What’s up fellas! Your favorite Indian at it again. And today, I’m going to talk about how to tell if a girl from Tinder / other dating app is DTF (Down to Fuck). We all wish that girls would simply say “Can we fuck?” so our logical brains as men could get the signal loud and clear and make shit happen. But, women operate on a much more subtle level. Why? Because of ASD.

Definition: ASD, commonly referred to as Anti-Slut Defense, is a term used with women when they do not want to come across as sluts or “too easy”. Just their precautionary measures to not be deemed as a slut by society or by herself.

Girls generally expect and wait for the man to lead to sex, so when they’re interested or “DTF,” they tend to drop hints/cues that men need to pick up on. This is especially true with online dating, where women will make subtle statements where she’s really saying she wants the guy to make a meet up happen. When women drop these cues and men don’t pick it up and jump on it, they get turned off, since it communicates lack of social intelligence on the man’s part.

I know this frustrates men a lot, and they’ll often complain, “Why can’t she just tell me what she wants? The thing is – you can’t change it, so if you want to get laid as a man, you have to learn to adapt.

Reading between the lines with women is an art. When you learn to interpret them in the right way, there’s no stopping you!

There are two ways to tell if a girl from Tinder is DTF.

1. Her Baiting You

You will rarely ever get a girl saying “So, are we going to fuck when we meet?”. She is going to be very subtle about it. Remember that women tend to communicate much more subtly and emotionally than men. So while she sees it as being very obvious that she’s DTF, men quite find themselves oblivious to her attempts to bait you.

Here’s an example:

Key takeaways:

  1. A standard opener of “Hey future lover” with her complimenting his eyes. He very intelligently says “What do they tell you”.
  2. She baits him with “They say come over here”. This is a huge green light which a lot of men may miss. Or go extremely eager. The key is to still play coy. Which is exactly what he does with “Oh really”
  3. She agrees and then he soft closes with “Come over then”. She goes “I want to”. Again, very important to not get eager here. He keeps it simple with “Do it”
  4. A bit of objection handling and then they end up meeting for the night as you can see in the screenshots

2. You Baiting Her

This takes less experience with texting but just applying practical knowledge. By following the Tinder formula we preach at PWF, at the vibing/sexualizing stage, you can bait the girl by showing sexual authority. Take a look at this example.

Key takeaways:

  1. A simple opener of “I like your aesthetics”. Not too validation giving and a good back and forth goes on between them
  2. She asks him “What are you looking for exactly”. He is very smart about it and softens the whole “hookup-y” outlook with chemistry and cuddles. He baits her into accepting either of the frames but she conveniently bites on the “kinky sex” part of it
  3. She says that she’s looking to explore her sexuality with someone and that chemistry is a must for her as well. She accepts the frame
  4. He goes back to wine closing since the sexual frame has been set and it’s glaringly clear that she is DTF
  5. Nothing more to focus on after the number but logistics (which he does and ended up closing her)
  6. The In-between

This is a category where the guy does his fair share of sexualizing and she says nothing but a neutral “Sounds good” or a “yes” response. This is again the girl’s subtle way agreeing to the frame or whatever may happen on the date

Key takeaways:

  1. This may look pretty normal to the naked eye but they have a marriage roleplay going. What’s the first thing that comes after marriage? Honeymoon of course. Lot of kinky activities may happen
  2. When you have a good vibe going which inadvertently sets the “romantic frame”, the girl can emotionally relate to and pick up on what he has intentions with
  3. He playfully gets “divorced” with her for not replying. She gets back and then he does the plain ol’ wine close.
  4. The wine is going to be split at his place. So, her coming over is a high probability close for him since the vibe has been built up for it.
  5. They end up banging and it’s “happily ever after”

As you can see, it can be quite simple to find DTF girls on Tinder, if you can read between the lines. Women will always play coy about being “easy” but end up being the freaks you can tame. It’s also important to take a step back when a girl doesn’t bait you or takes the bait from you. Then, she may just need a flirty conversation and the tension needs to be built in person when you meet her.


Indian “DTF” pe

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