Fucking 3 Euro Couchsurfers + 2 Tag Teams (by David)

This Post will be about the last 3 couchsurfers I banged. A Finnish, an Italian and a Spanish/Asian.


Blonde Fake Titty Finnish Girl:

Finnish Couchsurfer Bang

This Couchsurfer was traveling around the USA from Finland. My friend/roommate had met her in Los Angeles and drove her back with him to Vegas. She stayed for over a week with us. The plan was that I would game her but my friend decided all of a sudden that he wanted a shot at her. But I decided to game her a bit as well since I had cancelled a fuckdate to do so. They come home and I immediately introduce myself. I had a Finnish girlfriend for a long time so I felt I understood them well enough. I’d game her as I would my ex. I made sure the first impression was strong. That I was dominant and confident. Finnish girls in my experience are very blunt and sexually open and forward. I also had my buddy competing who is less dominant, more needy, talks a lot, etc. So he’d unintentionally help me.

Within the first 30 mins of meeting her I tried to open her up sexually. I want her to talk about sex freely and I want to show her that I am non judgmental and that I am sexual. But also competent sexually. I also wanted to show her that I will not get attached and I will fuck her right and let her go. This is especially important because I know my buddy will begin to get needy and romantic. Which is not what she is wanting since she is going back to Finland.

The first topic within mins was about how I dated a Finnish girl and created some commonality. A bit later I get her on the topic of her hot friends somehow. I think I asked her if she has any hot friends for me. She showed me pics of her friends. I can tell she’s thinking that this fat fuck could never bang her hot friends. So I tell her one of her friends look like my ex. Naturally she wants to see so I pull out pics of her. I tell her most are nudes and she’s cool with it. My ex is hot, so she’s a bit surprised. “How? She’s hot” – Blunt. Translation: “How did your fat ass get her?!” – What? Am I too ugly to get hot women? Here let me show you the last several girls I banged. I show her pics of the hottest girls i’ve fucked. She is stunned. I have her curiosity. What does he have?

So I bring up my orgasms skills. I also tell her that I do pick up and teach men how to get hot women. Major DHV. Really increased the interest.

I also guessed that she has a pierced pussy and fake tits. I was right and she was very impressed. I told her how that was hot and she opened up a lot more sexually. All within the first 30. Now my friend saw that he was losing it and tried to interject constantly to gain control again. Later he believed that she was really into him even though her body language showed otherwise any time she came close to him. He wanted me to back off. He brought her to the hot tub. Tried making out. Came back. Couldn’t take defeat so made her go to bed as it was late. She was very hesitant and told him it was very stupid. But he wouldn’t listen. He made moves, nothing. The next day she laid in bed until the afternoon, likely feeling uncomfortable that she rejected him a few times. So I got him to go apologize and she came out and all was well.

Throughout the day though my friend wouldn’t allow us to have a minute of alone time. Even at one point giving her chores like reorganizing his closet to keep her away from me. This was only helping me look more enticing.

It’s 3 am and I haven’t had the chance to talk to her. He was there the entire second day. Interjecting. So all I had was strong eye contact, smiling, body language, etc. I waited until he couldn’t hang anymore. She did as well. We both knew it was on when he went to bed.

He finally gave in, went to bed around 3 am. She was a bit tired and I needed to bang while I had the window. So seconds after he went to bed I immediately dumped my water on her. Emotional spike and woke her up a bit. We had a minute of playful wrestling and picked her up and carried her to my bed. I took control. I laid her down face first and took off her pants. Smacked her ass and fingered her from behind. I was right about her pussy piercing. Then made her suck my dick. Fucked her all night.

The next day was a bit awkward since my friend was working in the living room and his couchsurfer was in my room sleeping with me. The next several days she slept with me in my bed and fucked while my friends tried to game her when I was out of the room. But she had totally submitted to me already.

We go out one night (like the previous 2 nights) and a member of the facebook group introduces himself to me. I’ve never met him before. I was with the Finnish girl, we we’re going to do threesome game. But she had gotten us kicked out of 2 clubs already and I was done banging her. So I thought it would be more convenient and also fun to pass her on to this member I had just met. I introduce them to each other. I take her to the dance floor and tell her that is one of my members (she knows I do pick up) and that I want her to fuck him. She has concerns that he’ll be shit in bed. I get her to easily commit. She’s submissive to me. I bring her back to my member and tell him to mingle with her for 5 mins and just pull back to his place. Which happens to be next door to me. He does so and bangs her. Brings her back to home the next morning. This was the first girl out of 3 that I gave him that he closed.

Finnish Tagteam


Three Italian Couchsurfers – Teamwork Close An Hour Before Their Flight:


Italian couchsufer bang

Nitin and I hosted 3 Italian couchsurfer friends for a few days. Nitin introduces me to the group and I immediately focus on the tall blonde. I notice that another girl is giving me IOI’s and that the blonde is clearly into Nitin. So I shifted my focus on the one with the most interest in me.

I bring up that I am half Italian and lived in Sicily for 4 years to share some commonality with them. As I did with the Finnish girl. After I’ve gamed my girl and the group a bit, we step out on a high note. I want them to possibly sort out who gets who. We went to Hakkasan night club that night. We know that the 3rd girl is going to be a problem. She is the older and much more experienced one out of the group. She is the alpha. She is also the most DTF. Our 2 girls have a total lay count of 3 together. Very conservative Catholic girls.

The first night we want to game our girls well and go for the close the 2nd night or even the last night. But we will have to find a way to isolate the alpha or our girls from the group. Which wasn’t an easy task as they were glued to the hip. The night at the club went well. I was vibing with my girl and dancing with her. She tried to go in for a kiss and I pulled away. Teasing her a bit.

There was no way to get rid of the alpha or find a guy for her, so we go home and call it a night.

The next day the tension between me and my girl amped up. Her English was bad but we had a lot of strong eye contact and non verbal flirting.

We played a game called “never have I ever” to get them to open up sexually but also to get some intel on them. It went well.

We had planned to go to another night club and the girls were all dressed and ready. I had isolated my girl on the balcony, in my lap, but Nitin was unable to distract or isolate the other girls so I could pull my girl into the room. I was pretty frustrated because I had finally had my window and my girl was incredibly conservative. Nitin messed up the guest list and we were unable to go out. So I call over Daniel to entertain the 3rd girl. He shows off his six pack, tries to game the girl, but they weren’t having it despite demanding him come over (I talked him up for a day).

The girls were obnoxiously upset still about the club issue and I lashed out at them. I told them they could go fuck off by themselves. They asked for the key to go to the hot tub and I told them no and we left to get food without them. Came back and went to my room, excluding them. I later found out this really spiked their emotions. I don’t know why this would work in my favor, but it did. There was an issue to take control of the group from the alpha bitch. It wasn’t until I lashed out and told them to go to bed that it changed. Our 2 girls knew that their chance of getting laid were being disrupted by the 3rd girl. So on the last night the tone was a bit different. We didn’t talk the entire day and they had left for the club without us. We showed up an hour after them and found them on the dance floor.

We we’re gaming other girls while weighing our options on whether or not we should pull the couchsurfers back and try one last time before they leave (5 am flight).

We had multiple promising sets throughout the night we could pull. My girl sees that I am dancing and flirting with other women. So I decided to call her over while I am in set hoping to create an interesting competition. But our set leaves. The Italians regroup together on the dance floor.

I had opened a hot blonde earlier and let her go and I can see her subtly moving closer to me on the dance floor. She is clearly interested. We kept making eye contact. Her friend is also hot. This is our perfect pull and close. Nitin goes to the girl and tells her something like my friend wants you. Her eyes light up and she gives me full attention. I had to make a decision then if I wanted to go with the hotter club girl or to continue my streak banging couchsurfers and take my chances before their flight which was in a couple hours. So I ignore the hot girls (making it awkward for Nitin).

I tell him lets go with the Italians. It’ll make a better LR. But they’ve left the club. We send them a text saying that we turned down 2 hot girls to be with them and that we are going to take them back home. Every time we’ve tried to isolate our girls or take control, the alpha bitch would cockblock, likely because she’d be left out. But I was told later on that our girls pushed back against her so that they wouldn’t miss out on another opportunity for us to fuck them. We demanded that they come with us. We meet at the casino and pull them back. Nitin has isolated his girl and I isolated mine on the way to the car.

We get back home. They pack a bit. I meet my girl “accidentally” in the bathroom for a quick make out. I tell her to come to my room after she pisses. But she didn’t. The alpha bitch, who apparently got the message from her 2 friends, took a nap on the couch. Nitin finally isolates his girl, taking her for a walk to the hot tub. My girl tries to go with and I pull her back in. I try to get her in my room by using lame excuses like let’s watch something or come check this out. Nothing. She asks “what do you want from me?!” and then I’m like fuck it, I want to suck on your tits and fuck you right now. Lets go. Grab her hand and pull her in.

She’s super stiff and awkward. I start teasing her body a bit to loosen her up. I go for her clit and she gives me some objections. I go for the kiss and she moves away but in a teasing, chase me way. She wants to be dominated. So I forcefully bring her back in to make out. She’s into it. I slide my hands down her pants. She is soaking wet. I finger a bit. Slide her pants off. Her shirt. She’s super shy, covering her tits. The day before I had told her that I pickup and that my laycount was 300. Showed her pics of girls I’ve banged. This seemed to help me but also made her self conscious of her body and feeling as if she would be judged by me. I know this because she told me this several days after she left. So I seemed to have created the objections and LMR.

I get on top and try to slide my dick in her. She was the tightest girl that I’ve ever had. Even with lube, it was not easy. I can feel her growing impatient, especially as her flight was in less than an hour. So I forced it in as she let out a moan.

In the meantime Nitin had came back just after I had gotten my girl in my room and he brought her to his room and closed as well.

Minutes after fucking the alpha was calling them in so they could catch their flight.

The Italian hit me up many times after their stay. She roasted me a bit saying that my entire game was weak and that we could’ve been fucking the entire time because she wanted it and all I had to do was ask. I told her that I have to be far more careful with couchsurfers to avoid bad reviews and awkwardness during the long stay.


Risky Text Gaming Spanish/Chinese Couchsurfer + Plus Nitin Morning Tag Team


I was on the Couchsurfer app and joined this girl’s hangout group. I was going to invite her to the club, but she PMed and told me she was only 20. This girl was different looking. She was Spanish/Egyptian/Chinese mixed. But there was a review she had left for a previous host accusing him of trying to fuck her and getting angry when he was rejected. So I needed to be careful while also showing my intentions with her.

Throughout the interaction she repeatedly said no sex. I eventually got her to agree to a date. And to admit that she finds me attractive. Slowly working my way to getting her to commit to practically a fuckdate. The first couple nights she wasn’t going for it.

The last night she randomly asks if I snore. Implying that she’d sleep in my bed with me. Then asks if I can still host. I got her to agree to kissing. But she backs out again. I continue my persistence. I know I’d most likely be able to close her anyway at this point, but I want more certainty and commitment. I got her to admit she finds me cute and that she is not a virgin. But she once again backs out and ghosts me. At this point I had 2 other girls on standby and I had to decide which one to fuck. So the texts leading up to actually getting her here I was buying time for as long as possible.

But she calls me on whatsapp and we chat for over 30 minutes. I was super charming and funny and built a lot of comfort. She complimented my sexy voice and asked if she could stay the night. So I call her an uber and cancel my other fuckdates.

I meet her outside and bring her in. Already pretty good chemistry. We walk in and within a minute she asks for my room and takes her shoes off and lays in bed. We chat laying next to each other and she’s very close. Touching me nonstop throughout our conversation.

I can tell she wants it and is chasing. She’s got horny eyes already.

She asks if we can watch Netflix in bed. Before I can set it up she asks if she can touch my beard. Brushes it. Another excuse to touch me.

I turn the lights off so we can watch Netflix. Instead I told her she owes me the kiss. Slight objection, but we make out for a minute. I grab her nice booty and move my hand around to her clit from outside her yoga pants. She’s digging it for a second then gives me objections about how I’m her host and this isn’t right. It’s fake, weak objections. She turns around the opposite direction and asks to spoon her. So I do, but with my hard cock sticking in her ass. I tell her she can’t sleep with her clothes on so I take them off. She complains my clothes are still on, I take them off and slide my hands down her panties and fingers her. She’s moaning loud af and enjoying it. She gives more objections and stops me. Much harder objection this time. So I go for the pussy eating. Women never ever stop me doing that. She easily opens her legs as I move my head down to her pussy. I give her a few orgasms. Make her squirt.

“We can’t do this! You don’t even have a condom!” in a fake objection tone. I put out a condom, flip her face first and slide my dick in.

I bang her all night. She wakes me up while I am sleeping to fuck her again. In the morning she starts begging for me to eat her out and fuck her. So I start eating her out, she’s wet af, moaning. I then promptly stop. I tell her I am old and done. But I will grab my roommate Nitin fuck her. She gets excited while saying no way! I tag Nitin in and he bangs her.

The horny couchsurfer afterward needed even more. I banged her a couple more times until she wore me out. I sent her off, leaving cum and pussy juice all over the place.

Couchsurfer tag team