Sexting Big Booty Blonde To Get The Meet – Bumble LR

  • Big Booty Bumble Blonde

I wanted to write up this LR because there’s a lot to learn from it. There was also over a week of texting afterwards that may be useful as a part 2 where I show that I could girlfriend her after one brief meet. But in this part there are two big takeaways. First, is using mystery and curiosity to get the girl to invest and consider meeting me at my place to fuck…simply out of pure curiosity. The other is using heavy and explicit sexting to seal the deal.

She opens me (it’s Bumble…) and you can see I get straight into figuring out where she is staying (if she’s local or a tourist) and for how long. Traveling through Europe, I’ve missed a few oppurtunities by even a day or two simply because I wasn’t on top of logistics from the start. So I go in right away to figure out if I should waste any time and how much time I have to make this happen. I find out she is going to a week long festival far away and there’s only 2 nights to make this happen. However she is only a 3 minute walk from me. I push early and hard for the meet. Which is very unlike me but in this case I have to. I ask her if she’s more in a party mood or a chill mood. I live next door to the club so I can go that route. Or I can use my nice place and AC (it’s been hot and most people don’t have AC here) to get her over.

But my attempt fails and she ghosts me.

I get the feeling that this one is likely dead especially with the time restraint. But I see her walking down the street after a night of partying and that ass looked too good. So I reengage her. But I find her Instagram and follow her. I ‘like’ a pic or two to get her attention and hope she checks out my Instagram. Which spawns some questions or curiosity that I can use in my favor. It works. She responds and asks what kind of work do I do. Which is the first question I get when girls see my Instagram.

I want to keep her curious and interested to get the meet. So I avoid telling her what I do and bait her curiosity even more. I’ve done this tactic primarily night gaming (first time I tried this in a Vegas club, it was the only topic from open to close. As I was getting her naked she was still begging for me to tell her). She guesses porn. Which is a popular guess from girls. And surprisingly women are rather open to me being a pornstar. Perhaps it implies sexual experience and skill. Lack of attachment. Perfect for one night stands. I’ve drawn her in already.

Nevertheless, she objects to coming over for a booty massage.

She wants to journal and sleep. But then tells me she’s been horny all trip. So she is telling me to make this happen. It’s up to me. So she sends two messages. Two tasks. One I have to get her to my place. She has roommates in the same room. And two, she wants me to convince her that I am legit sexually and not a bullshitter. Anytime I get the “you sound too good to be true”, I know all I have to do is convince her that my oral / orgasm skills are actually real and I am not saying it just to get her over. Comfort or building connection, etc is irrelevant most of the time when you sexualize properly. She also tells me she is loud.

I want to be non judgemental and reward her any time she opens up to me sexually. This will help get the fuckdate rather than meeting for drinks or coffee first. She won’t feel like a slut with me. I convince her of my sexual skills by sending her a screenshot of my orgasm guide (One of the bonuses in the product) with my name on it. It also reignites her curiosity. She talks about her lack of oral orgasms. Lack of sex on the trip. Her love for fuckboys that don’t eat pussy.

She’s begging me to make this happen…

It’s easy to just go for the meet and push for it at this point, but what she is asking for isn’t to just set something up, but to convince her emotionally. Her logical mind is telling her don’t. I then tell her I’ve been so busy with dudes on this entire trip, that I haven’t had any time for women. But since I saw her ass walking down the street, I had to have it. Makes her feel unique. Special. And doesn’t make her feel like another one of my lays on this trip. This was actually a huge factor here. It’s not obvious, but I later find out it was.

I then try to bait her into qualifying the booty. Naturally, as expected, she sends a booty pic. It won’t go through on Bumble so she hits me up on Instagram (where I had just followed her; from her bio). The conversation continues there. Now she is qualifying and trying to talk herself up. She tells me about her tattooed pussy. She may also feel self conscious about it and wants to gauge my response and openness. So of course I reply in total openness and positivity. Even coming across slightly indifferent here can really derail progress.

She tries asking me about my imaginary French bulldog. But I ignore it so I can keep it sexual. I test her out and throw in a soft sext. She bites and loves it. She is still on the fence and considering the fuckdate. Asks if I have my own room. I give her my address to show her it’s a quick and easy walk. She tries to go for the “let’s have a few drinks first” which of course I will never budge on. Especially not when I am so close to getting her over.

She tries to scare me by saying she “cooled off” on coming over in the shower.

She wants to test me to see if I’ll quickly hop on the drinks idea. I’m not biting. I give the “if you really need drinks before…” as if I am open to it, but it’s just to make her feel a bit more ease or like she has that option. Even though I know she just wants to get fucked immediately. However, I make a mistake by making her feel guilty for possibly not meeting me with the flaking on my friends for you line. Not exactly intended and I had to backtrack with some logic and humor. I know the sexting worked well on her earlier so I go full attack mode with the sexting. Which has worked for me countless times. In the middle of my sexts she asks a question, but I continue so I can complete the sext. I know she is wet at the moment and I need to strike quick. So I demand her to get up and come over.

She arrives within 15 minutes. I pick her up at the main building door. Strong first impression. Strong eye contact. A smile. And a compliment on her looks. “Oh damn. I didn’t think you’d be this cute. Okay maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea” as I lead her to the flat and straight to my room (Never hesitation. Never stopping. Straight to the room through the living room. Door shut). Usually on my dates it’s a done deal. But I always chill the first 15 minutes. I don’t touch. I don’t talk much. I don’t sexualize. Maybe some light flirting. I want to make sure there’s zero LMR.

Naturally, the first question i get is about my job and what I do.

I tease her and say that maybe ill tell her after we chat a bit. We have amazing chemistry. Witty banter back and forth for 10 minutes. Then she gets impatient and begs me to tell her. I then tell her after a booty massage. I pull out my oil and tell her to lay down. I lift up her dress (she was wearing a flower dress. She looked like the most innocent girl you’ve ever met. And she was small). I instantly compliment her ass “fuck girl you weren’t lying” and I couldn’t help but take a good bite of her ass. She actually moaned a bit. She loves biting it seems.

As much as I can and want to just rip her clothes off and fuck her, I need to go through my routine. Build up the sexual tension. Tease her. Make her need it. I slowly massage up and down her legs. Her lower back. Slower and slower. Gently working my fingertips in between her thighs. Closer and closer to her pussy. And pulling away to tease her. As I am doing this she is taking guessing at what my job is. Begging me to tell her. But as I glide my hands closer to her clit, she begins stuttering and slowing her speech down. “TELL ME!” – So I begin to brush my hands slightly against her panties where her clit is.

Gently rubbing around her pussy from outside of her panties. “This is not fair…” as she moans and lifts her pussy up and down off the bed to get me to give her more stimulation. Ever since the escalation I’ve been completely silent. Not to ruin the mood.

I slowly palm her fat ass, spreading her pussy a bit as I kiss up her thighs.

Working my lips around her panties and gliding my tongue across her wet pussy. When she is drenched, I slide her panties to the side and bury my face in her pussy. She backs her ass up so my mouth puts more pressure on her pussy. I pull away and give her ass two good smacks. She loves it. So I get a fistful of her hair and pull her hair back while I wind up for a harder spanking.

Before I can even flip her on her back to eat her pussy properly, she yells “fuck this”, pushing me on the bed and hops on my hard cock. Rides my dick while taking her shirt off. Nice ass and perfect tits as well. She rode my cock like a pro. She kept cumming on my cock. I toss her off me and bend her ass over my desk. Amazing doggystyle booty. After a good, long hard fucking, choking and spanking, I put her on her knees and cum all over her lips and tongue. We lay down. Out of breath. She says “best sex i’ve ever had, wow..” and before I can reply she goes “so, are you NOW going to tell what you do for work?” – I can’t stop laughing… I tell her “Perhaps on our second date”. I wind her up for 10 minutes before telling her what I do. So much build up and tension and her reply “huh, well that’s really cool”. She gets dressed and I walk her to the door.