The following is a guest post written by “Indian PE”

Contrary to popular belief, Sin City is not some magical pussy paradise. It is a unique city, with its own unique set of challenges and factors that must be taken into consideration. This article will dive into these and everything you need to know to maximize your chances here.

1) Logistics – This is mentioned first for a reason. Having good logistics is 80% the battle in Vegas. With average game, but bad logistics, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Ideally, you want to be on the strip so that you can baby step her back to your hotel or airbnb. A few minutes drive is ok, but the further you are from the strip the harder it is going to be. Girls who visit Vegas are on average pretty paranoid of venturing too far from the strip and this will often be the make it or break it factor.

2) Working Volume: Having as many leads as possible is important everywhere, but it’s even more so in Vegas. Girls are usually here for the weekend and have a million things on the agenda. Even the most well intentioned nice Midwestern girl could turn into a flake simply because of the circumstances. This is why it’s essential to be working volume

3) Going for the SNL (Same Night Lay): There is no place on earth, where a phone number is less of a big deal then Vegas. Girls are drunk, in a party mood, and will give away their phone number like candy on Halloween. Your goal should always be to bang the girl that same day/night. Don’t settle for the number, unless the logistics make it highly improbable and meeting up at a different time is absolutely required

Night Game

There is no end of the night: The best thing about gaming in Vegas is the buying temperature of these girls no matter how hot is always high. Apart from the morning breakfast time, at every other time, girl’s BT is high. They are very receptive to good game and even average to below average game since guys either are too creepy or just plain don’t approach. You get points from just opening.

But this is where it gets tricky. The first half of the night is when girls are more receptive to being pulled. They respond really well to average and below average game and even being social can get you a lot of pulls. But in Vegas, the more time you spend in the nightclub, the more you fuck it up. The clubs are designed to work against your favor. The creepy dudes grabbing asses. Dancing like retards. Lots of chaos. Friends pulling the girls away. So, getting approval of the friends is a huge obstacle. All these girls have this weird prejudice about Vegas being a hell hole of serial rapists.

You are way lower value than the girls here. The club values the girls as if they are gods. The girls get in for free everywhere any night. Guys can too but you’d need to have an in. Girls are given free alcohol, free access to the DJ, or any table even if she is a 7. Perceived value of a girl in a Vegas nightclub is 10 times higher while for a guy, it’s the complete opposite. You’re automatically paired in as a creepy dude even if you’re nice as fuck. So, you’d need to have your body language and tonality on point. Body language to show dominance and confidence while tonality to remind the girl that she’s equal or lesser value than you.

You must leave the club at the right moment. It’s either for the pull or the club is too chaotic and you give her an out to chill at the bar with you. You baby-step your pulls most in Vegas. The girl has no idea where to go or if she’ll be back. So, it’s important you show your dominant traits at each step. She’s going to give you a ton of objections.

There’s a few very common objections girls give which actually can be cleared quite easily if you say it with confidence and certainty.

1. “I can’t leave my friends”

“It’s okay. We’ll grab one drink and be right back”

2. “I came here for the DJ”

“Let’s go grab drinks quick and be ready for the main DJ.”

3. “I just got here. I can’t leave the club”

“We’ll just grab one drink. You got your stamps right? We can come back inside”

All these objections are only superficial if you have your attraction game and leading on point and she knows what’s up. If you are pulling home on a premise other than you fucking her, you are definitely fucked. I’ve pulled on social premises and couldn’t close on a series of 17 pulls. This was a year back when my game was shitty and I used to follow RSD

The last part of the night:

Girls are horny as fuck but at the same time creeped out by all the weirdos who have been approaching them the whole night. So, it’s tricky to get a solid hook during this point. You probably need to have a really good vibe and intensity to have a good hook. There’s girls sitting and lazing around in the casino waiting for something to happen. A simple social frame actually contributes to a good set in this part. One thing I love about Vegas is the quality of girls here. It feels like the hottest girls in the world decide to come here every week. You can literally party every morning and night.

The “it’s Vegas” frame:

It’s crazy how many committed/married women come to Vegas to be fucked by a rando. I’ve spoken to married girls and they feel it’s normal to have one last hurrah before they commit to the provider for life. I actually pulled a hot blonde from the bar to my car who’s bf was a chode playing at the tables and he didn’t notice she was gone. 

I’ve had plenty of friends who pulled bachelorettes from the group, took them up to their hotel room. A good long bang and back to the group. The girls come up with crazy stories to rationalize what they did in Vegas. Whatever they do in Vegas, they don’t consider it cheating. They feel like Vegas is like this Bermuda Triangle. All the sin you commit stays in the city.



Vegas is probably the only city in the world where girls are high BT even in the morning after a night of drinks. You’d think they’d be fatigued from the hangover but, NO….They wanna keep it going. There’s pool parties 6 months of the year. You have girls in skimpy clothes walking around the strip. It’s crazy how welcoming they are to be opened on the strip.

There’s too many creepy dudes hanging around in the clubs/dayclubs and hence you’d need on point game to get through the initial awkwardness. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pull a girl off the strip and straight to your place if you just lead strong and have a good overall vibe. So, it’s extremely important to stay on the strip or very close. Not just for you to fuck easy but to not creep the girls out by taking them to abandoned allies (other places off the strip). I had pulled from daygame one time who “lost her friends” and had a bum phone. She opened me asking for a cigarette. I end up driving her to my place. Which was actually very shitty at that time. I couldn’t close but settled for a blowjob. I had horrible game back then and you can only imagine how easy it was even with shitty game

You can open the girls working in the stores who are locals but do not expect much to happen since they have this weird idea about visitors. So, you might as well say you are planning to move there in the next week. Vegas girls are very flakey as well. I’ve asked Alex about his experience in LA and Miami. But Vegas flakes are similar as well. Girls make plans with you forgetting that they already had plans. I’ve had a few girls who were hooked by the pussy eating line and suggest the meet and seem excited but they actually flaked and ghosted hard without even a good explanation. 


Random pulls in Vegas are more common then in other places. Aside from girls just walking around the strip, the casino and the casino bars are also a great place to meet girls (just make sure to not waste time with prostitutes). There are a lot of girls who come to Vegas and want to get fucked, but are either not into clubs or are just too tired that night. They will sit at the slot machines lazily gambling or go to the more low key bar at their casino

Taxi lines are another great place. If a girl is by herself, your chances are quite good. I was in line with my buddy once going home from the Cosmo and there was a hot Latina behind us, after a few minutes of talking she agreed to come back to our hotel and do shots with us. Ten minutes after getting into the room i was banging her. This stuff happens everywhere, but its even more common in vegas



Vegas is very finicky with online game. You either need to look like a Model or look very high status in your profile to get a ton of matches. So, tinder in Vegas is very volatile. Girls are barely there for a weekend and as we all know they are so shitty at handling their own logistics. They either stay cramped up with 3 other “sisters” or they are with family. These girls are never sure of what they want there. 

They either want a regular guy who’s got good game to fuck them with so much effort of isolating from the friends and handling logistics. Or, an easy Tinder lay but on their terms which is probably again going to be “Somewhere close to the strip”. They get weirded out from all the stories they heard about girls getting raped when drove far off the strip. For locals, the key is just to mention something about living in Vegas.

When it comes to the style of texting, being direct works really well as long as you have a solid profile. A quick bang for a girl is all she is looking for and looks/value attract her first. You are competing against creepy sugar daddies and 20,000$ table ballers.

Ever had a situation where you stare at your phone waiting for a girl’s message? And you instantly reply to her? That might be considered needy anywhere else but in Vegas, that’s a necessity. Remember! The girls are staying there only for a little bit. So, you start off with a solid opener which seeks investment. Investment is everything. The more investment you get in a short amount of time, the more solid the lead can go. 

Since girls who come to Vegas are generally DTF, if you get leads who are not comfortable with sexual investment, stop wasting your time. What’s worked for me is the sexual investment element since you want the girls to be thinking about getting fucked by you even before meeting you up. The dates could be public or straight to your house. If you are struggling for matches, then you might as well meet them in public and then pull them home. But still, sexual investment is key. I have actually gotten some public meets without sexual investment but since my in-person game is getting better, i was able to close a few. For any type of date, your profile needs to be a DHV.


Best way to get laid in Vegas:

I’d say a nightclub as long as you have good social skills where you can isolate your target with ease and pull home and fuck. I’ve never had consistent results from night game because of my game being average last year but I’ve seen guys with good game have consistent results with minimal effort. You need to have your assertiveness on point and always be leading.

XS and Omnia rooftop are by far the best places to game and pull from. Omnia main club is the complete opposite. Too much chaos, too many creepy dark alleys. You might get mugged on the way to the bathroom.

The next best is online. Girls are horny af the moment they gather their bags from the carousel at the airport. And when guys creep them out in the clubs, they resort to tinder and bumble. Be alert and watchful. You might get hit up at 2 am saying “Where you at?”

Daygame is my least favorite since even though the girls are DTF, they generally have plans after the pool parties.


Bonus Tip #1: How to get into the club for free

Easiest was is to just try to get in touch with a promoter. Most of the days, you can get into specific clubs without paying if you’re on the guest list. Also, during the weekdays, there’s clubs which accept local ID to let you in for free. An easy thing you can do is google the owners of the parent company who owns the club and tell the bouncer you’re family friends with that person. All you need is a name and some confidence and you will be very suprised how far you can get. I’ve pulled this off numerous times at Marquee

If you’re going to be in vegas for more then just a few days, then a get a TAM Card. This basically an ID card for locals who work for the industry. However, you don’t actually have to work in the industry or at least no one ever checks. All you have to is take a $25 exam and you will be given one. Then you can get into the clubs on local nights. It’s a different day for a different club.

Bonus tip #2: Getting Laid from Couchsurfing

This is a hidden gold mine. Couchsurfing is a website where broke people from outside the country come stay at your house for free. My previous roomie, Justin had said he closed a few girls from couchsurfing in LA. This is actually perfect. The girls are aware of what happens in Vegas. They almost feel like they are a burden to the host and they feel like they need to behave. This somehow translates to them being submissive. It’s very important to not be creepy. Your profile on CS must be a comfort builder since there’s creepy guys on there too.

We must have hosted at least 7 times and all these girls were dtf.. There’s a lay report in the PWF facebook group about how I banged an 8.5 polish girl on Jan 1st. My game was on point that day when I tackled her and her Swedish best friend (also an 8.5). It was a social frame from the start of the walk to the strip and to the end when we got dressed for the hot tub (Another panty peeler as I call it. Stay at a place which has a 24 hour pool). I did tons of teasing to make the close happen since the polish hadn’t fucked for almost 2 years. It was an epic close and could have converted to a threesome if I wasn’t too drunk. Here is a post with three of our couchsurfing lay reports.

Tips for Couchsurfing the right way: Don’t be creepy: Very easy to fall into this category since their defenses are up from the other creepy dudes on the site Hard Qualify: The girls need to be reminded that it was not just because of their looks that we hosted them. So, subtle screening of them before the visit helps. Non-judgemental: These girls are DTF and very receptive. Make sure you create a very non-judgemental environment since if they fuck they do not feel slutty thinking they got a free stay because of the pussy. Drinking games: I am personally not a fan of this for when you pull girls from the club. But for Couchsurfing, it’s a great build up and helps them open up about their deepest desires. Have a roomie/wing: There’s barely any girls who come visit by themselves. Have a wing for the groups. The girls can make their decision of who to fuck.



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