We teach men how to use Tinder and other online dating apps to get laid by HOT girls

We don’t care who you are, what you look like, how much money you make…

We don’t care about any of that!  

This is no joke! When it comes to finding DTF girls on Tinder, we’ve developed a system that works day in and day out for guys all over the world.  

Does this sound like you?

  • Not getting the quality and/or quantity of matches on Tinder?
  • Spent hundreds on Tinder Gold and Boosts with little to no results?
  • Don’t know what to say to a girl on Tinder?
  • Girls ignoring you on Tinder?
  • Feeling like this whole online dating thing just wasn’t meant for you?
  • Girls are making you jump through hoops to have sex?
  • Girls are confusing, and dating is something you’re just not good at.
  • For the love of God, you just wanna get laid!!

We’re Alex and "Indian PE", we started Playing With Fire as a way to share our immense knowledge from years of online dating trial and error. Over the past 4 years we’ve both helped hundreds of guys just like you via Skype Coaching and in-person consultations. Eventually we realized we could reach way more guys just like you by compiling everything we knew and were already teaching into one straightforward guide that actually works…. And hence the Online Dating Blueprint was created.

Getting laid online can honestly be just as simple as tweaking a few things that are killing your Sexual Market Value. In fact, one of our students was living at home in his parent’s basement and still getting laid multiple times per week… That’s the power of this program!

Online Dating Blueprint

What’s Included

10 Module Training Course – This is a Tinder focused A-Z online training program that will take you from no sex to getting laid by hot girls on a regular basis.  

  • Increase your Sexual Market Value
  • Learn how to pick the right pictures for your profile
  • The exact breakdown of a “successful” profile (including my own)
  • Texting and talking to girls, and how to get it right
  • How to set up dates where they are coming to your house ready for sex
  • Dealing with objections
  • What to do during the meet-up
  • How to keep them interested and coming back for more
  • How to move things beyond casual sex (if that’s what you want)
  • And much, much more!

The Online Dating Blueprint is optimized for desktop and mobile reading so you won’t need to download anything!


Ongoing Content Updates and Dating Strategies

We know that everything is always evolving and changing, especially in the online dating world.  We don’t just give you only the original courses, you’ll have access to our ongoing updates and advice on the best ways to get laid more than you could ever want.  Here are some things we’re working on that are included or coming out soon:

  • Instagram, the new goldmine for getting laid
  • How to get laid in Latin American (including every line you need to know in Spanish)
  • How to be a "Sex God"
  • How to travel for a fraction of the cost
  • New tips and advice coming out all the time!

Exclusive and Private Facebook Group and Webinars

This is where you’re going to get hands-on coaching, training and help getting laid.  This is where you can ask questions and get quick answers. We are extremely involved in these groups and will make sure you have all the support you need to be truly successful!

  • Private Facebook "Mastermind" group with support from all of our instructors and other successful alumni and members
  • Weekly webinars where we troubleshoot your issues and help you get laid
  • Access to past webinars so you can pick up lessons learned from other guys that are crushing it


Having a girl from Tinder on her way to your house for a date and knowing she’s 100% down for having sex with you THAT NIGHT!  I’m telling you… it doesn’t get much better than that! If we could give you the ability to go from where you are… to that scenario happening once a month, once a week, or more… that’s PRICELESS, right!?

Thinking about everything we’re offering for guys… we’ve often been told this is worth thousands!


Here’s the good news… we’re not asking anything near $5K or $2K or even $1K

Hell… we don’t even charge $500 for this.  WE DON’T EVEN CHARGE $200!!

When you get the PlayingFire Online Dating Blueprint right now, we have a special price for guys that don’t mess around and know what they want.  If you’re still here reading… We’re guessing that’s you!

If you sign up today, the price is only $125 for the course!  And you’ll also have one month FREE in our monthly membership program where you get access to the exclusive mastermind group, members only app, webinars, bonus content, and more! If you choose to retain the membership after the first 30 days, the price is $39 a month. This monthly fee will not increase over the lifetime of your membership. There is no commitment and you can cancel it at any time, even before the first 30 days. Either way the BluePrint is yours for life.


That’s what we thought!

End of The World Sale


Originally $169

Or purchase with CCBill

1 Free month to try out the "Mastermind" Facebook Group 

The Core Product

All Bonus Content

Weekly Webinars + All Past Webinars

Access to the private Facebook Mastermind

Free Content Updates

Price increases to $169 on April 21st


Even Better...

When you order today, we’re going to throw in more bonuses as well.  We’re making this investment a complete no-brainer.

Bonus Content

Bonus 1:  How to get Jacked – A guide on how to get jacked, written in collaboration with a top personal trainer

Bonus 2:  Salt Daddy Game – Our little known techniques for getting the easiest lays of your life with Hot Sugar Babies

Bonus 3: Inner Game Problems – How to identify and overcome the mind games that many men have and hold them back from having massive amounts of sex with hot girls

Bonus 4: Exclusive Lay Reports – We’ll share exclusive lay reports from Alex and our instructors with screenshots from start to finish.  Learn how to close the deal from the experts!

Bonus 5: Meme Collection – A collection of texting memes you can use to spice up and revive dead convos

Bonus 6: Successful Profile Collection – A gallery of successful profiles you can use for inspiration

Bonus 7: Webinar Archive – Past webinars in video and podcast format for easy listening on the go

Bonus 8: Sex Coach Routine Time tested routine (text and real life) to convey sexual expertise and have girls asking to “test out” your skills

Bonus 9: Tinder Flake Trick A text technique to have girls who flake, start chasing you for a date

Bonus 10: How to Up Your Fashion – Everything you need to know about style and upping your fashion game

Bonus 11: Online Dating Model for the Other 80% A highly effective texting and closing formula written by one of our top community members, specifically designed for the “average guy”

Bonus 12: The Ultimate Guide To Amazing Sex A detailed manual showing you exactly how to become a sex god and give any woman the ultimate sexual experience

What Other Guys Are Saying...

After years (6 years to be exact) I can finally say I've found a product worth buying to help me get laid. No wishy washy bullshit. No beating around the bush. And definitely no lies. The product is simple and straight to the point. I could have never told anyone that I actually had a girl call me over to fuck her in broad daylight if it wasn't for the techniques and tactics used in this product. Not only that but the guys who created this masterpiece are really down to earth and will answer every single question you have. They are sincerely and genuinely with you throughout your journey to support you. If you wanna get good at tinder game then there is no better product out there then this. PERIOD. If I were you I would definitely take this special black Friday opportunity and get the product. Good luck!

Ankit P

Just chipping in this guide has been worth every dollar, it’s covered so many things I didn’t even anticipate and instructions how to get girls to come over directly to your place and ready to fuck. Equally important, I’m very impressed with Alex and David’s ongoing support and very high level of patience making sure people in our private group are “getting it” and correcting any flaws to make it as smooth and simple as possible. They really want you to get laid. They’ve also included a little bit of other online game ie Craigslist and Instagram; which is great, along with video qna webinars. I’ve seen many other dudes profiles (from a girl) that haven’t been optimised and when you compare them to the ones Alex has picked out and explained, the difference is really is night and day.

Stefan V

Big shoutout to Alex who runs playing with fire to help me with my profile. 50+ matches in the first day. Serious fucking lead management needed here.....Alex gave me his site messaging formulas and they too are working quite well

John M

So i'm a huge advocate of cold approach, but a couple months ago I decided to hit up Alex to set up leads while im stuck at the office...my success rate was pitiful even with a decent profile...needless to say Alex took it as personal must to sky rocket so we tested multiple profiles for me (including a very sexual one) and this shit is a joke now. Getting matches everyday. Girls coming through weekly. Just closed this Venezuelan chick with a bf back home....

Isaac S

Thanks to Alex coaching a few days ago i had more success on tinder. I had never fucked a girl on tinder before because shitty bio and pics and weird text game. After he helped me i fucked 2 girls and had loads of matches. They come straight to my place. Some girls text me first now. Before, that was never the case. I never thought it was so easy. You just need a crisp bio, the right text game, good pics and the right order of pics...


Unlike most products out there, the topics covered here are concise, well thought out and most importantly, can pretty much be implemented immediately. I’d say for how much it’s worth, it’s very much worth the money and the return of investment after you learn the content is very high. It also helps that the admins, David and Alex are supportive and pretty much answer any question you ask. It gets a bit ridiculous to the point I’ve seen them basically get some people laid for them. Overall it’s a great product and def worth it.

Aaron A

Thanks again for doing what you do. Got that last girl coming over in a few, Your work improved my quality of life in meaningful, significant ways =) My productivity can really suffer if i'm not getting laid


This is the only product you would need to master the text game and you’ll get continued support at the tip of your hands from both the Masters. If you are serious abt getting your dating and Online dating life success, shoot yourself on your foot if you don’t take this amazing deal. I personally have witnessed improvement in my text game, profile and the results, have 5 dates lined up this week. Also, Text game is the real game, more than half your lays will come from phone number and follow up. And the money you spent on this is reasonable and the value you get from it is 10 times more. Note: First and only product I ever vouched for.

Karthik S

I was skeptical of investing so much money into a product like this, but surprisingly I love it! This product is amazing and has taught me a lot. Not only does it help with Tinder, but texting in general. The constant support and tough love from Alex, David, and all the members is AMAZING! Everyone wants to improve and there are no stupid questions (unless it’s a stupid question). SO MUCH FREE CONTENT! SO MUCH VALUE! Buy it even if it’s just for for the book content. It’ll be worth the knowledge

Vincent L

Super informative and actually the only product that breaks things down very well in terms of quality of pictures, setting up the correct frame for a date, running the date, text game and examples of texts to send if you don't know shit, and much much much more. ONE BIG REASON why this product is the shit is because of the community of guys who are readily helping each other get laid and Alex and David are so fucking fast at responding to the questions and do so very informatively as they actually want people to get better. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Divyam B

Bought the product earlier today, and I 100% recommend it. Just finished reading chapter 6 and have made some changes to my profile that have already resulted in higher quality matches. Alex explains every aspect of Tinder (i.e. selecting photos, writing bios, etc.) in great detail, so you understand how to succeed on Tinder. As a college student, I was a bit hesitant about paying $100 (my current job pays $10/hr so his product essentially cost me ten hours of work), but it's definitely better than spending countless hours figuring this stuff on my own. Definitely looking forward to reading the rest. This is definitely the best and last product you'll ever need for online game

Jonathan N

End of The World Sale


Originally $169

Or purchase with CCBill

1 Free month to try out the "Mastermind" Facebook Group 

The Core Product

All Bonus Content

Weekly Webinars + All Past Webinars

Access to the private Facebook Mastermind

Free Content Updates

Price increases to $169 on April 21st


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