5 Key Steps to Set up a Solid Date with a Girl Over Text

A lot of guys get a good interaction going only to have it fizzle out when they go for the meet up. Or, they set up a date and the girl ends up flaking. And at least part of the issue, is quite often in HOW they try to close. In this article, I’m going to break down the most optimal closing strategy you can use for your first date.

It’s actually pretty simple. You can get girls to reliably agree to the date, and actually show up (not flake on the date), using these steps:

Step 1. Build Investment – If you want to maximize the odds of a girl responding positively when you invite her out, it’s important that you get her to invest a bit. In other words, she needs to be engaged in the interaction. Or else, she’ll probably flake on the date. Typically, I will wait on going for the close, until I get her investing.

Step 2. Soft Close – Once you get her investing in the interaction, the next step is to get her agree to the general idea of meeting up with you. You do this before you get into details. The underlying psychology here is that it’s much easier to get someone to agree to the general idea of something then an exact plan. This may sound a bit corny, but from my experience it definitely works.

Step 3: Figure Out Her Logistics – Once she has agreed to the general idea of meeting up with you then it’s time to get a feel for her schedule. This is why I often just ask, “What’s your schedule like?” It makes no sense to just randomly throw out a day and hope she’s free. It’s better to use some tact and create a situation where she is free to say yes.

Step 4: Hard Close – Now that you have an idea of her schedule, nail down a date & time that works for both of you.

Step 5: Confirm (if necessary) – If the date is a few days away, then you’re going to want to remind her in a low key way. Texting her a bit here & there leading up to the meetup is usually a good idea. If it’s our first time hanging out I might text her the night before “excited to meet you tomorrow ;)”. The morning of the date, I might send her a meme and then after she responds I’ll say “hey still good for tonight”. Overall, the idea is to confirm with her, to reduce the chances of her flaking or not showing up unexpectedly. If the date is the same night, then this is obviously not necessary.





Step1: This was a cold approach number. There had been a lot of investment when we met, as well in the texts leading up to this so I knew If I asked her to meet up, she’d be down

Step 2: The soft close here was un two parts. I asked about her job and after she replied, said “we should celebrate”. She agreed. Then I went one step further by saying “we should split a bottle of wine”. This is a very general invitation that most girls are likely to agree to

Step 3: I tried to gage if she was free that same night by saying “you feeling spontaneous tonight”. This essentially gets the same point across as if I texted “come over tonight”, without actually saying it. She communicated that she couldn’t, that night but hinted that she could tomorrow. The next text, I gathered more info before going for the hard close

Step 4: The hard close here melts into the precious step (sign of good text game). But, basically when I said “see you at 8?” that was it

Step 5: I texted her the next day with “Hola linda” after she responded, I confirmed with “See ya at 8?”

It can really be a simple as that. Just follow these 5 steps and you will get more girls out. You’re not going to get them all, but like a good poker player you will stack the odds in your favor which will pay off over time. With these steps, you’ll be on your way to having sex on the first date.