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Like I did with Part 1 and Part 2, I am going to take one of my Tinder lay reports and break down every message in the interaction. The difference is that this one took place in Latin America (Playa del Carmen, Mexico to be specific), and as a result my text game was a bit different. From having traveled to Latin America a bit, I noticed that there are some important changes one must make in their approach to maximize their results. This post will give you a solid overview on getting laid on tinder in Latin America as well as play by play example.

Main Challenges with Meeting Latinas in South America on Tinder

1) Slut Shaming – On average slut shaming is more deeply rooted in women there. The girls are just as horny/slutty (and actually more so IMO), but are much more worried about coming off as a slut. A good way to figure out whether you are being too “sexually explicit” or not is if someone stole this girl’s phone, would there be any plausible deniability that she is going to fuck you. I will still screen, flirt, tease, and make sexual comments but the overall vibe will be a lot more flirty and fun, rather then explicit and direct. (Notice this is a simplistic overview, you can get away with sexting all that if you do it in exactly the right way and slowly build into it and also balance it out by coming off high value, however it is on average going to be a harder act to juggle)

2) Language barrier/need for simplicity- I don’t recommend overly fancy/gamey shit in general — but especially in Latin America. Chances are her English vocabulary is limited and she will not understand nuanced American humor. You don’t want her getting confused or even worse shit getting misinterpreted. This is why you should keep things simple. Unless you speak Spanish well, you will be using Google Translate, and there is a good chance she might be as well (vast majority of the Spanish in this LR was through google translate).


I opened her with one of my favorite openers that I use in latin america. It is particularly effective, because it is witty and fairly original (please don’t abuse it), but still simple enough to be understood by most girls. It also DHVs you based on being from a western country, yet also knowing Spanish. That makes you the creme de la creme of foreigners to Latinas in South America. However, most importantly it gives you a good idea of the girls level of English, which will be very important throughout the course of the interaction.

She responds positively as most girls do and I follow it up with another one of my favorite lines that works really well in Latin America “soy un gringo magico” meaning “Im a magical gringo”. For some reason, girls over there really get a kick out of a gringo, calling himself a gringo.

She respond by saying essentially “Why do you say that, im curious to know”

I respond by saying “well you read my reviews”. This is referencing my profile where I included screenshots of girls telling me how much they liked fucking me.

She responds by saying “Yes, thats why i liked you”

Based on her response I figure its safe to go a bit more sexual and say “Ah you also enjoy multiple oral orgasms”

She responds playfully by essentially saying “Haha no not for that, but you make me curious about your recommendations”. For Latin America that is a positive response. Remember because of the slut shaming she will seldom admit she is looking to fuck, she wants to have that plausible deniability. Pushing any further to get her to be more explicit will not prove fruitful, this is all I need to know that she is actually dtf.

I try to get her to open a bit more and say “Curious about what?”. However, this text was not necessary. She’s not going to be any more explicit and just says “curious about you”. I take this as a final sign not to push for explicitness and just lead towards the meet up. I respond by saying “You should come have a drink with me then”

She respond with “and later?” and I say “There is only one way to find out”. Basically she wants me to give her some more of that plausible deniability, but i also went pretty sexual earlier so I don’t wanna seem like I’m completely back tracking so I say something that i think accomplishes both.

Her next expression confuses me, but i think she is trying to say “By having a drink?”. This is just her looking for reassurance and i say “Yes, let do it”. She give in and accepts. Then I transition it to whatsapp. I wanna get her over to whatsapp before trying to make specifics, because that adds a layer of protection against last minute flaking. I also know I can build value there with pics and voice memos if necessary.

I message her with “Hola chica”. That works pretty well as well as “Hola linda”. For you spanish retarded readers that means “Hey girl” or “Hey beautiful” both which are fun and flirty.

She responds by saying “Hey alex, if that your name. Whats up?”. Whenever a latina asks me that I usually go to my pre planned answer of “cooking carne asada”. It almost always gets a positive response from them. Latinas love carne asada and most associate cooking it with thier dads and masculinity. In my opinion, this triggers them nicely on a subconsious level.

She tells me she is working and I respond with another one of my pre planned follows ups “Sounds exciting”. Whenever a girl tells me she is doing some boring activity I always say that. This almost always is also met with a positive response.

She asks me if I work here and this is another great chance for me to DHV myself. In latin america, I use a lot more dhv statements because I feel they are much less played out and as a result work much better. Owning your business and working from home is most people’s aspiration so I go with that (which is essentially what I do anyway)

She asks me if I live in Playa del Carmen. The right answer is always either yes or some variation of it. If you say you’re a tourist the vast majority of time you will never hear from the girl again.

She responds by sending me a voice memo saying “yes i live in playa”. This is a perfect chance for me to respond with a voice memo in turn, building additional comfort by letting her hear my voice.

Here is the voice memo I sent her


She responds positively by laughing at the part where I say “I like your sexy latina accent”

In the past she seemed unsure a few times so I respond by “Si chica ;)” giving her the reasurrance. She says thank you. I use this to move the interaction forward and ask her what she is doing after her meeting. She tells me she is essentially free. I want to build it up a little bit as i go for the close

“I might have an idea…”, but this part was not completely necessary. I want to still give her the pretense of coming over and ask her if she likes wine. Vast majority of girls like wine and once she gives me the first yes, it will be easier to then get the second yes (compliance ladder)

Once she says yes, I tell her I can come by her place with a bottle later. This is suboptimal. It is much better to have a girl over your place, but I was with my family and my house was really not an option

This is where logistics get in the way. If I had my own place, I wouldve almost certainly closed that night. Basically she tells me she has visitors and the we get into a voice memo exchange in an attempt to coordinate logistics.

Her: “I have visitors at my house until wednesday



Her: “No, next wednesday”



Her; “Late late works better for me, so just let me know”

My family winds up going to sleep later then I thought. Ideal woul’ve been to message her around 10, but I dont hit her up until a little past 10. It also winds up pouring raining that night and unfortunately she falls alseep. She messages me the next morning letting me know and I respond with a joke “Ay caramba” or “Oh no”

I reschedule her for Monday evening, which is when my family was going to be gone and I was going to be chilling solo in mexico for a few days. Again, this is not ideal. Much better would’ve been to have her over that night or the next, but due to shit logistics I had to push it off until Monday and she agrees

I dont message her for a few days and then re open her on Sunday with a ryan gosling meme. She says “Hey thanks,  you too”. Is ask her how her day is going. She says “Good, doing some things around the house, and you?”

This gives me a good chance to DHV and I sent her a picture I took the other day of me at the beach saying “Relaxing on the beach”

She responds by saying essentially “How nice, I want to do that”

I just respond with a winky face and she says “Enjoy”. I say “Thanks, see you tomorrow”. Giving her another reminder of our plans. She confirms and says “See you tomorrow”

The next day, I reopen her with “Hola linda”. She says “Hey, hows it going”. I say “Good, just finished work, hbu?”

She says “Working also, with many things I need to do”

I respond with “One of my magical massages tonight, will help remove the stress”. This is my way of confirming as well as getting her emotionally excited about meeting up.

She responds positively by saying something like “I hope so…So you are good at giving massages?…Just kidding, I am not very demanding”.

I say “The best. How is 9pm?”

She confirms the time

She confirms for 9 and I send her my address. I text her around 5:30 saying i finished early if she wants to swing by before 9. This is not really optimal either, but I was trying to juggle several girls and wanted to see if I could get her over here earlier

She says she doesnt think she can because she has something she needs to do earlier. I tell her it’s no problem and that I will see her at 9

She asks me if I could send her a photo of myself to verify that I am the one in my whats app photo and not a “human trafficker” or “serial killer”. In reality she just doesn’t want to be cat fished. I of course comply and send her a solid selfie I took a few months ago, which has tested well with my female friends.

I caption the photo with “No, im just a handsome gringo”. Humor along with proof is the best way to deal with these kind of concerns.

She responds with a little bit of a shit test “Is that what you say or they told you”. I just say “Both”

She says essentially “What else do they say about you, besides you being a handsome gringo”. I don’t want to get into qualifying myself which is almost always a losing strategy and so i flip it on her and respond “We dont wanna ruin all the suprise now”

She goes along with it. This screenshot is all just coordinating logistics. I meet her outside of my place, which is a super run down tiny mexican airbnb with a creepy staircase. She is cute and looks just like her pics. Tall skinny body, cute face, and big fake tits. I lead her inside and pour us both a glass of wine. We chat for maybe 2-3 minutes before I start escalating. She is super receptive and after another few minutes I pick her up and carry her to my bed. There is zero lmr and we bang hard. I particularly enjoyed fucking her in doggy style so I could watch her tits bounce as I pounded away. Super hot

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