I was riding a huge high after the Hot Finnish Milf and even had a tinder date scheduled for later that night. Unfortunately, the girl looked worse than her pictures and I politely turned down banging her. The next few days were filled with several Non-Lay Reports (I will cover extensively in the next post). I was still horribly jet lagged and not running my best game. The tides started to turn by Day 5 (i.e evening 4). I was finally much better rested and scheduled two Tinder dates for Wine straight at my Place.

The first one was the Curvy Finnish Lawyer. I matched with her in the morning (ignore the timestamps) and was messaging her throughout the day. She was a bit difficult to schedule, but my text game was very on point and after some persistence, she agreed to come over that evening. I found out later, that the difficulty in scheduling was because she already had plans with a guy, but decided to postpone them to meet me.

She comes over on time (Love that European Punctuality) and look just like her pictures. Cute, Curvy, and very blonde with very blue eyes. I lead her into my living room and pour us both a glass of wine. She is fairly feisty in person, but it is in a flirty (rather than bitchy) way so I don’t mind. She is super talkative and I find out quickly that she is a little bit of a Finnish “Slut”, as she tells me about her travels and some of the local guys she slept with. (Obviously, inspired by this blog). As a side note, some women will be very open about their sexual exploits if they feel you won’t judge them. The key is to not let it affect you. If they sense judgment or shock, you are going to lose points. Fortunately, very little phases me nowadays.

The only thing in the back of my mind is that the second tinder girl was supposed to arrive in exactly 90 minutes. That means I had a little over an hour close and politely kick out the Lawyer Chick. I start escalating fairly fast: Hand on the knee, brushing past hair, making Sexual Comments, etc…It was my usual game, but a little rushed. A few times, she told me something along the lines of “this is moving too fast”.

I could tell she was the type that liked to let the sexual tension build and wanted to play the role of the “chosen girl” who ultimately “gives in”. I’ve done that dance numerous times, but tonight it was going to have to be on fast-forward.  She gave me a little token LMR and I did have to take one step back, for every two steps forward a few times. The turning point came when I started rubbing the inside of her leg, brushing past her vagina. She got extremely horny and it quickly transitioned into me fingering her. A few minutes later, I picked her up and carried her to my bed. No more LMR, we barely got our clothes off, before we were fucking. It was quite good, she was sensual, submissive, and definitely a screamer.

As soon we finished, I looked at my cell phone and it was 845. Fuck, I wanted to go again, but there was no time. The other girl was supposed to arrive in 15 minutes. To add to my “dilemma”, I could tell the lawyer chick liked me and wanted to stay and chill for a bit. In any other situation, I would’ve been happy to do that, but tonight that wasn’t an option. My best course of action was to just roll with the truth. So, as soon as we put our clothes on, I said to her:

‘Hey, so I’m sorry, don’t want you to think I’m a dick, but I actually have plans super soon and didn’t realize it got so late”.

She asked me right away if I had another girl coming over….ah yes, forgot she is a lawyer and deals with half-truths all day. I fully owned it and told her I did. She tried to act like it didn’t phase her, but I could tell she was a little upset as she started getting ready to leave. This was not my intention. She was a cool girl and I don’t like to be a dick to those who don’t deserve it. Fortunately, I had the ultimate triumph card. She had a date later that night also, which she pushed back to meet me. I explained that we were both players, but should both feel special since we both chose the other person first. She chuckled and told me that I had a good point. No longer upset, we left off on good terms. I would’ve definitely seen her again, but unfortunately not enough time in Finland.

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