Before we give you this magical opener that gives you almost 90% response rate, I want to go through what an opener is and what’s the purpose of it and how can the opener help you solidify a match and convert to a date

The purpose of an opener is to get the girl to respond. That’s the opener’s main mission in a nutshell. Now, the thing to keep in mind is anything that can be achieved with an opener other than getting her to respond is a pure bonus. What else can be achieved with the opener?

  1. Setting frames: You can also set frames with an opener. For example, our most trademarked, possibly used up opener “Hey trouble” sets a subtle sexual frame that she can be trouble or has a deviant side to her that only you see. Most girls are intrigued as to why you drew that conclusion that she might be trouble, with “why do you think I am?”, “What makes you say that?”, “Trouble? I’m super innocent and shy”. For each response, you would have to take a different approach in the interaction.
  2. Moving it forward: An opener can also be used to move things forward. If there’s a chance of meeting that can be insinuated in the opener, the girl might actually be so much more receptive. In the example of “Ah. I see you’ve picked the outfit for our date already” is a great hinge text to send as a reply to one of the girl’s pictures where she’s dressed fancy
  3. Standing out: Most guys either have a really boring opening like “Hi, how are you” or rely on pickup lines that they siphoned off mother google. This will instantly put them in a category of someone who can’t come up with something interesting or not having a decent social intuition to initiate a conversation.

Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with a really solid opener that might make your online interactions super easily after all. For this, we picked an above average profile and sent this opener bunch of girls



Now this profile is nowhere in the top 1% but it’s also not so bad. Shows that he works out. Shows that he does activities and shows off a cute ass dog. When a girl looks at this profile, she can instantly draw conclusions like “Wow. He has a life, works out, cooks, can skii and also has a cute dog I can cuddle”

But the point of this guide is not to delve too deep into the profile, it’s about this MAGICAL opener that will step up your online dating results. Are you ready?

“Hey you wanna steal my comfiest hoodie?” 

What does this opener do? It does a lotta things. Things you never even thought of. It’s quite common knowledge that sometimes women love to feel little in your clothes. They also sometimes just intentionally keep your hoodies, clothes to feel the smell of you after and think about their night with you. This opener almost fastracks all of that. It’s the same effect as “Hey. What do you want for breakfast the next day? Just going for a grocery run”. But it’s so much more subtle because it’s much more innocent.

This opener also suggests that she would already be naked in your place and after a night of fucking, she won’t have clean clothes to wear so she will look through your wardrobe and find the comfiest hoodie for her to wear on the way back home.

This also shows a bit of preselection value since you are aware that girls sometimes do this and that you must obviously have experience with other women previously.

Now let’s go through the interactions that we used this opener in


She instantly jumps on with “Umm. How do you know it’s my love language?”. Another trend to keep up with is love languages. Women are very much into that. Then he moves it forward to the date after asking her pick of his hoodies

Instantly the girl goes sexual herself. She says that she wants him to take it off and just stay naked. Massive compliance. And obviously, the important thing to keep in mind is that he moved it forward asking her which color she wants. She gives him shit about having only 2 sweats. But I’m sure you’re smart enough to handle this kind of shit test 😉




One last one and the most compliant one. She justifies that she never actually stole anything from exes and you see how compliant she is that she keeps re-engaging him to get a response. He even number closes her and she keeps chasing to get a response from him


I think this can replace “Hey trouble”. This has been getting a lot of responses to guys. And they have been able to set up dates that are actually not ending up in flakes because it also has a bit of a humorous kick

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