Getting Laid In Poland Guide

I’m going to start off by saying Poland, might be the best place for getting Laid in Europe.

Not only did I do great here (banging a new girl every single day), but so has every other guy that I’ve talked to both in terms of quality & quantity. There are a few reasons for this that I can think off. First, Warsaw has the highest hot girl per Capita, out of any city I have ever been to (and I lived in Los Angeles). You walk around and its non-stop stunners. You go out and every venue has stunners. They are everywhere you go.  I’ve  truly never seen this many hot girls before.

Secondly, Tinder here is AWESOME. I got more matches  in Warsaw then any other city, I have ever been in (although to be fair, I have never visited to South East Asia). Every single girl I banged in Poland was from Tinder.  I had at least three who were super down to meet the day after I was leaving. I truly feel like In Poland I could bang a new girl almost every night, without ever having to do a single cold approach or even leaving my apartment (all the girls were either straight to my place or invited me to theirs)

Finally, Id say the level of competition here is quite low. I sensed a general feeling that these girls didn’t really like Polish Guys. A line that would almost always get a response that my buddy who had been here told me to use when a girl wasn’t responding is “Ignore me like a Random Polish Guy”. It would almost always get a positive response. (I mean no offense to any polish guys reading this, it was just an honest observation)

There is however a big caveat

I generally found Polish Girls (and people in general) to be on average some of the rudest I have ever encountered (and I grew up in New Jersey). Extreme example here. I got a lot of harsh rejections day gaming and night gaming. This was the exact opposite of Finland where I don’t think I got a single harsh rejection. The girls who I did hook, doing day game or night game were for the large part not Polish (either visiting or recently moved here). People at grocery stores, security guards, etc. were ON AVERAGE quite rude. However, to be fair, I only visited Warsaw. Numerous people who either live or have extensively stayed in Poland, pointed out that my experience would’ve been significantly different, If I had gotten out of Warsaw and gone to some of the smaller cities

Another issue, is that the general level of English in Poland is not that great. Better then Colombia, but worse then any of the three other European countries I visited (Finland, Romania, and Czech Republic). I speak Russian fluently and with quite a few girls that I met day gaming that turned out to be what saved the day. Fortunately, the girls on Tinder will have on average better English. That being said, be prepared for numerous “dates” where you will have to speak slowly and repeat things.

Also, the level of LMR I encountered in Poland was on average quite high. This is not a problem if you have good game and know how to confidently & patiently deal with it. However, for beginners and even intermediates I can see this being a big issue leading to a lot of dates (even the ones that are straight to their place) that don’t close.


Nevertheless, I still highly highly recommend Poland if you like sleeping with lots of hot girls, especially if you have above average game. In addition, a few people pointed out that summer is actually not a good time for game in Poland since all the college girls go to their home villages and that it’s a lot better during the fall. If it gets better, then I am so in.

I was  also pleasantly impressed with the food scene in Warsaw. There was a lot more healthy eating options then Helsinki. Lots of vegan restaraunts, stores carrying organic produce, and sushi. Everything, super tasty and pretty cheap. They have their own currency, that converts quite well with the dollar. You can easily find a good Airbnb with good logistics in Warsaw for less then $40 a night. This is place where your Salary, will get you a lot more then back in your respective western country. Personally, I will 100% be coming back and spending a longer time here, as well as exploring Krakow and some of the other cities

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