This conversation started out pretty standard. Normal banter that I started adding bits of sexuality to, until we were sexting. Then when I could tell she was invested I went to make plans. We agreed to meet up a few days later, but then when I went to ask for her number she wouldn’t give it to me. Generally, if you did everything right and the girl wont give you her number, then she is most likely a time waster(at least in the U.S, Europe is a bit different) . However, I could tell she was serious so I just exchanged Instagrams’ (builds a little more investment) with her and use Tinder to coordinate logistics. She rescheduled the day of and we wound up meeting the next night

She gets lost by my apartment complex and I meet her halfway down the street. I give her a confident hug and lead her back to my place. I can tell she is a bit awkward and her body language is quite closed off. I play it super chill. Put on some music and pour us both a glass of wine. I playfully tease her for not giving me her number and she tells me about her bad experiences on tinder, which essentially consist of a few guys sending her unsolicited dick pics (this poor girl). I tell her a few of my funny tinder stories. We chat for about twenty minutes and I can tell she is starting to feel comfortable but her body language is still super closed off. She then asks me if I can put on a movie of some kind. I take this as a sign that she is more or less dtf and put on 2 fast 2 furious.

We sit on my couch and I slowly take one of her legs and put it on my lap. I start rubbing it and she doesn’t pull back. A few minutes into the movie, I give her leg a kiss. Then another one. Then I pull her in a little closer. Then I start kissing up her legs. A few minutes later I am going down on her. She got really into it, but every time I would stop to go put a condom on and fuck her, she would beg me to keep going. It took a while, but finally I got her to have one of those screaming orgasms right as my back was about to give out. Afterwards, I took her to my bedroom, had her give me a quick massage and fucked her. The sex was decent. She had that model type body (tall & skinny) which I am not to into, but her face was gorgeous so near the end I grabbed her face and pulled it in close as I came. Afterwards, we chilled for a bit. I asked her if she will give me her number now that I made her cum. She laughed and texted me right away.

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