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How to Message on Tinder Part 3 – Latin America Edition

Big Tits Latina Tinder

Like I did with Part 1 and Part 2, I am going to take one of my tinder lay reports and break down every message in the interaction. The difference is that this one took place in Latin America (Playa del carmen, mexico to be specific) and as a result my text game was a…

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Getting Laid in Europe Overview

My quick summary on Getting Laid In Europe I spent slightly over three weeks in four different Countries (Finland, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic). During that time, I banged 14 new girls. One from Day game. One from Night game, and twelve from Tinder. Obviously, Europe is huge and there can be A LOT…

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Romania Overview

As you’ve probably gathered from my last lay report, Romania was by far my least favorite Country during my Euro trip. I pretty much disliked every single thing about it. Online game is my strong suit and it sucked. Tinder/Bumble/Badoo all were dead. I tried doing a sexual profile, non-sexual profile. No matter what I…

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Tinder Profile Picture Guide and Tips

Tinder Profile Pictures

How to Pick Tinder Profile Pictures? Taking and then carefully selecting the “right” pictures is by far the most important part of being successful on Tinder. This guide will give you a solid overview on this and is an excerpt from one of the chapters in the Online Dating Blueprint. Furthermore, the advice in this…

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Poland Overview

Getting Laid In Poland Guide

I’m going to start off by saying Poland, might be the best place for getting Laid in Europe. Not only did I do great here (banging a new girl every single day), but so has every other guy that I’ve talked to both in terms of quality & quantity. There are a few reasons for…

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Finland Overview

Finland Girls

My Guide to Traveling and Getting Laid in Finland. Here are my overall impressions of Finland as well as useful tips for gaming and getting laid with Finnish Women. Overall, I spent a week there during that time I banged four girls (three from Tinder and one from Day game), I wrote up three of…

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Tinder Openers Guide

Tinder Openers

What are Good Tinder Openers? I get asked this question often. First, it’s important to understand that there are no magic openers out there. If a girl finds you very attractive, she will respond. If she just swiped right on you, because she was bored or thought your dog was cute, she most likely won’t.…

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How To Use Tinder On PC for Free

Using Tinder On Your Computer Have you ever wanted to be able to swipe and message matches from your PC? There are many efficiency advantages to using Tinder on a PC including being able to message using your keyboard, not having to worry about battery life, the precision of a mouse, automation and faking your location. In this step…

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Getting Laid in Colombia Guide

My Guide to Traveling and Getting Laid In Colombia As many of you who have been following my blog posts and facebook group know, I spent 10  days in Colombia: exploring, having fun, and picking up girls. In this post, I will give you an overview on traveling to and gaming in colombia, as well as…

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My Review of RSD (Real Social Dynamics) I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One is because I get asked this question quite often in various forms: What do I think about this RSD instructor? What do I think about this RSD product? Is it worth to take their boot camp? So here…

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