Tinder Bio Guide – How to Write a Good Tinder Bio

A lot of guys contact us asking about how to write a good Tinder bio. We make no secret of the fact that having great Tinder profile pictures is the most important part of succeeding with dating apps. What if you already have good pics, or it’s something you’re working on? Well, if having great pictures is most of the battle, your dating bio can seal (or ruin) the deal for a girl. I’m about to share the Tinder bio I use most of the time. Read on to see a great guy Tinder bio example.

There are several other bios (along with Tinder photos for congruency) that I will use. These bios convey different things therefore the types of matches I get vary. For example, my explicitly sexual Tinder profile will get far less matches overall but will get more DTF girls, so it’s a much quicker process to get them over. The bio is under a strictly sexual frame from the very start, however the bio I’m going to show you is the most optimal one that is sexual enough but also displays your personality & some important traits. All of my bios have been tested over and over in the past few years with hundreds of dates.

There are 3 main aspects of your Tinder profile: photos, bio & textgame, which should all be congruent with each other. In my bio I have sexual lines to convey that I’m a sexual guy. One of these lines in particular is “Dominant”. I’ve seen guys use this line or an even more explicit word in their bio to describe their sexuality, but when I look at their photos it just wasn’t believable at all. For example, he had incredibly poor posture in his photos, his head was down in a submissive pose and he happened to look like Harry Potter in all of his photos… not a very dominant vibe. He did have one photo with a group of women but it was evident that the relationship between them was completely platonic. If I could sense his profile incongruencies as a guy, it must be even clearer to women who look at it.

You want there to be very little doubt that you are who you are trying to convey, and the best way to do this is to be congruent in all aspects of your profile. Your textgame is the final test (online) – You have an opportunity to convey sexual experience and authority using words.

We give examples of congruent photos and bios in our Online Dating Blueprint from our very own Mastermind members. But you can also check out our free guide on this here, but let’s focus on the bio only in this article.

I’ve tested out a shit ton of different formats. I’ve gotten opinions from girls that I’ve met with and girls in my rotation. Format matters. You want as many girls as possible to read your bio and read all of it. If it’s a cluster fuck of poorly written awful grammar and simply too much effort to read, then your bio will only work against you in reverse.

My favorite Tinder bio. Use this in your Tinder profile to improve your results.

Let’s go through my bio from top to bottom. I’ve tested it out thoroughly and established this format to be a winner. The first 3 lines I’ll always have at the top are always my height (exaggerated by an inch or two), my specific location or where I am from originally (if i’m traveling) and something that draws them in or DHV’s myself (Demonstrates High Value). One good way to DHV is to list your occupation if it’s something high value.

If you’re tall you definitely want to put your height on the first line like so. Even if you’re average height you should be adding a couple inches, women won’t know the difference and I’ve never had anyone question me on it. Height is one of the biggest basic criteria they look at, it can help you or it can just be a comfort for the girl to know that you aren’t several inches shorter than her.

The next is my location. I like to put a specific location while I’m traveling. When I was in Jakarta I didn’t put Jakarta, I put Menteng, which is the specific neighborhood I was staying. I do this for a couple reasons. First, a lot of girls will be suspicious you are swiping from outside their country. Second is that some of the neighborhoods I stay in are in itself a DHV as it’s a very high value neighborhood. This worked out well for me in Jakarta but also in Warsaw. I didn’t know I was in a very high value spot in Warsaw, but nearly every Polish woman commented on it. Right now I have Las Vegas because it comes with a lot of assumptions and most are DHV, especially as my job is to be a writer and speaker which goes well with the perception of someone from Las Vegas.

The next can line can be a number of things. You could very well leave it blank, but I have “Sex Writer & Speaker”. This piques a lot of interest from women as they almost always want to know more about my occupation. This is in a way what I call “baiting for sexualization” — it gives you permission to go sexual, but it also gives you permission to DHV yourself. I believe sexual DHV is the best DHV possible especially if you’re like me and exclusively set up fuckdates.

Have at least 5 bullet points.

I happen to have 13 but I typically have 5-7 depending on the location I’m swiping in. In the city where I am in right now I’ve noticed more women read my entire bio and select multiple points to open with or bring up at some point. That being said, you don’t need 13 and it may be overkill if you are in certain places like America or Europe. Study some of the points I use, they should be rather short, easy to read and to the point.

This is the part where you do a few different things. One is to display high value, to display that you are a sexual man (even DHVing sexually) and showing your personality, wit and humor. I’ve done this in my bullet points. This section gives women something to open you with or discuss and allows them to start qualifying themselves from the start in most cases.


“Great Oral Skills”

This is the first line I put in my bullet points, it’s by far my most successful line and angle as it sexualizes the interaction immediately. I’ve met hundreds of women based on this line (and my routine that follows via text) being my most opened line of all time. I have a more explicit line I sometimes use in its place “Pussy Eating Champ of 2019” — I only use this in English speaking countries like USA, Australia, etc. and doesn’t work as well in many other countries.

Hopefully you get it by now, women LOVE oral and they love multiple oral orgasms. If you can convey that you’re a sexual authority and that you can give them the best oral of their life and the most orgasms, it’ll be easy to get girls over to your place. I’ve used this angle for years and well over 100 lays from it. You should always have at least 2 sexual lines and another that can be lowkey conveyed as somewhat or possibly sexual (another point I’ll discuss later in this article).


This is a line I stole from our very own Alejandro PWF. Ever since implementing this word it has done wonders for me. As I wrote this, I had 2 girls on Tinder (A Brit and Russian) open me about this line. Typically it goes like: “Dominant, eh?”. Once they open me in reference with my dominant line, I know it is a DONE DEAL. These are always very submissive women, very DTF and usually after talking to them they’ve expressed how difficult it is to find a sexually dominant man on Tinder. And all their stories about weak beta males they’ve wasted time on. You should already know that all women are submissive, many in dire need for a strong, assertive dominant male in and out of the bedroom. There’s no “comfort building” in this situation. It’s all up to you to convince her that you are indeed the real deal, and you do so writing like a guy with authority. By far the best way to do so is through sexting (I just wrote an article about this, check out the Tips & Guides section).

“Expert Cuddler”

The thought of having “cuddler” in your bio may sound a bit soft, but it provides a great opportunity for women that aren’t brave enough to open you based on your sexual line to open you about cuddling. Girls in this category still want a sexual interaction or even want to meet at your place so, they’ll use this part of your bio to open you. It’s incredibly easy to go sexual from this line. I’ve set up cuddle dates where the idea is that she comes over to experience my expert cuddling, but of course this is just code for fucking. However, I’ve seen guys only use this line in their bio and nothing else which is a mistake. It can come across ultra corny if you don’t convey other traits in your bio. For example, she sees I am dominant and I have great oral skills, so she knows there’s a possibility she will experience them if she comes over for a cuddle.

“I once ran up to the Austrian president, beer in hand, for a photo”

I have women bringing this line up. It shows that I am fun, possibly risky and shows some personality. I also have a photo of it, so naturally they ask for the photo. It is always good to start an interaction where the girl is chasing for something, even if it is just a photo. I can always move them to Whatsapp to give them the photo. This is a great line to convey positive traits.

“40+ Countries visited”

This is simply a DHV. Women love to travel. It conveys that you’re adventurous and also conveys you probably have a bit of money. Travel is expensive, therefore it shows that you must have a job that allows you to travel the world and that fact is very appealing to any woman. The majority of girls on tinder also brand themselves as a traveler so we instantly have something in common and to talk about from the start.

“No felonies”

I was actually surprised that this one got such a positive response from women as it gives me a chance to use my “I’m not a felon, but I’d murder that pussy” line. Perhaps this is a witty way of building some kind of trust or comfort or not, but women do seem to like this line for whatever reason.

“Saved a woman from a burning car”

This actually happened and I have some photos as proof. It’s not something that has ever actually led to a date, but is a good conversation starter. This also displays my character.


I get mixed responses from this one. I love cats unapologetically. A lot of women hate cats and give me shit for it but it gives me something to work with. There are also women who love cats and when I have a pic of me (a big bearded man) cuddling a cute kitten, it gets a lot of responses (especially in Asia). For most guys I’d say stick with dog pics since it’s more manly, but since I have a rather masculine profile it only helps me.

“I speak German”

If you speak multiple languages put it in your bio, especially if you speak the language of the country that you’re visiting. It’s another DHV that comes with a lot of assumptions (like travel, career, etc.) Besides, I like to have sex with German women during my travels so this one helps me a lot with them.

“History and Science documentaries” is a light DHV. May convey that I am a smart guy. It isn’t needed in this bio, but it’s good to have along with my other lines. “Great genes” has been actually rather popular with women. I get a lot of openers asking me what makes my genes so great. I use this as a permission to DHV myself. I’ll even throw in my great oral skills. It makes no sense in that content, but no girl has ever questioned it.

“Must have a sense of humor!!!” is a good last line to use if you think your bio may trigger or offend some women. I used this especially when I have far more explicit or offensive lines like “I love girls with daddy issues!” — which I’ve gotten a lot of American girls hitting me up with that one. It subconsciously tells them to not be so serious. Especially when I come at them explicitly. I can be rather forward and offensive sometimes.

Please don’t copy my bio line for your own line. These are actually congruent and true things about myself. So make up your own based on what I’ve written that is truer to yourself.


Now this section of the bio has been crucial for me. This is the part where after she reads how cool you are, what you bring to the table (i.e. a dominant, fun man that can make her orally orgasms a ton), it gives her a chance to qualify why she would be a good fit for you. This is where you give her an opportunity to qualify herself sexually and non-sexually from the start.

Let’s say you have 5 weaknesses, 2 should be sexual and 3 should be non-sexual. Not only non-sexual, but rather broad so that most, or many, women can identify and qualify. For example, I have “short girls” as one of my weaknesses. I am in the shortest country in the world at the moment. That means almost all of my matches will qualify as being my type. “Accents”! Well I am in a foreign country so all women will have an accent when they speak English. “Smiles”. Women smile a lot in the country that I am in. It covers most women. And typically women believe they have cute smiles. They may also ask you if they have a nice smile, but they’re still trying to qualify.

You can use hot tall blondes as one. I’ve done this and even tall brunettes tried to qualify. “I’m a hot, tall with a nice booty, but I am not blonde 🙁 is that a deal breaker?” — it’s a done deal. You can make her qualify even harder and sexualize even more. I have “nice booties” which is the #1 thing women try to qualify themselves on.

I have a TON of screenshots like the one above. From this week going back to 2016. I use this to get girls to qualify sexually and set up booty massages. If you’re in the Mastermind, you know all about my oil booty massage date routine that I use. I have gotten DOZENS of booty massage dates using this routine and it usually stems from my weaknesses section. You still need to be smart about using this line, for example if i’m in a country where girls don’t have big booties I wouldn’t have this in my bio (change big booties to nice booties or cute booties). But when i’m in America, South America or certain parts of Europe, I’ll change that line, along with all my weaknesses. I may even add a weakness or two because these places women are more likely to try to qualify or get validation. Where I am at the moment having more bullet points (emphasis on oral skills and dominance) is far more effective.

If you have any more questions about your bio, feel free to post them in our forums, we do Live Q&A on Sundays as well. I will turn these articles and guides into Youtube videos as well so I can dive a bit deeper!

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