7 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Hey guys! Hope you’ve been having some fair share of fuck dates after you’ve discovered. I’m back to it again, and this time, we’re going to dive into one of those topics guys are often ashamed to talk about: lasting longer in bed.

Let me tell you the truth: I always used to finish in less than 30 seconds when I first started getting girls. It used to be very embarrassing for me. I’d normally just brush it off and then go for round 2 (which didn’t ever go for more than 10 minutes either).

Good sex is extremely important to retain a girl. Today more so than ever, with the casual dating mindset being so common. Any decent looking girl has a ton of options to get some dick, and if you’re not giving it to them well, they’re going to turn to someone else. A huge aspect to fucking well (other than eating pussy) is to have stamina, be able to fuck and continue fucking so you can satisfy the girl so she can keep coming back to you.

I’ve heard many girls say that they want to remember how they got destroyed by you on their drive to work or in class. And how can you do that if you can’t even last more than a few minutes?

A disclaimer before I go into this: Women LOVE it when a guy cums for them. They’re naturally pleasers and if you do that too soon, don’t ever be embarrassed. Playfully blame it on her (or compliment her ass/pussy etc) and just do another round. IF you get apologetic, she’ll get turned off quickly and not want to go another round. It’s only a big deal if you make it one

So, today I’m going to go through my personal ways that I last longer in bed. If I care, I can literally stay fucking for more than an hour. The name of the game is patience. Slowing everything down. Porn has painted us a bad picture of how sex is supposed to feel like. Trying to hit the cervix as if there’s no tomorrow is not going to give her a good experience (she’ll just get turned off really quick).

My 7 techniques to lasting longer in bed:

  1. The Breather: This is the most fundamental way to stop yourself from cumming or overexcitement. There’s a tipping point where you can’t stop yourself anymore. Just before you get there, if you recognize it, you need to focus on breathing hard and fast through your nose and mouth. It should sound retardly loud. Why? There’s two reasons: First, your focus needs to shift from the lovely feeling of cumming to your breathing. Second, when you’re about to finish, your heart beat, body temperature, and movements speed up. And when you breathe, you can slow all of this down and delay the inevitable.
  2. Relaxing: You need to relax your body. Cumming too fast is usually followed by sudden tightness in your groin area. If you feel yourself getting tight there, stop, then relax that area so you don’t feel like you need to finish. The Breather and this usually go hand in hand.
  3. Slowing down: This is in regards to the motion. If you have noticed, when you’re about to finish (or if you want to), that happens after a fast motion when you’re fucking a girl. This is when you kablam! So, you need to train your mind to go slow in motion (no matter what position) when you’re going too fast for your own good.
  4. The alternator: Thank god for eating pussy, you can just alternate between fucking a girl and then eating her out. You want the girl to anticipate the fucking, AND her pussy being eaten. When you do this, her emotions and pleasure keep reaching a higher and higher threshold – so she’ll often cum when you do this a few times. In her head, you are doing this to please her. But in your head, you’re doing this so you don’t just finish too early. And when you do this, your dick actually gets used to the alternating and automatically lose a bit of sensitivity and you will last longer.
  5. Kratom: I personally have not tried this before sex but Alex has had success with this since he says it helps him last longer than usual. (DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health oprofessional before using new supplements or drugs.)
  6. Cialis or viagra: Contrary to popular beliefs, these actually help you last longer in bed as well. You get hard quickly from the bloodflow but you also lose sensitivity from the fucking quickly. I personally have fucked a girl the longest on a cialis. If you have had a crazy workout or drank the last night and you are testosterone deprived, this is very helpful. (DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional before using new supplements or drugs.)
  7. Slow deep pumps: This is when you just slow down the stroking while fucking her. You typically come close when you’re in an aggressive motion. You don’t have to always do that to make it pleasurable for the girl. If you go slow and deep, she loves it a lot since you’re taking your time to fuck her as long as possible. This obviously also slows down your orgasm itself and you can enjoy the sex longer

Why should you last longer in bed?

It’s just basic math. The longer you last, the more you fuck the girl, the more pleasure you induce, the more emotions she associates with you. Girls always talk about big dicks and rough wild sex to their mates after a night of love making. And this only happens when the guy really fucked her for a while and also went multiple rounds with her. And multiple rounds usually doesn’t mean you cumming and then getting hard again. It can also mean you took a bit of a break and went back at it.

The gist of getting better at this is simple: relax, slow down, and breathe. Take the time to work on this for yourself, and your women will appreciate you for it (and stick around longer).

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