Prague was the last stop of my Euro Trip and it was the perfect change to the general suckiness of Romania (full summary here). I set my Tinder to Prague the morning of my flight and had a few promising leads going pretty fast. By the time, I got on the plane (around 3pm), I already had scheduled this girl for wine at my place. Now that’s efficiency. The conversation was very direct, just handling logistics and moving things forward in a smart way.

I get into Prague, check into my Airbnb, and grab some wine for the evening. My Czech date arrives right on time (as is common in Europe) and I go out to meet her by the front door. She is a sexy. Slim with long golden blonde hair and blue eyes. Very European features. I give her a confident hug and lead her inside my place. We crack open the wine and have a glass in the bedroom.

We drink and chat… as tired as I am its hard to miss that this girl is quite dtf (inviting body language, playing with hair, etc). After about 10-15 minutes she says something cute so I walk over and pick her up & we start making out. I carry her on my bed and we get into it pretty fast. I slide her pants & panties off and go down on her. She cums pretty fast. Then I put a condom on and we fuck. It was quite intense. Afterwards, I am hungry and she is actually super fun/nice so I invite her out to eat Sushi with me. Then we part ways and I go home to pass out. Not a bad first night in Prague

Me and the Sexy Czech Blonde tried to meet up after that, but unfortunately the logistics just didn’t work out. She had some kind of trip the next day and wasn’t going to be back until a day after my flight back to the States… perhaps someday.



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