A lot of guys ask me about travel – specifically, what are the easiest countries to get laid in the world? I’m not one to tell you to travel only to meet women. Travel should be about more than just banging girls. But if you are looking to get laid while you’re traveling, then it’s important to know which countries are the best places to meet women.

So I recently polled a dozen or so of the top dating coaches, asking them where are their favorite countries to meet women and get laid. Here’s the scoop on what those guys told me.

  1. Philippines

The Philippines is our favorite easiest country to get laid in the world. It was a clear winner, too – everyone who’s actually been here puts this as number one. There are multiple reasons for this. First, the girls there are very down to meet foreign guys. In fact, a lot of them prefer it. A common saying is that the only country in the world that loves America more than America is the Philippines. In addition, the girls in the Philippines are much more sexually liberated then other parts of Asia. There is less of the slut shaming culture that Korea and China is known for.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia was the most common runner up to the Philippines. Multiple dating coaches said that it is almost comically easy to meet chicks in Indonesia. This combined with the beaches, forests, food, and infrastructure in cities like Bali, as well as affordability, is the reason why a lot of dating coaches and other types of entrepreneurs commonly relocate here.

  1. Colombia / Brazil

Third place was a tie between Colombia and Brazil. Coaches loved picking up hot latinas in both of these countries. I’ve personally traveled to most of the major cities in Colombia and can vouch for the fact that Medellin is amazing. The local women there are known as Paisas and they are hot af. You have a lot of lighter skin girls with blue eyes who also have those curvy bodies that everyone loves. On top of that, Medellin has great weather, infrastructure, scenery, and food. Overall it’s one of my favorite cities. Brazil has cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, which are almost bursting with hot Brazilian girls. And of course, there are also some lesser known cities in Brazil like Florianopolis, which are smaller but safer.

  1. Mexico

Most people associate Mexico with cities like Cancun or Acapulco. These places are cool in their own way, with great tourism options. But if you want to meet lots of real Mexican women, you’ll have to travel inland to places like Mexico City or Guadalajara, where I personally spent a week. Overall, the women there are beautiful. Light skin, blue eyes, and insane bodies. Definitely a city, I plan on visiting again.

  1. Poland

Multiple dating coaches picked this as their favorite country in Europe for meeting women. Having personally travelled to Poland twice I definitely concur. In the major cities, like Warsaw or Krakow, if you have a decent Tinder profile and basic texting skills, you can literally meet a new girl every single night without even leaving your apartment. When most people think about a Euro trip, they think of cities like Paris or Barcelona, but I find that places like Warsaw and Krakow are highly underrated. Not only are they flush with beautiful women, but they are also cheap.

Overall, travel is awesome. There are lots of good reasons to travel, but often there is no stronger motivation for most men than meeting an attractive woman who is super into them. There are numerous countries where you can have a lot of success getting laid with hot women. According to the many coaches we’ve talked to, it’s clear that Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe are the best places in the world for meeting amazing women and getting laid.

We’d love to hear what you think. Be sure to share in the comments what your favorite places have been for meeting women.


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