I was riding a big high after leaving Poland and hooking up with the Hot Romanian Girl a few hours before my early morning flight. As we were laying in bed, she started showing me some pictures of her friends and they definitely made me very excited to get to Romania. She was going to be the appetizer before my entree(s). Unfortunately, my experience could not have been more different than my expectations. I will cover exactly what I disliked about Romania in my next Post. To be honest, I was surprised I even pulled this one Lay off.

We matched during my first day or two in Romania, but she proved to be quite difficult to meet up (something that I experienced a lot in Romania). Would randomly stop responding. Low investment answers. Wouldn’t give me her number. Busy every time I tried to make plans. However, through good text game and persistence, I finally got her to agree to meet up with me my last night in Bucharest. She didn’t want to come straight to my place so I picked a bar a few blocks away and told her to meet me there.

She shows up and fortunately looks exactly like what I expected. Short, skinny, tan, with a nice Romanian booty. Despite, my lack of success the past five days my game was very on point. I gave her a confident hug, complimented her look, and led her to a bar down the street (the one I picked was closed). We sat outside at a fairly crowded joint and ordered some wine. Right away I took my chair and moved it to be 90 degrees from her instead of across the table, saying I don’t want this to feel like a job interview.

We actually wound up vibing pretty well. She wasn’t a bitch at all like i semi-expected, (in hindsight most of the girls in Romania were nice in person, and only “bitchy” during text). We talked about travel (always big DHV). I made a lot of random jokes about my observations of Romania, her, and everything else. She laughed a lot. I held strong eye contact and slowly moved closer and closer to her. She gave me a few minor shit tests, saying that I am too confident or why am I touching her leg. I passed all of them with flying colors and she kept growing more attractive. We were at the bar for about an hour and a half. I took my time, but around the half way point it was pretty much on as we started talking about sexual experiences, which led to talking about turnons, which ultimately led to us talking about sex as “we” instead of “you” and “I”

I built up a lot of tension during the date. I would also rub her knees and thighs, but never went for the kiss, further adding to the tension. My usual approach is to get a small make out prior to going to the pull, but I made an exception here. I had come to learn that Romania is quite social circle oriented and numerous times during the date the girl thought she saw someone she knew. This meant that too much PDA could backfire on me. Instead, when I felt the moment was right, I asked for the check. Paid it (Romania is super cheap), got up, and started just leading her to my place. I didn’t ask or even really acknowledge where we going. The conversation was quite sexual and she knew what was up

We get to my place. I lead her to the couch and put on some music. She started dancing right away, which very quickly led to her grinding on me. A few minutes later we were banging. Zero LMR. She was super down and begged me to fuck her harder and slap her ass. Two requests that I was happy to oblige. Afterwards, she bounced to an after party and I passed out. It was a good way to end off my six-day trip to Romania, but I was still glad to get the fuck out. Prague was the last stop of my trip and It definitely proved to be a good one.

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