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How to Get Laid In Las Vegas Guide (by IndianPE)

The following is a guest post written by “Indian PE” Contrary to popular belief, Sin City is not some magical pussy paradise. It is a unique city, with its own unique set of challenges and factors that must be taken into consideration. This article will dive into these and everything you need to know to…

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How to Message on Tinder – Detailed Breakdown

how to message on tinder

This post is going to be Different I am going to take one of my Tinder Lay Reports and break down every message in the interaction. All the way from the Opener…sexting…handling shit tests and objections…to having this girl (personal trainer with an amazing ass) drive an hour to my place for Sex.     My…

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How to Sext Guide – My 7 Important Sexting Tips

  Ever since my Sopot Summit Speech last year, guys have been asking me for tips about sexting. Most guys are typically super cringey when it comes to sexting women. Or even sexualizing interactions. So here are some important tips when it comes to sexting women: Tip #1 – Use Proper Grammar & Spelling! Sexting…

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Getting Laid in Europe Overview

My quick summary on Getting Laid In Europe I spent slightly over three weeks in four different Countries (Finland, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic). During that time, I banged 14 new girls. One from Day game. One from Night game, and twelve from Tinder. Obviously, Europe is huge and there can be A LOT…

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Poland Overview

Getting Laid In Poland Guide

I’m going to start off by saying Poland, might be the best place for getting Laid in Europe. Not only did I do great here (banging a new girl every single day), but so has every other guy that I’ve talked to both in terms of quality & quantity. There are a few reasons for…

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How to Message on Tinder Part 2 – Kink Edition

This was one of my Kinkiest Tinder Hookups Like I did in Part 1, I’m going to take one of my Tinder Lay Reports and break down every message in the interaction. Starting with the opener…through sexting, sending nudes, handling objections…all the way to some very kinky sex     I messaged her first using my favorite…

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The Ultimate Guide to Fuckbuddies – Guest Post from John Anthony

HOW TO RETAIN A GIRL AFTER SEX (Special post by John Anthony) 1. I don’t usually do qualification but for transition to fuckbuddy frame it’s good to show them you appreciate them non-sexually. i say blanket feel-good statements like: “i have really high standards and am really picky, but you meet most of them thankfully.…

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How to Trigger People to Get What You Want (On Tinder)

The following article is a guest post by Chen City WARNING: THE CONTENT YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE IS VERY MANIPULATIVE People have been unconsciously doing it since the dawn of time, but I’m not sure if anyone has attempted to put this knowledge in words with such precision and depth as I plan to in the…

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Finland Overview

Finland Girls

My Guide to Traveling and Getting Laid in Finland. Here are my overall impressions of Finland as well as useful tips for gaming and getting laid with Finnish Women. Overall, I spent a week there during that time I banged four girls (three from Tinder and one from Day game), I wrote up three of…

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5 Secrets to Getting Laid on Tinder as an Average Looking Guy

Alex talks a lot about the importance of maximizing your SMV (Sexual Market Value) for online dating. Everyone should take steps to maximize their appearance. of course — but what if you’re naturally an average looking or below guy? Truth is, not every person can be in the top 20%, even at their best. However, lots…

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