5 Powerful Conversation Topics that Lead to Sex

We are big believers that you need to have sex with the girl as soon as you can because sex is the ultimate form of investment from the girl. When girls have sex with a guy, they backwards rationalize that they liked the guy. The fuck ups (if any) during your interaction will be highly minimalized post-sex. When the sex happens, the scales balance out.

After sex, there’s a massive change in the dynamic between a girl and a guy. Before sex, the woman is typically the one that is being chased by the guy, because society says that women are gatekeepers of sex. (Case in point: You virtually never hear a guy saying “No” to an attractive girl if she wants to have sex.) But after sex, it’s equal, and the more you continue having sex with the girl, the more she’s going to feel connected and even start to be the one chasing you.

In other words, we believe the absolute best outcome is to have sex on the first date. It’s not always possible, but when you are successful, it gets a girl so much more invested in you than if you take multiple dates to smash.

However, many guys struggle to segue from a date into sex. The biggest challenge for guys is coming across as a “sexual threat” from the very first date because. I want to be very clear about what this means BTW – being a sexual threat has nothing to do with being excessively aggressive or pushing a girl to do something she doesn’t want. That’s always unacceptable.

What it means is, your intentions should be known. The girl knows that you’re not there to become her platonic friend. The frame is that you are a guy who fucks, and you see her as someone you want to have sex with. Doing this is an attraction trigger because it shows you know what you want and aren’t afraid to communicate.

So how can you position yourself as a sexual threat, and set yourself up to have the best opportunity to bang and give her the best sex she’s had?

In this article, I’m going to expand on how you can verbally achieve the goal of sub-communicating to her that “I wanna fuck you”. Keep in mind, you’re not going to ever exactly say that, because being that overt will often trigger some anti-slut-shaming on her part. So instead, here are a handful of powerful conversation topics that you can use on your date, that will help you lead to sex.

P.S. There aren’t verbatim line-by-line things you need to recite. You can turn ANYTHING sexual. You just need a strategy and some key mindsets to have.

1. Sexual Innuendos

I think humour is the most innocent way to introduce sex. When you joke about sex and she laughs, she’s automatically going to fall into the frame that sex is super normal. It doesn’t need to be this big thing like society makes it out to be. When you talk/joke about sex like it’s a mundane daily activity, she’s going to feel extremely comfortable emulating the same.

What’s an innuendo? You playfully misinterpret what she said in a dirty way. For example, she says “It was really hard to get here”. You could say, “That’s what she said”. (In case you need it spelled out: It is an innuendo because of “really hard” as in implying the D is getting hard.)

Now, you have to have the right tonality when you say this. Has to be playful and it will be received the same.

For more info on this: https://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/1067841/innocent-phrases-that-have-sexual-meanings/

This is a great article for different examples of how many things can have sexual meanings

2. Past relationships

Now, this is more of a logical way to bring it up. The date shouldn’t always look like it’s playful. At some point, the girl will want a bit of logical information exchange. Striking a balance between logical conversation and playful conversation is crucial. Too much seriousness is a boring “job interview” style date, and you’ll lose her interest. Too much playfulness, you might come off as a “dancing monkey,” and seem too ridiculous to her.

With that in mind, asking about past relationships is a great way to see where her mind is at regarding casual sex/sex in general.

Questions like:

  1. How long ago was your past relationship and why did it end?
  2. How was the sex? (Typically, a lot of relationships have bad sex for the girl’s side)
  3. Did he fulfill your fantasies? What’s the most adventurous place you guys had sex?
  4. What’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?
  5. What are some of your kinks?

All these questions are always asked back by women and you can just have detailed answers for each of these questions when asked back. And try even demonstrating high value sexually when asked. For example, “What are some of your kinks?”

“There’s a kink I’ve fulfilled before. With this hot European model. I basically edged her from orgasming for 2 straight hours. I tied her up to the bed and used toys on her just to stop last minute when she was about to cum. I eventually let her orgasm and she was convulsing for 15 minutes straight. Gushing all over my bed”

This will immediately get the girl to imagine herself being in this position and will subconsciously make her curious about what you are like in the sack. This is something I’ve done time and time again which worked successfully always.

3. What’s your type?

This is again a bit more logical topic around sex because you’re asking her type. And no matter what her answer says, all you have to do is gather the information and ask her “You like dominant guys. Don’t you?”.

Have a really deep, slow voice, with strong eye contact, when you’re saying this. This will hit well both mentally and logically since she’s going to be surprised that you picked up on it even though it’s a matter of fact that the majority of women enjoy a dominant man in bed. More like common knowledge but if you re-iterate it, she’s going to be excited in no time because she assumes that you get women, and understand their desires in bed.

4. Playing dumb

This is something Alex does with his dates. If you haven’t checked out some of the speed dates he’s done on our YouTube channel, you should do it NOW. In the above topics, when a girl talks about something sexual logically, you play dumb. Say she talks about BDSM:

“I’ve been curious about BDSM but I haven’t explored it much”

“Oh? What’s BDSM? Can you explain?”

“You seriously don’t know what BDSM is?” 

“No. What is it exactly?”

This gives her an opportunity to explain this and go into detail. And once she explains everything, you break the tension and let her know that you knew it all along

“I was fucking with you. I know exactly what BDSM means and I’ve done a few things from on there”

The effect that this makes is that she’s the one who’s talking about sex and you’re the one listening. In a way, she feels like she’s escalating on you. It’s a subconscious trick but a very effective one. You can use this literally for any sexual topic.

5. Blaming it on her

When you’re saying something that’s not sexual, say it with a playful smirk. And she’s going to laugh. You can again play dumb and ask why she’s laughing. For example, you guys are talking about her past partners:

“Have you been with an Indian guy before?”

No. I haven’t hooked up with an Indian before”

“Who talked about sex? I was asking if you went on a date with one. You have such a dirty mind”

This is a powerful tool to frame her as the one escalating on you. This will again make her rationalize that if she’s talking about such topics with you and she’s the one who’s bringing up the topic, obviously she wants to have sex with you. Or at least see where the night takes her


Verbally leading the conversation to sex is a great skill to have since it also builds a massive amount of comfort and non-judgement around sex. When you talk about sex like how you talk about food, she is going to automatically feel the same about sex – at least in the moment with you.

By leading the conversation through various sexual topics, you can keep your eye on the prize: getting laid on the first date. Plus, you can keep the conversation interesting, and demonstrate throughout that you’re a sexual threat.

Hope that helps,

Indian “That’s what she said” PE.