As you’ve probably gathered from my last lay report, Romania was by far my least favorite Country during my Euro trip. I pretty much disliked every single thing about it. Online game is my strong suit and it sucked. Tinder/Bumble/Badoo all were dead. I tried doing a sexual profile, non-sexual profile. No matter what I did, I barely got any matches. Unfortunately, day game was not much better. There were some hot girls, but they were far in between. Walking around Finland and Poland, I had gotten used to seeing stunners everywhere I look. This was not the case in Bucharest. Most of the hot girls that I did see were with their boyfriends or large groups. During my many strolls around Bucharest, I would often walk around five, ten, fifteen minutes before seeing any approachable women

On average, girls were a lot friendlier and nicer then Poland, but many had weird logistical issues. Either they lived in some village an hour away, or they were just about to leave for some trip early the next day. I met numerous girls, who were into me but the logistics just didn’t work out. Furthermore, It was hot as fuck. During the summer, Bucharest is unbearably hot during the day. I couldn’t walk around for more then thirty minutes at a time before sunset. As a city, Bucharest itself is absolutely nothing special. I expected it to be super cool and ancient looking. However, the old part of the city can be walked in less then five minutes. At night the “old town” does have a cool/enchanted vibe, but it gets old very quick. The rest of the city just looks a bit run down.

However, after talking to a few people who live in Romania, I realized that there were two key pieces of information that I didn’t know:

1) I went at the wrong time. During the summer, because of the heat and its proximity to the Black Sea, most people who live in Bucharest drive out to the coast.

2) Bucharest itself, despite being the biggest city, is not the best city for game in Romania. Everyone was telling me that I should have gone to Cluj.

Overall, I do not recommend Romania, at least definitely not Bucharest in the Summer. A lot of people told me that I was going to be mugged by gypsies or mauled by stray dogs, both of those obviously did not turn out to be true. I did not see a singly gypsy or stray dog, during my whole time in Bucharest. Its simply that in my opinion there are just too many cooler destinations right nearby. Fortunately, my next one, Prague, proved to be just that.


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