Hey guys! Indian PE with another real time analysis. Today, we’re gonna show you the Good and Bad of men’s Tinder bios.

You should know by now most of the key elements on how to write a good Tinder bio. For this article, we’re going to focus on showing you some real examples of Tinder bios. I will share a screenshot of each bio, and break it down, pointing out any common mistakes to avoid or strengths you might want to copy into your bio.

Without any further delay, let’s crack into the bad Bios and why:

The Good Tinder Bios

1. The Original mildly sexual bio


  1. This is a humorous one where he talks about getting a passing grade in Human sexuality.
  2. This bio gives a funny picture about him holding a scribbling pad where he pointed the clitoris as “cliboris”
  3. This bio will definitely get a laugh and can easily segue to sexualizing in a joking way. I would open a girl with “I want to snack your glute muscle” instead “I want to eat your ass”. This will open a lot of conversational threads
  4. Simple, sweet and humorous. That’s all you need sometimes



2. The Pun-ny Tinder Bio


  1. “You’ve got male”. Pun-ny joke which every girl will get. Dumbing down humor is key when you’re putting something funny on your profile. Or the girl won’t be able to fully relate
  2. “Not afraid of strings attached”. This is done in a tongue and cheek way of what he’s looking for. He’s not strictly looking for that but is open to that. Also, open to something more
  3. “Hit me up. Let’s have a drink or 5”. Assertive AND exaggerated humor which will get a girl to smile.
  4. He also puts what he does for work in very short and concise way. Also communicates that family values are big for him.
  5. So, it’s a very well balanced profile since the “No strings attached” will communicate he’s looking to fuck. But, also it is softened by the whole “Nurse & family thing”


3. The Funny Quote in the Bio


  1. First quote starts off from his mom. Which is hilarious since Moms will always say nice things about you.
  2. “Long walks, fresh beach, flowers” as hobbies. He could have added some more but it’s still okay since he adds the line of “CDC guidelines” for a trend joke twist
  3. “Chipotle rewards member”. Bitches love chipotle and the fact that he puts it there gives him more points since he’s flexing it
  4. Extroverted but can sit at home and watch shows. Balance since the girl knows he won’t always be doing things but can also relax
  5. Ending with “I smile more than my pictures let on”. Overall a pretty solid bio description and will get a swipe right more often than not


4. The witty one liner:


  1. Witty one liner. Sometimes, you can keep it as simple as this and still get matches
  2. Women don’t have to know all your family and medical history to actually
  3. This style of bios will work if you can come up with something original as well. Since it’s bumble, height and other hobbies/activities, info can be seen too


The Bad Tinder Bios

1. The Tinder Bio That Screens Out 90% Of Women


  1. Look, a large percentage of women on Tinder would agree that they’re “not looking for hookups.” But also many girls, especially on apps like Tinder, aren’t out looking to jump right into a monogamous long-term relationship.
  2. Without giving any information about himself, he chose to only put “Looking for a non monogamous relationship”. Now, this definitely going to get the girl think that as soon as she has sex with him, he will get needy and try to lock her down.
  3. The only real good thing going for this is that it’s short. But, other than that, it’s just an extremely bland bio.
  4. When a girl looks at this, she has no information to go with. He’s heavily depending on his pictures to do the work.
  5. “No hookups” thing is a bit of a softener but there’s nothing harsh/sexual on the profile to soften.2. The Douchey bio


3. The Douchey Bio


  1. The header says it all. This description comes across very douchey. “Right amount of toxic masculinity” can be taken seriously by most women even though it might have had the intention to be a joke
  2. “Smokes weed every god damn day”. The tonality is still the same. You can almost hear he scream at you. A simple “420 friendly” would have sufficed.
  3. “If you play WoW, I’ll look over all your character flaws”. Hardcore prize framing himself here which is fine. But, what he’s inadvertently doing is that he’s screening girls out who don’t play WoW. Most girls don’t even know what that is
  4. He put his original height on there which isn’t really tall (5’8”). Big mistake if not the biggest on his bio. Women are usually 5’5” or lower. And if you add two inches to your original height, they’re gonna think to themselves as them being more feminine around you and you’ll get a right swipe
  5. “Don’t care how tall you are” and “beautiful women come in all sizes”. This communicates that he has low standards when it comes to appearance of a woman. Automatic swipe left if the pictures are not that great.
  6. This is overall a very imbalanced bio where he is only inclined towards one side of the spectrum where he’s being aggressive/douchey


3. The Directionless “Road to Nowhere” Bio


  1. “Chat, friends and dates…eventually”. Very unsure about what he’s looking for on there. A massive demonstration of low value and attraction killer.
  2. He re-iterates “Let’s chat”. Again, makes it seem like he doesn’t know what he wants. Or worse, that he can only find people to chat on Tinder and can’t really do that with anyone anywhere else.
  3. His true height is 5’8 which already puts him at a disadvantage. You’re better off not putting that on your bio and let the girl find out for herself. If you do want to put it on there, make sure to add at least a couple inches and try matching with girls who’re 5’5 or lesser since the other ones are gonna automatically swipe left
  4. “Work and live in Chicago”. He seems to work in Insurance. That’s not a very appealing job. So, he was better off not mentioning that in his bio – maybe putting his hobbies instead.
  5. “No social media”. When girls see this, they automatically think he’s not keeping up with the latest trends. It’s one thing to tell a girl when she asks for your Insta that you don’t use social media. But, putting it up in your bio just indicates lack of modern awareness / social life. Plus, some girls like to see social media to know you’re not a catfish.


4. The Loooong Bio


  1. Extremely long bio description. “Works in brand mngt/advtg”. It almost seems like he wanted to add the full word but couldn’t because of the word limit. Simply putting “Brand Manager” would have made a night and day difference.
  2. LTR as the second point. Losing points already (see bad bio #1).
  3. He does add some good points about things he does of value – biking, scuba diving, kayaking, etc. All hobbies which communicate he has a life outside work and Netflix.
  4. Languages could have just been replaced by “Speak 5 languages” or “tri-lingual”. He takes some of the intrigue out of it for the girl by listing them all here. This is a great conversation area you can get by just leaving more intrigue.
  5. Glider planes, healthcare staffing are unnecessary points which he could have avoided entirely.
  6. Panda and bear association is a great softener for a sexual bio. But, there’s literally no mention of sex on a “hookup” app.
  7. Friends & dates. Followed by “NO 1 Liner replies. (Your smarter than that)”. This is where he loses all attraction. This communicates that he usually gets 1 liner replies and that he gets frustrated at that, sub communicating that he doesn’t have women in his life. Plus he tells the reader they are “smarter than that” and misspells “your” (should be “you’re”), which makes him look dumb.
  8. The “NO 1 Liner” line also suggests he doesn’t know how to keep the conversation moving forward. Yet he goes on about “Please don’t begin a conversation you can’t even maintain”.
  9. What most men on Tinder don’t understand is women generally aren’t great topic pickers or conversation starters. It’s your responsibility as the man to carry the conversation, to make things happen, and ultimately, to lead to sex. Putting this responsibility on the girl can spell doom since she may get turned off by the unnecessary pressure.



As you can see, there’s a pattern that guys with bad profiles have. They either communicate neediness, or lack of a social life. This will definitely get a swipe left since girls take their time to read bios since it’s more than just looks for them. Creating a good bio is not that complicated. Keeping it short, light hearted, fun and sprinkling in DHVs will get you a swipe right if you already have good photos. The worst thing you could do is to not have a bio description. Girls will automatically swipe left

Hope that was helpful,
Indian PE.

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