The Secret To Making A Girl Chase You Over Text

In this guide, we’re going to go through the key fundamentals of getting a girl to chase you over text. We’re first going to be breaking down the principles to keep in mind and also see it being applied in a love report straight out of our mastermind.

Firstly, is it necessary to get a girl to chase? Yes and no. When a girl chases for the meetup or your attention, she has almost a 100% chance of showing up before flaking. And if she chases for the meet and you show up on the date, you barely have to do anything to seal the deal.

But, that doesn’t mean that a girl should desperately chase to get a positive outcome out of every interaction. Some girls straight up actually respond to persistence. So, do not use this guide to compare it to the investment you’re getting from a girl you are talking to and be discouraged.

Now, what are the fundamentals of getting a girl to chase? It’s pretty simple when you think about it:

1) Value: It’s essentially something she needs to have in her life. For example, a good sexual experience that is quite rare for a woman to have. Or a cool lifestyle that you may have. Girls chase desperately when it’s something that’s not quite common and she really wants to attain it

2) Qualifying herself: Not to sound pickup-y but when a girl qualifies herself (i.e. proves herself to you), now she is in an underlying frame that she has to reach a certain level to deserve a meet with you

3) Mystery and pulling back: When a girl needs to know something about you and/or is quite curious about what you are as a person, and you give vague answers (a bit of an advanced skill), she feels like she needs to keep digging or keep investing more and more to find out what you are. Again, you’re taking a step back and let her run her game

Without further ado, let’s crack into an LR breaking down how to get a girl to chase you over text.

Breakdown and takeaways:

1) The opener is perfect. He is already setting a frame that she is the one getting him flowers and not the other way around. He also has a phrase in his Hinge prompts about a girl having one of his weaknesses.

2) She tries to find out whether getting him flowers is actually the weakness he has in a woman. He also pulls back with “Almost..” and doesn’t give the answer right away

3) When he does give the answer, he gives all the qualities he wants the girl to qualify herself on. Which is open mindedness, a girl who’s down to try new things and “deep deep deep” conversations. Which is again well done because it has a sexual undertone to it

4) She is glad to let him know that she has all those qualities including the conversational skills.She also reads something about wine on his hinge prompt and proceeds to talk about trying some good wine places

5) This is perfect because she’s the one initiating the idea to meet up. So, he goes for the meet here with “I know the perfect spot.”

6) And then answers with “I think i might surprise you”. She actually verbalizes that she thinks he’s a mysterious guy.

7) You need to find a balance between being mysterious and being plain rude about giving information. So, he basically gets her to ask for important information.

8) Age is a dealbreaker for her and she asks the same. A bit more back and forth he assures her that she’s going to love it when he calls her a baby.

9) She continues to call him mysterious and he says it’s time to reveal the first of his many. And the mystery is just the place he is going to take her to

10) A bit more back and forth, they figure out a day and she actually minighosts him once he suggests the day. He follows up with “Oy” and then she apologizes for the delay and gives her the number

11) The move over to text, meet up public and they ended up going back to his place as you see in the texts


When the girl is interested in you, it’s always going to help if you do a bit more to get her more interested. Because the more she is invested, the more likely she is to show up to the date. When she is very interested and is chasing you, she will feel quite happy that she earned it and will actually want to get that feeling more and more and will continue chasing

Hope that helps,
Indian “Get her to qualify” PE.