For all you guys going “Ugh. I hate foreplay”, take a step back and read what I’m about to tell you. I can literally not count the amount of times where women I’ve hooked up with have complained about men in their life jumping right into sex. It’s a selfish mindset to have and it can really hurt your retention – since you didn’t invest the time in her pleasure, she doesn’t have the motivation to want to keep coming back. Foreplay causes lots of excitement in women. In fact, you can think of women as having a “knob” that you must gradually turn to get her horny. This is why foreplay is crucial.

In this blog post, I’ll focus on a unique foreplay technique I haven’t read much about: nipple play. But first, a word about foreplay overall.

What is foreplay? Why should I care?

Anything before the penetration is foreplay. It can include kissing, nibbling, biting of various erogenous zones, all the way up to fingering and oral sex. Giving massages can also be considered foreplay – I’ll have a future post where I discuss my massage technique in more depth.

Women’s minds go all over the place when they’re naked. “Does he like my body?” “Did I turn the stove off?” “I hope my dog is doing okay without me”. The longer you drag foreplay, the more she is going to be in her body rather than in her head. It’s scientifically proven that foreplay increases blood flow throughout the body for them and as a result turn them on more.

The longer you drag our foreplay, the wetter she will get (you’ll notice). And it’s not rocket science that a wet woman is a turned on woman.

The key thing to keep in mind is “SLOW THE FUCK DOWN”. No matter what foreplay you pick out, you delay the inevitable as long as possible. This is a great test for your patience as well. Which is very useful when she gives you shit tests before sexy time anyway.

What is nipple stimulation? How do I do it?

Now, I’m going to go into detail, a valuable foreplay technique I have personally found works wonders with a lot of women. And that is, nipple stimulation.

Nipples are one of the most erogenous zones for (most) women. It’s actually something I personally focus on a lot during foreplay. I’ve actually encountered quite a few girls who can orgasm just through nipple stimulation.

Nipples have 100’s of nerve endings and it is quite possible to make a woman cum through it. In my personal experience, I’ve had girls get extremely wet after a lot of nipple play and in some cases, their bodies convulse like a clitoral/g-spot orgasm.

Nipple play/stimulation takes a lot of trial and error and it will be different for different women. Over time, you can learn what works for your specific partner. I’m gonna give you the basics of it all.

Here are some of the techniques I use to stimulate a woman’s nipples:

  • The pinch: This is as simple as it sounds but it needs to be soft and just a momentary pinch with the index & thumb combo or the thumb & middle finger combo. Don’t pinch her till she bleeds. Be especially careful when her nipples are too sensitive. Imagine you’re trying to pluck a small delicate flower out of the ground. That’s how it should be and do it as many times as possible. Soft and slow at first and then increase the speed and pressure
  • The flick: Not literally a 2-finger flick but just a 1 finger flick with either the index finger or your thumb. Imagine rubbing the chalk off your white board with your fingers since you couldn’t find the eraser with just 1-2 fingers
  • The scissor: This is similar to the pinch. Where you’re using the index and middle to pluck the flower from the ground. Personally, I use a combination of scissor and flick (Using both hands) for each of the nipples separately
  • The mouth nibble: This gets girls crazy if you don’t have dry lips. This feels very passionate where you’re just nibbling on the girl’s nipples with your lips without using your tongue. Just imagine you’re kissing her lips where there are no lips. Sometimes I use two hands to punch each nipple respectively and give each of the nipples one on one attention with the nibble
  • The bite: You have to be extremely careful with this since women have had bad experiences of guys giving unsolicited hickeys and nipple bleeds. You need to go 10x softer than what you think is the softest. Then gradually increase the intensity. As usual, do this in pulses and don’t just continue biting on it like chewing gum. I personally do a combination of continuous and pulses
  • The tongue tease: Tongue stimulation is the best for nipple play. Hence the 2 part explanation. The tongue tease is basically the same as you teasing a girl around her pussy and the clit. Imagine the clit is in place of the two nipples! How would you tease her? You’d lick all around it, kiss around it and keep teasing her till you get to it. Do the same with your tongue. Tease around it. Make it extra wet but suck it back up since you don’t want her tits drenched in your spit LOL.
  • Tongue flick: This is the wet version of the finger flick. This! This right here with all the build up to preface it, will get women extremely wet. When you’ve eaten pussy as much as we teach in PWF, when you get to the clit licking portion of giving oral, you want to do up and down flicks or sideways flicks with your tongue.
  • The suck: This is a basic one, and probably an easy one for most and least invading since it doesn’t hurt the girl much. I personally use a combination of this and tongue flicking

Overall, I use a combination of all of these alternatively. Women go crazy if you do this alternatively to each of the nipples. For example, Tongue flick and bite on the left nipple, while pinching, scissoring the right nipple with your other hand. Feel free to grab and squeeze the tits as a whole with your palm like you’re munching on a turkey leg at a carnival. And I even rub on the clit with one hand while I’m giving one of the tits an ultimate attention

Another thing to keep in mind is that some women have extremely insensitive nipples that no matter what you do to their nipples, it doesn’t arouse them whatsoever. So, a good question to ask your partner is if she has sensitive nipples or does she like getting them sucked, etc

Adding nipple play to your foreplay toolkit is a for sure “money back guarantee” going to turn women on to no bounds. Pick your poison and rock & roll with all the foreplay you can do before the coitus happens.

Stay tuned for the next piece, where I’ll share more detail on my massage technique – which is highly effective to getting girls dripping wet for you.

Hope that helps,

Indian “nipple sucka” PE.

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