• Asian Tourist Fucked

This was the third girl I banged during my 5 day visit to Prague. As with the first two, Sexy Czech Blonde and Naughty Canadian Tourist, we matched before I even Landed in Prague. We were supposed to hang out my second night, but she took too long responding and I wound up seeing the Canadian. I rescheduled her for my second to last night in Prague. She texted me that evening, saying she was too tired, but I was able to convince her with promises of “one of my magical massages”.

She texted me the address and I hopped in an uber and headed over. I get to her place and holy fuck it is nice. She is renting out a giant apartment that is bigger then all the Airbnbs I stayed in during my trip to Europe… combined. As far as Asians go, this girl is by far the most “badass” one I encountered. She is wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt with some Asian writing on it, while rolling a FAT blunt. I haven’t smoke weed in a while, but she is cute and I don’t want to fuck up the lay so I smoke the blunt with her.

We both get high as fuck, or at least I did. It helped though that she was hot and I was horny, otherwise I might have just fallen asleep. I start massaging her body as she rolls a Second Blunt. This girl is trying to get me lit. We smoke, the second joint. This time we are sitting really close together and I just start playing with her body. I was super high and the whole thing felt a little bit like a video game (this is why I don’t smoke weed). I massage her and start kissing her neck. This goes on for a bit, since I am completely lost in the moment.

Eventually, we start fucking on her couch. The one thing I do love about weed is that it makes sex a lot more intense for me. I really get into it as I pound her from every direction. She is very submissive and lets me take complete control. I love it. She moans, in the typical squeaky way Asian girls do. I am so high that it just turns me on more. I am not even sure how long we fucked for. It could’ve been anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. I couldn’t even tell you if I made her cum or not, I was on another level. In the end, I do remember ripping the condom off and covering her with the biggest load of cum ever. She was literally drenched in it. We both started laughing uncontrollably and I got her a towel. Afterwards, she fell asleep almost instantaneously. I somehow pulled my shit together, called an uber, made it home, ate everything in my fridge and passed out

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