to hang out and fuck, but then as soon as I try to make actual plans she stops responding. I go for a little bit of a risky move and send her a screenshot I have of a girl talking about how many orgasms she had with “me”. I use me with quotation marks, because in reality this screenshot actually belongs to my friend, but it works just as well. She replies right away with a bunch of question marks

I have plausible deniability because it was her who asked me if I was all talk. The response is definitely not what I was hoping for. She sends me a gif of a girl rolling her eyes. I send another takeaway text, but she replies with just sarcasm. Her emotions are high so she’s responding right away. I decide a different approach, I directly ask her why she is behaving like this in the most non-butthurt way possible.

She tells me that she was turned off by my screenshot, but I don’t take her answer at face value. She is still responding and she’s responding right away. The worst thing that you can do here is to apologize or try to justify your behavior. Instead, I send her a sarcastic text, slightly trolling her, while pointing out her behavior. She responds very randomly asking me about her last name. This is another dumb question and I, of course, have no idea. Then she asks me about my sign (the epitamy of dumb questions). I pop on her tinder and see that she has her sign listed. I google it to make sure ours are compatible and then tell her the truth (if it was too that weren’t I probably would’ve picked a different one)

She is excited as I thought she would be. I invest very little, hoping that this will cause her to bring up the idea of hanging out again, but she just goes cold. I know if I can just get her on the phone, I can almost certainly get her out, so I try calling her but she doesn’t pick up. I then double text her to explain my phone call. She responds a few hours later telling me she “just got home”. I send her a text message to try to get her on the phone. She tells me she will be free later, but never calls. Then around 8 pm she sends me another text like earlier asking “what’s the plan for tonight?”. I tell her to come over for some wine, but she responds with another annoying question. I know she is just playing dumb and testing me

She is playing the same game she was earlier. Asking me to hang out and the playing dumb when I try to coordinate the logistics. A big part of it is that she is very emotional and really enjoying the attention. She changes the topic now completely from hanging out (which she brought up) to asking why I don’t go out on weekends. I can almost feel the annoyance as I type this, I give her a trolling answer telling her I’m a male stripper and then sending a picture of someone who is clearly not me. This is my way of regaining the power in the conversation, I am going to turn her trolling me into me trolling her a bit. This shows that I am unaffected by her flakiness and “don’t care”. This lack of neediness women universally find attractive

The convo starts going in a sexual direction again and she asks me for a dick pic. The right call in this situation is ALWAYS to respond with “say please” and then send a dick pic (unless you have a micropenis). She responds by giving me another shit test, to which the best response is always sarcasm/ ridiculous humor. Since I know now she is probably at least slightly aroused, I ask her what she is doing, hopefully, I can get her on the phone and then ultimately to meet. She responds by sending me a pic showing off her perfect latina booty.

I don’t want to give her too much validation. She knows she has a nice ass so I send her a low investment approval. She changes topics and I decide to try giving her a call, hoping that she’ll pick up because her emotions are high. She doesn’t pick up so I decided to challenge her a bit. She tells me she is on the phone. I make a joke about her ass hanging out and she goes cold again. I decide to leave it alone for that night and see if she texts me the next day

The next day, I send her the magical Ryan Gosling Meme. She responds by sending me her typical “I want to hang out but will play dumb/ghost the minute you try to make it happen” text. This time, I decide on a different approach. I want to get her to invest so her emotions are high and I can get her on the damn phone. Voice memos are amazing for that. The girl hears your voice. Suddenly you become much more of a real person in her mind.


I am not going to include the voice memos she sent me for privacy/ethical reasons. However, I will include mine and then give you a transcript of what she said

Her: 5 seconds of her speaking pure Spanish. Have no idea what she said

Her: More Spanish. Can’t Understand anything. I mirror her trolling and start speaking Russian

Her: “So you just said that I’m very sexy…and beautiful…and you can’t wait to take me out to dinner”

Her: First Message in All Spanish. Can’t understand anything.

Her: the Second message is “Just I understood, you wanna take me around austin…show me a good time…take me out to dinner…and something about coconut oil”

Her: First message “Come on I think you can do better than that. What else you got?”

Her: Second message: All Spanish, I just heard “papi”

See Text Screenshots for Response

After that last Voice Memo, where I said “The only thing I’m going to murder is that pussy”, I feel based on her responses that her emotions are at an all time high. I try calling her again. This time she picks up. Our phone call goes for about twenty minutes. I flirt with her, playfully tease her for being flaky, make her laugh, make her ask about me, answer objections/concerns, and make plans for me to pick her up and bring her to my place for “splitting a bottle of wine” later that evening. She just asks that I send her a selfie so she knows I’m not a catfish

I send her a picture of me flicking her off (I alluded that I would on the phone. I send her a quick voice memo afterward making a joke, based on our convo from earlier, but she doesn’t respond. I text her a few hours before 8, to confirm and she confirms. She is still trying to tease me, but I just match her sarcasm. The rest is super straightforward, she sends me her address and I drive over to pick her up

She does not disappoint. She is a 100lb olive skinned Latina, with a cute face and a PHAT ASS. Just my type, we drive over to my place. She is a lot easier to interact with in person and is surprisingly pretty funny. We get to my place, have some wine, and chill for a bit. I let her get comfortable and build a little sexual tension (strong eye contact, hand on the knee, brushing up past hair, etc). Then about half an hour in, I propose the coconut oil massage. She is a little nervous but agrees. I gently massage my fingers on her back. I rub the oil all over her back and start working her knots

It’s not long before I can’t resist and pull her pants down & start massaging her ass. It was amazing, just the right amount of muscle tissue and jiggle. I get hard just thinking about it. I rub oil all over her ass and she teases me for being impatient, but I am too turned on to care. I alternate slapping her ass and rubbing it and starts gently moaning. Then I spread her legs open and glide my tongue across her clit. She moans louder. I flip her over and eat her out as her body trembles with pleasure. Finally, I pick her up and carry her to my bed

There is no LMR, we fucked for a solid hour. It was also quite good. The first time, I came pretty fast because that ass was just turning me on too much, but the second time we really went at it. Then we chilled for a bit and I drove her home. I wish I could say this girl wound up becoming a regular or that we still keep in touch, but unfortunately, I never wound up seeing her again. She was super cool over text for a few days. Then Thanksgiving happened. Then she flaked one night when we were supposed to hang out. Then she started ghosting and doing the same thing she was doing earlier before we met. Ultimately, we never hung out again (her choice). Oh well.


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  1. Anthot on April 4, 2019 at 1:42 AM

    Solid game, god level w the patience.

  2. Anonymous on September 5, 2018 at 12:58 AM

    There is no way that she is 100 lbs. More like 120 lbs.

    And your face is ugly. The lips and cheeks are really ugly. I can throw up just looking at your face. Your voice is creepy. It’s especially comical the way you block out your dick above the pic to make it look bigger. What a braggart you are! So creepy!

  3. Anonymous on January 31, 2018 at 12:11 PM

    Excellent report man! So much value in the screen shots and analysis. Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  4. Josh on December 28, 2017 at 6:15 AM

    I wish I capitalized like you masterfully did here with a girl I slid in the DMs of on Twitter, going on my second day of no response.

    I gave too much information about myself, turned her away, honesty kills me in seduction.

    Good on you though bro

  5. Pancake Mouse on December 26, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    That is legitimately one of the greatest asses I’ve seen on a Tinder girl. Solid game, too.

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