Ever since my Sopot Summit Speech last year, guys have been asking me for tips about sexting. Most guys are typically super cringey when it comes to sexting women. Or even sexualizing interactions. So here are some important tips when it comes to sexting women:

Tip #1 – Use Proper Grammar & Spelling!

Sexting is far more effective with proper grammar and correct spelling.

There are a few reasons why this should be emphasized.

You want her to be able to comfortably read and follow along your sexts. There’s no reason to make it difficult for her to get into the mood. I’ve seen members write like they were children in kindergarten. It isn’t sexy. How is she supposed to take you seriously as a man if you cannot put together coherent sentences in your native tongue.

While I don’t like using too much slang when I am texting women, there’s nothing wrong with it. But try to reduce slang usage when sexting.

You don’t need the skills of a novelist to be able to text girls, but you should write as well as you can. You can convey a lot of positive traits this way. Being able to communicate effectively is high value. It also helps you formulate very calculated sentences in texts that will convey the exact message you want and emotions.


Tip #2 – Be Descriptive!

Write a story as if you copied a piece from an erotica.

This may come across corny, but I learned this from a couple of my ex-girlfriends. I had two girlfriends that both enjoyed reading erotica. One of them could not watch porn. She exclusively read erotica. And I noticed they both picked the erotica based on the woman, not the man. Characters that most resembled themselves.

So it is very effective to keep that in mind. Place her in your sexts! You can use her physical traits. The more specific, unique traits she possesses the better! This is where your proper grammar and decent writing skills come in the most. You want her to be able to imagine herself in the setting you are creating. Make her feel as if she is actually there experiencing it.

This will give her an idea about how it will be if and when she meets up with you. She will be even more excited to see you. She will be hot and ready. Sexting isn’t just for couples. You can turn a potential flake from Tinder, daygame or nightgame into an immediate ‘fuckdate’.

This will also no doubt separate you from all the other men that she is messaging. Women often tell me things like “wow, you seem like you know what you’re doing”. This puts you in the position of authority. You are a potential sex god. A man that won’t let her down in bed. A man that knows she he’s doing and how to please her. She will want your story to play out in real life.

Along with implementing specific physical traits of the girl in your sexting, you could also use familiar locations. Describe how you’re going to meet her late at night at a specific local park or trail. If she has blue eyes, tell her you want to see her big bright blue eyes looking up at you as you bring her to her knees and throat fuck her.

I like to picture step by step my encounter with the girl. But with a focus on what the woman (perhaps her specifically) would find sexually appealing. But if you need inspiration, Google ‘erotica stories’. There are different levels of stories from softer stuff to more hardcore shit.


Tip #3 – Calibrate!


A bit of awareness goes a long way.

This is one that most guys have issues with. A lot of men really lack the awareness of where they are in the interaction and when they can go sexual and when they can sext. Most force it and some actually miss the obvious cues, the green light to express yourself fully sexually.

Obviously if you had an in-person interaction with the girl, it will be easier to determine to what degree you can go sexual. If you sexualized the interaction in person and she reciprocated, then you know how sexual you can take it.

But if you haven’t met the girl before or if the interaction was more platonic or flirtatious at best, then you’ll want to calibrate and possibly ease your way into a sexual interaction. You can do what I call ‘baiting’ or ‘permission baiting’.

It’s where you use different tactics or angles to lure the girl in to give you permission to go sexual or at least speak freely. My favorite way of doing this is with curiosity.

My two main sexual topics I focus on are my pussy eating skills / multiple oral orgasms & her booty / my booty massage skills.

I will tell the girl she may have one of my 2 weaknesses (Lindberg from Ultimate Man Project used my lines in this LR he wrote for us).

Now of course she will bite. She wants to know what they are. Women are very curious about how they are perceived. She will ask what they are or what my main weakness is. I will tell her something along the lines of “Ha. Are you sure you really want to know…” — now at this point she knows that this may be sexual or offensive to some degree. But the curiosity is killing her, so whatever you say she cannot get mad. She’s given you permission to say what you wanted.

You could even set a frame that she is so open minded and how much you love non-judgmental women. This will help, but not always necessary.


Let’s say I tell her a big booty is my weakness. It’s rare that I am weak, but a nice big booty would so make me whipped. She’s going to talk up her booty. Qualify. She may even send you some nudes. Now I can get into my sexting. And bring her nice booty, maybe a booty with a sexy tattoo on it. Tell her what I want to do to that hot ass. I get her horny with my story and then plant the booty massage skills and hope she bites. Then I set up the booty massage date straight to my place (the booty massage routine has gotten me laid DOZENS of times. From Tinder to pulling from clubs).

Here is a LR example of mine


Tip #4 – Timing!

Don’t take too long to reply!

But don’t spam sext her as well.

I’ve made the mistake many times of taking way too long to reply to her sext or to continue my sexts. And often they’ve let me know. “Well, there goes the mood. Good night”.

But you also don’t want to make the mistake of dumping all your sexts as if you copy pasted it. You want to break your sexting down into different stages. Women love teasing. Build up some anticipation. Tease her and let her beg for more.


Tip #5 – “Rape”

I shouldn’t have to add this as a tip.

But after going over texts from a lot of members everyday, there are some creepy and cringey stuff. And the use of “rape” in sexting shouldn’t be used. It never works. Leave “rape” and “kidnap”, etc. out…


Tip #6 – Use Your Voice!

You can really use voice messages to your advantage.

I started using voice messages to get through to more flakey women from Tinder and day game after I saw the success our very own Alejandro was having sending voice messages to sexualize interactions and get the meet.

Your voice can really turn women on. Maybe not everyone’s voice, but give it a try. I always hated my voice and avoided sending voice messages for the longest time. But the first 2 girls I voice messages actually sexualized with me. Apparently I have a much sexier voice than I had thought. So give it a try, you might be surprised.

Some guys are better talkers than writers. But don’t spam them with messages. At some point they stop following your voice messages as it is a better harder to keep track of. Especially while they are in the car, at work or in class. But at night when they are likely at home or in bed, is perfect.

The great thing is Instagram and other social media platforms now have voice messages.

If you haven’t gotten a date with the girl, voice messages can REALLY build enough comfort or sexual tension to solidify the date or reduce flaking.


Tip #7: Sext When You’re Free!

Sext her when you’re free to meet!

If you’re away on a business trip for a week, sexting may not be a bad tool to keep you in her mind. But I like to sext girls between 9:00 pm and 1:00 am when they are most likely at home, getting ready to go to bed or in bed.

I can recall countless times where girls have told me they were just masturbating when I hit them up. Make sure you’re available to meet when you sext her. And even better if you know her schedule so you can time when you hit her up.

Also while receiving dirty messages while she’s in class or at work may be hot, she may not be able to fully focus and respond in a timely fashion. Which can totally ruin the flow and mood and ultimately get you nowhere.

So next time instead of simply asking for a date, sexualize the conversation and start some sexting during the period you were wanting to ask her out. It’s something very much demonstrated in the PWF Online Dating Blueprint and our exclusive PWF Mastermind Group. You’ll be amazed by how many fuckdates you’ll get. And you may be the only man doing it the right away.


BONUS – Emojis!

The best 3 emojis you should be using!

😏 👅 💦

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