Finland was the first stop of my three week Euro Trip. I arrived in Helsinki late Wednesday night, tired after a long flight and passed out shortly after arriving at my AirB&B. Unfortunately, I woke up a few hours later and could not fall back asleep. Must be the jet lag I heard so much about. Well, I wasn’t going to let it get in the way of my Tindering. I started swiping and matched a cute petite Asian girl. Not exactly the stereotypical Finish blonde, but good enough

The messaging was fairly straightforward. She told me she was only going to be around tonight and tomorrow, so I knew time was of the essence and went for the same day meet-up. Her only concern, was whether it was really me in my pictures. I gave her my time-tested response “No, its my dad” and she gave me her Whats-app. We agreed to meet in the center of town, which was a five minute walk from my Airbnb (I can’t say enough how important it is to have good logistics).

By the time our “date” rolled around, I was in full jet-lagged zombie mode. Fortunately, this was going to be an easy one. She indirectly expressed that she was just looking to hook up. My plan was to keep it simple and lead her straight to my place and build comfort on the walk over. I chug a coffee and go to meet her. She is tinier then I expected. Like 5’1 and 80lb. Not exactly my type, but fun from time to time. Plus, Its always amusing, meeting an Asian with Aussie accent. I give her a hug and start leading her straight to my place. She asks me where we are going, and I respond with “somewhere romantic” in the most nonchalant voice I can muster. Even after the coffee, I am pretty out of it and my game is far from its best. Fortunately, it was just good enough.

We start walking to my Airb&b. I can’t remember exactly what we talked about during this walk, but it was nothing special. Standard banter about travel and life. By the time we near my place, I figure that there is enough comfort and I lead her inside. She doesn’t object. Once inside, I lead her straight to my room. I sit on the chair and she sits on my bed.

I anticipated some LMR, due to her being Asian and making a request about getting food (which i interpreted to mean i’m gonna need a little comfort, before I fuck you). However, this was one of the times I was glad to be wrong. About a minute after getting to my room, she looks at me and says “are you going to make me sit on your bed all alone”. That was all the green-light I needed, I walk over to the bed, kiss her, take her clothes off, put a condom on, and fuck her. Zero LMR

Unfortunately, the sex was pretty average. I wanted to cum on her tits, but she game me a flat out no (very rare) and was overall super set in her sexual ways. This was a big turn off.  She was also, extremely resistant to me taking any pics of her, clothes on or off (also extremely rare). I blame western culture….Nevertheless, my trip was off to a good start- getting laid less then 24 hours after arriving in Finland. Not bad!

Fortunately, next day i met a hot, very blonde, Finnish Milf. Story here

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