6 Ways to Tell Whether a Dating Coach Has Legit Game or is a Scammer

When guys want to learn how to become a pickup artist (PUA) or improve their game, they often start by looking for dating coaches to follow. They might even seek out a pickup bootcamp or dating product. The problem is, I think this industry is mostly filled with scammers.

In this article, I’m going to share how you can tell whether a pickup or dating coach is fake. A lot of this might sound like common sense, but for anyone looking to improve their dating life, I think is important information.

1) The Dating Coach Doesn’t Show Proof – Anyone claiming success in an area should be able to show evidence of that. Period. Of course, it’s 2020 and we can’t be showing opener to sex videos on YouTube. However, there are still ways you can show proof without violating a woman’s privacy. For example, at Playing with Fire, we share dozens upon dozens of Tinder lay reports from opener to close. We just carefully go through the screenshots and censor all the personal information so no one gets doxed. Simple. If you have a dating “coach” who can’t do that, then chances are it’s because he’s lying.

2) The Pickup Coach Displays Beta Male Traits – Typically, the guy who looks like he doesn’t get laid really doesn’t get laid. Of course, this can be very tricky to beginners and intermediates who can’t really discern the difference between confidence and bragging, between game and talking shit, etc. There is also a lot of misconception on what it really means to be an alpha male. However, if you see a guy who seems nervous around women, that is generally a sign that he is not qualified to be a coach.

3) The Coach Promises Quick Fixes / Too “Marketing-y” – I have some bad news. Quick fixes don’t really work. That’s why anyone who promises to solve all your problems with a 3 day bootcamp or a product is lying to you. Even our Online Dating Blueprint, which guys do truly get major results from, is not a magic pill. You still have to do the work to get results with women, and that usually takes time.

4) The Dating Coach Doesn’t Give You The “Harsh Truth” – The truth is often unpleasant and rarely makes for a good sales pitch. It’s much easier to tell people they can just keep being the way they are, if they just buy (insert product / bootcamp). The reality is rarely like that. If you are fat, you have to lose weight. If you are a skinny weakling, you have to put on some muscle. And most importantly, if you engage in one or more beta behaviors (neediness, onenitis, etc), then you have to stop engaging in that behavior.

5) The PUA Coach Tells You To Focus on “The Process” and Ignore Results – We all know one big company who is famous for this *cough* RSD *cough*. Imagine if you hired a personal trainer, and after six months of working with him, you saw zero progress in the gym. You’d be like “da fuk”. Yet, for some reason this “just focus on the process” logic fools some people in the pickup community. In reality, the only reason someone will tell you to not focus on the results is because they know whatever they’re teaching won’t get you any. This is why at PWF, we always talk about results. The job of a dating coach isn’t to be your buddy or make you feel good about yourself, but to help you achieve your dating goals.

6) Focuses Too Much on One Area – Game requires a holistic approach. Maximizing your sexual market value matters. Learning external game matters. Improving your “inner game” matters. It all matters. Anyone who tells you to just focus on banter or being more grounded or anything else is likely missing the big picture and will be an ineffective coach.

If you’re reading this, congrats. You’re probably one of the few guys who is serious about improving his dating life with women. The internet is overflowing with guys and companies who offer coaching, content, and resources for improving at game. The problem is that the VAST majority of these are unqualified or total scammers. The risk to your progress from following one of these people is real. At best, you’ll make little to no progress; at worst, you could actually set yourself back big time. When looking at a coach, a bootcamp, or a product, use these 6 areas to evaluate it. That way, you can ensure you are learning from a true Master Pickup Artist / MPUA and not a guy who never gets laid.