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In this article, I’m going to talk about the techniques I use to keep a girl around after we have sex the first time. If your goal isn’t just casual hookups (such as Tinder hookups or one night stands), but to keep girls around as fuckbuddies, then this article is for you.

1. I don’t usually do qualification, but to set the fuckbuddy frame, it’s good to show them you appreciate them non-sexually. I say feel-good statements like: “I have really high standards and am really picky, but you meet most of them thankfully. I usually only want to see about 5% of girls again that I go on dates with but I can tell we are going to hang out a lot. I feel a special connection between us, iIfeel like you “get me”, it’s hard to describe, but it’s awesome. I really like that you’re [non-physical appreciation a/b/c/d/e]”.

2. Make explicit anti-one night stand statements. “I don’t like cheap one night stands. I’m not necessarily looking for a girlfriend right away either but i don’t want this to feel like a cheap one-time thing”. I have an advanced friend that will even say this in the moment right before he’s about to put it in for the first time which makes them commit/invest into the fuckbuddy frame.

3. Follow the magic rule of 3 separate fucks before they are invested/committed enough to be on rotation. this is really key. i talked to a lot of guys good with rotation and they all agreed on this. a common mistake guys make is that they think that after banging the girl one time that she is now a regular. treat hangout/bang #2 and #3 just like you did your day 2 except you have more inside jokes and you two are more comfortable. a good sequence of the 3 dates/bangs is #1: casual coffee or drinks. #2: something fun like dave and busters arcade or comedy show. #3: romantic sit-down dinner (i usually do italian food with red wine). this allows her to experience different parts of you including a romantic part. it also builds a whole bunch of rich investment.

4. Related to #3, get in the 3 dates as fast as possible. you are constantly battling against investment dropping and the girl going cold before you hit that magic number of 3 smashes. the sooner you get the 3 out of the way the better. if they’re super busy or have to travel everything can go to shit before you get in bang #2 and #3. what i’ve been doing recently is having them sleep over after an awesome day 2 then doing breakfast in the morning. that makes it like you’re getting 2 out of the way at once. then you can set a dinner for a couple days later. boom. new rotation girl really quickly. or you can do marathon hangouts. i did a 24 hour date the other day that included multiple meals out, beach, movie, sleepover, walking around in public, etc. that basically hard locked her on rotation instantly.

5. Related to #3, you want to be setting up the “next hangout” before the current hangout is over. that means that towards the end you should suggest the next activity and find out her schedule. this seeds the next hangout (day 3) and sets the frame (just like you did in the initial set to frame the day 2). much easier to do this in person than starting from scratch over text later.

6. Treat her like a princess without being a pussy. genuinely care about her life and things she is telling you. if you are emotionally distant/apathetic she will pick up on it and think you are just there for sex. credit Jason James for helping me realize you can’t go robot mode all the time on these girls and treat them like pieces of meat cuz they’ll feel used and bounce out.

7. Do not become overneedy. this means do not overtext. make her contribute to the text conversation. setting plans for the “next hangout” during the previous hangout helps a lot with this. because her vibe/buying temp are solid in person, you have less legwork to do over text to get her to meet up

8. Keep her warm with memes, asking how her day is/how she is, or texting her pictures or things you are doing

9. See her once a week. any less than this makes her grow distant/cold. any more and you and/or her are going to start catching feelings which leads to jealousy, her wanting to be your girlfriend, and a host of other problems.

10. And yes of course, as others said, fuck the living daylights out of her. i’m extremely good at sex after 500 lays. i have a technique i do with both hands that is a combo of g-spot stimulation plus clit stimulation that makes girls come usually in 7-8 seconds after zero foreplay. like literally nothing to orgasm in 7-8 seconds. then i relish in the glory and get them to call me a god and shit like that. i have used a stopwatch with multiple girls and they almost all crack before the 10 second mark with this technique. the last girl said it felt like she was being electrocuted and didn’t realize that was humanly possible. this technique alone hooks them. another thing i’ve been doing is to ask them what the most they’ve orgasm’d in one session is. then i make sure i beat it. of course you have to be good at sex to do this but i really play it up and be like, damn where are you gonna come for all your sex needs in the future 😉 i’m the current record holder after all.

11. This was discussed in a different thread but if the chick starts trying to boyfriend you up, there are a variety of strategies. my personal favorite is to tell her that i’m either too busy with work (100% false) or that i’m not over my last LTR and it wouldn’t be fair to her. this goes on forever. people like Jason James tell his whole rotation about each other and tells them it won’t get serious. i don’t like this strategy. i prefer the don’t ask don’t tell and then using BS reasons to hold off the boyfriend bullshit.

12. Related to my working volume post, you should be going on new dates all the time and have new leads coming in all the time. you can replace girls on rotation with hotter, cooler girls. or if a girl becomes too much headache, is too much maintenance, becomes boring or annoying, etc. also, and you won’t appreciate this until you experience it, but a girl who starts off as a 9 drifts into 8 and then 7.5 territory over time after you’ve fucked her tons of times and her personality becomes predictable. so don’t be afraid to next any ho for whatever reason you see fit by replacing her with a new one. this is true abundance. it’s a rough life bein a god 😉

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  1. Eyoel on February 9, 2019 at 3:36 PM

    What is the best way to open group of girls and girl/girls that are witb guy/guys

  2. D.P. on January 21, 2019 at 9:17 PM

    This is fairly solid advice, though, for points 1-2, I find having to tell her things like she’s in my “5%” or that “I don’t like cheap one night stands” is unnecessary if she’s already comfortable and excited. If she voices any concerns, those can be easily addressed, but I have never had to pre-ample with or say anything like this .. having to say such things reveals a lack of attuned game with a woman.

    3-4. Yep, go for the meets as soon as possible (without being needy). My experience is that the second separate-day bang puts her in my rotation. Also, it’s a mistake to go on a romantic date if she’s just meant as an FB — a romantic date is boyfriend behavior and sets an incorrect Frame, which will confuse her when you don’t become her BF. There’s no need for this. Just invite her over for the 3rd meet, hang out a bit and go for sex. If you want a GF, though, you can do the dinner route.

    6. There’s NO need to treat her like a princess and, again, this sets incorrect Frame. Treat her like a human being who you like as a friend. Princess implies pedestal.

    7-8. 8 conflicts with 7 here. If you’re sending here memes and all about your day, you’re overtexting. Set up the meet and go dark until she’s in rotation. Once she’s in rotation, let her reach out. If your time hanging out is amazing, you won’t need to keep her warm, she’ll come to you naturally.

    9. Yup, once a week is ideal. See her too much and she’ll be thinking GF. See her too little, you don’t care.

    10. Yup, make sure you make her orgasm multiple times. Putting in that extra effort pays off huge dividends and ensures her place in rotation until/unless she starts wanting a BF and strays .. she may come back after the breakup, so treat her well and she’ll remember.

    11. DON’T LIE. You can just as easily say it’s too soon for that, you want to see where it’s heading on its own without putting a label on it, etc. If she point-blank wants answers, brush it aside as long as possible — until you can’t. At which point you can tell her whatever you will. The longer you avoid this talk the better, so make sure to stay in an FB Frame unless you want her in an open, long-term relationship. There’s a difference between an FB and an open relationship, so don’t cross that line with dates and dinners if you just want an FB.

    12. You can next her or you can put her on hold, there’s a difference. You can burn a bridge or you can be busy. If she’s part of a rotation, don’t kill her off .. you may want her sometime in the future, keep the door open unless she’s a really terrible person.

    • JB on January 30, 2019 at 3:44 PM

      I agree with D.P., a lot of this is incongruent with a fuck buddy frame. Maybe you have to tell her all these lies and things because you’re giving boyfriend signals and she then gives you shit for not continuing in that frame. If she fucks you and is happy you’re good to go.

      I fuck them, keep space, see once a week, let them contact me more than I do and push off the talk for 3-6 months and it usually works perfectly unless I get lazy with contact and meeting and then it’ll get off the rails but keeping to that schedule they won’t ask for a long time.

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